Survivor: Thailand Episode 10

Sook Jai continued to be sacrificed, and it was Ken’s turn to go in Survivor: Thailand Episode 9.

Ted is surprised that he got three votes, and he immediately knows where they came from. He’s trying to figure out why, so he confronts Jake, who tells him the truth, although he leaves names out of it. Ted doesn’t believe any of this anyway and dismisses it outright.

They haven’t been able to eat crabs lately because the tide has come in and the water’s too high. The chickens are all gone. With that said, they’re resorting to eating chicken feed. So obviously, considering they’re whining about food, the reward challenge is a big food reward. The challenge is a four stage obstacle course. Their reward will be going via boat and helicopter to the mainland for an elephant trek, which will take them to a Thai lunch. They have to choose partners. Jake is left out, so he is eliminated at the starting line. The pairs must then make their way across platforms using planks. Clay and Brian are the first across followed by Penny and Ted. Jan and Helen are out. They must get under the belly crawl as individuals. The first three advance: Clay, Ted, and Brian. The next leg is to get over the wall, which requires the aid of another tribe member. Somebody’s gonna be left out. Brian and Ted help Clay. He tries to help both of them but can’t, so he eventually goes with Brian. The final leg is a bamboo balance beam. Clay falls as Brian is half way there. Brian wins reward. There’s room for somebody else. He invites Clay for his assistance in the challenge.

Ted’s kind of shocked that Brian picked Clay, which he takes as a warning that their bond is closer than he originally thought.

Since his plan to convince Ted didn’t work, Jake is now trying to work on Helen. The last thing Clay and Brian said before they left was to keep an eye on Jake the snake, so she’s been expecting this. He says that Clay and Brian would win the game if things keep going the way they are. He also warns her that they’ve got a pecking order. Everything he’s saying is true, but it’s just a matter of getting someone to bite.

After their feast, Brian and Clay will be returning to camp with canteens filled with beer and soup.

Penny doesn’t want to be around Jake any more because she’s aware that his time on this island will be short. She goes to Clay, who tells her she will be in the final four with him, something he’s told everybody else on the island.

For the immunity challenge, their knowledge about Thailand will be tested. In addition, it is also a pecking order challenge. For each correct answer, they will be able to extinguish one of each person’s three torches.

Thailand was formerly known by which name?
Siam. Everybody but Clay is correct. Penny takes out Jake. Brian hits Helen. Jake hits Brian. Helen hits Clay. Ted goes for Penny. Jan also goes for Penny.

At some point in every Thai male’s life, they are expected to…
Become a monk. Jake and Jan are correct. Jan eliminates Penny. Jake goes for Clay.

Sanook is an integral part of Thai life. What does it mean?
Having fun. Jake is right. He eliminates Clay.

Which of the following innovations originated in Thailand?
None of the above. Everybody but Brian is right. Jan hits Jake. Jake hits Jan in response. Helen hits Ted. Ted eliminates Jake.

Thais will often greet each other with the phrase “Have you eaten rice today?”
True. Helen is correct. She goes after Brian.

In Thai, Bangkok means City of Angels.
True. Jan and Helen are correct. Helen eliminates Brian. Jan targets Ted.

The capital of Thailand is…
Bangkok. Jan and Helen are correct. Jan hits Helen. Helen responds in kind, sparing Ted.

According to Thai etiquette, what should be used for eating?
All of the above: chopsticks, fingers, and fork and spoon. Helen is correct. She has a choice who to eliminate. She decides to eliminate Jan.

Which country does not share a border with Thailand?
Vietnam. Helen is correct and wins immunity.

The thing that bothered Jake about that challenge is that Penny snuffed him.

Ted is threatened by Penny because she might be able to charm Brian and Clay. Brian and Clay want to eliminate the snake. They’d better make a decision fast because they’re given very little time to do much following the immunity challenge that occurs at night.


With 4 votes, Penny has been voted off the island. Certainly not the most threatening person on the island. Jake voted for Jan for some reason, while Clay and Brian voted for Jake.

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