The Amazing Race 15 Episode 5

Having lost their passports in The Amazing Race 15 Episode 4, Zev & Justin ended up being eliminated after they lost a passport at the road block.

First the Patriots 59-0 embarrassment of Tennessee in the snow (yeah, it’s snowing already here in New England) went over by 20 minutes, then we jumped into a tied Bills/Jets game with 4 minutes still left in it (and that game then went into overtime). A live blog will begin 60 Minutes after the NFL runs out of steam, which has turned out to be a full hour and 15 minutes after the originally scheduled start time.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Sam & Dan – 12:25PM
Second: Herbert & Nathaniel – 12:27PM
Third: Brian & Ericka – 12:30PM
Fourth: Gary & Matt – 12:35PM
Fifth: Meghan & Cheyne – 12:37PM
Sixth: Lance & Keri – 12:47PM
Seventh: Mika & Canaan – 12:49PM
Eighth: Maria & Tiffany – 12:55PM

Teams will fly to the world’s tallest building in the Persian Gulf, which they must figure out is the Burj Dubai, a still under construction building that’s nearly twice the height of the Empire State Building. Their next clue awaits them on the 124th floor.

Ericka immediately knows where the building is located. The others will do some research before heading to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Sam & Dan go and ask to book tickets to the Persian Gulf… yeah, you might need to narrow that down a bit.

Everybody gets the same flight via Bangkok, including the stragglers Lance & Keri, who stay behind trying to book online at Lance’s insistence that they have to book there. When they land, they are given a first come, first served sign up in one of two groups. On the way, Canaan’s showing the first signs of ugly American as he calls his cab driver an idiot.

5:30AM – Maria & Tiffany, Brian & Ericka, Sam & Dan, Meghan & Cheyne
5:45AM – Mika & Canaan, Lance & Keri, Flight Time & Big Easy, Gary & Matt

Before they even get anywhere, Mika’s already crying as she’s still standing on the ground just anticipating what’s to come. So what is to come? They must make their way from there to the parking structure. Really? No jumping? No climbing? From there, they will head to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

The only fast forward in the race is located at the Dubai Autodrome, the only race track of its type in the Persian Gulf. One team member will have to complete a lap in 45 seconds or less. Meghan & Cheyne want to do it. Nobody else is even considering it, knowing that it’s a huge risk for more than one team to go. Anybody in the second group, being 15 minutes behind, really doesn’t have the option.

As simple as the task of finding cars in a parking lot sounds, Lance & Keri somehow get lost, which puts them in dead last, hoping somebody else screws up. Not helping their cause, Lance refuses to ask for directions, and he refuses to let Keri ask either. If he’s going to race like that, he should be eliminated and let somebody else who knows how to play the game do so.

The ride through the desert is done by professional drivers in 4X4’s, which means no having to get stuck in the sand and dig themselves out.

The road block is to find water that has been stored in urns and buried in the sand. Good luck with that. To make things more complicated in this 120 degree heat, most of the urns are empty.

Road block (in order of arrival): Brian, Tiffany, Dan, Matt, Big Easy, Canaan, Lance

Brian’s belief is that if he helps people, they will help him in return. With that said, he tells Tiffany and Dan where the water is. Tiffany in turn lets Dan use her ladle when his breaks. Matt & Gary have managed to catch up to the first group.

The fast forward turns out to be a simple task that Cheyne completes in the first try. Cheyne enjoys the ride, while Meghan cries on the sidelines. Meghan & Chenyne will skip directly to the pit stop for this leg of the race, the amphitheater at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

From the desert, teams will head to Ski Dubai, a huge indoor ski resort that should be a stark contrast to their current sweating. With Mika & Canaan unsure where to go, Brian decides to be the nice guy again, telling them where the road block is. Before Maria & Tiffany can be on their way, the loss of a professional driver seems to be showing its head already, as they back over something and break the radiator. Sam & Dan decide to wait and make sure they’re okay.

The detour is a choice between build a snowman or find a snowman. In build a snowman, teams must carry snow from the winter conditions indoors to the blistering heat outdoors, where they must build a snowman before it melts. In find a snowman, teams take a chairlift to the top and sled back down to the bottom, where they must dig through the snow to find a miniature snowman. As everybody starts choosing the same task, it’s becoming apparent that it’s down to a matter of dumb luck, although the good news for the other teams is that Lance & Keri are so far behind them (and getting further) that there should be no threat of anybody else coming in last.

Find a snowman: Brian & Ericka, Flight Time & Big Easy
Build a snowman: Tiffany & Maria (switched from find), Matt & Gary (switched from find), Sam & Dan (finally switched from find after Dan begged repeatedly), Mika & Canaan, Lance & Keri

First: Meghan & Cheyne (win a trip to Jamaica)
Second: Brian & Ericka
Third: Herbert & Nathaniel
Fourth: Gary & Matt
Fifth: Sam & Dan
Sixth: Maria & Tiffany
Seventh: Mika & Canaan
Eliminated: Lance & Keri

Lance & Keri have been eliminated from the race, which is as it should be. They drove around in circles rather than attempt to ask for help.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 6 Do It for the Hood! Do It for the Suburbs! (Dubai), which airs Sunday at 8/7cish CBS.

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