Survivor: Thailand Episode 13

Completing the decimation of Sook Jai as Shii Ann warned, the remaining members of Chuay Gahn voted out Jake in Survivor: Thailand Episode 12.

Chuay Gahn, which started off as a joke tribe, has made the final five and not been to tribal council since eliminating the friction (Ghandia) on day 12.

In their treemail, they get a mirror to see how much they can be shocked. The men take over the mirror, leaving the women barely able to see themselves, although they’re not overly interested in looking anyway.

Ted is worried that his alliance with Brian is fading. His only problem is he really doesn’t have a great deal of other options. He goes to Helen and starts drawing in the sand that he wants to eliminate Clay, which is something she wants to do as well. From there, they’ll see about sticking with Brian or not.

When they get to the reward challenge, Jeff drives up in a new truck, a Chevy TrailBlazer, yet another sponsored vehicle that has since been discontinued. In addition to the new SUV, the winner will get a day at the spa and a meal. The challenge is to collect English letters on an obstacle course. Jeff tells them they’re standing on the first letter. Then he tells them again. Then he tells them again. A couple of them take the hint before Probst takes off into the jungle to tell the stragglers. Helen’s at the flag first, though everybody (except Jan) is on her heels. Things are pretty even at the cargo net as Clay takes the lead. Clay has the lead still at the rope pull and gets lucky on his first try. At this stage, the challenge comes down to Clay and Brian, who would be in the lead if it didn’t take him so long to figure out that he had to turn around and get that first letter. Helen and Ted catch up to them and are also on the puzzle. Brian thinks he has it. He spells road trip. Not correctly. Hearing the word needed (thanks, Jeff), Ted flips his letters around to spell it right and win reward. Because he owes Helen from an immunity challenge, Ted will be bringing her with him. Perhaps not the most logical political choice.

On the way to the spa, they talk about what they had been writing in the sand. Get rid of Clay. When they arrive, they get plenty of food, and they also indulge in wine, although neither of them drink alcohol usually. Ted should probably stick to not drinking because he’s becoming loud and obnoxious.

When he gets back to camp, Brian is not a happy camper. Ted didn’t even acknowledge the fact that he only won because Brian yelled out the answer. Meanwhile, Jan and Clay begin talking about the whispering and writing in the dirt.

After the reward, they return with some food and wine, but this sharing will probably not earn enough points to make up for the talking that went on while they were gone.

As promised, Helen approaches Jan to see if she is onboard to get rid of Clay. Jan is not willing to commit to anything but will think about it. For her part, Helen says in her confessional that she hasn’t even figured out herself which side she’s really on.

The immunity challenge is to search for missing puzzle pieces to build steps to climb to the top of the staircase. They can grab one piece at a time and either build as they go or build after gathering everything. Clay and Jan are building as they go, and Clay has the lead with two steps first. Brian gathers all his pieces first and then will begin construction. With this, Brian manages to take the lead. Clay and Jan have also finished gathering but remain behind Brian, with Clay only trailing by about one step. Brian takes a leisurely walk up the stairs to win immunity.

Ted’s worried that he’s the next one to go, but Brian is unable to give him a straight answer. What comes from their discussion is the decision to target Jan, the least likely person to win any challenge.

The way Brian sees it, he’s got three cards he can use: disposable grandma Jan, his trustworthy soldier Helen, and his good friend uncle Clay. Ted’s name does not come up here, which should be enough to seal his fate. What he further realizes is that neither Clay nor Helen like each other, and he plans to use them against each other when he needs to do so.


Keeping the car curse alive, Ted has been voted off the island by a unanimous vote.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of Survivor: Thailand Episode 14, where we will find out who the Survivor: Thailand winner is.

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