The Amazing Race 15 Episode 3

The Amazing Race 15 Episode 2 came down to duck herding, and Garrett & Jessica were eliminated.

The pit stop isn’t exactly stopped. Since it’s a boat, it picks up anchor and moves.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Gary & Matt – 5:45AM
Second: Sam & Dan – 5:55AM
Third: Herbert & Nathaniel – 5:56AM
Fourth: Lance & Keri – 5:57AM
Fifth: Zev & Justin – 6:07AM
Sixth: Meghan & Cheyne – 6:10AM
Seventh: Maria & Tiffany – 6:11AM
Eighth: Mika & Canaan – 6:14AM
Ninth: Marcy & Ron – 6:15AM
Tenth: Brian & Ericka – 6:29AM

Matt is getting frustrated with his father trying to take the father role. Sam is more spontaneous than his impatient younger brother Dan. One of the Globetrotters lost his dad two days before the race, and the last thing he heard from him was to win the damn race. Lance thinks of himself as a lion waiting to take out the gazelles. Marcy’s dad was shot down and rescued in Vietnam in 1968. She apparently would rather enjoy the area than run the race.

Teams will travel by taxi to Hi Chi Minh City, where they will grab a clue at a water puppet theater, which they eventually find out is about 2 hours away.

The clue they are given is a postage stamp, and they must figure out that they’re looking for that building, the Ho Chi Minh City Main Post Office. Two teams have bigger challenges to overcome. Matt needs to listen to his dad rather than insisting on running an unknown distance/direction toward the post office. As for Lance & Keri, they need to figure out that the thing they’re holding is a clue. When he finally shows her the clue, Keri tells him that they have to go to that building.

The detour is a choice between child’s play or word play. In child’s play, teams will go to a local park and choose a concrete animal to transport along the bumpy walkways of the park. In word play, teams will go to a hotel and find the observation deck, then scan the intersection below to identify six Vietnamese letters moving with the congested traffic, which they will then unscramble to spell the word for independence.

Child’s play: Herbert & Nathaniel, Zev & Justin, Gary & Matt, Meghan & Cheyne, Sam & Dan, Maria & Tiffany, Keri & Lance, Brian & Ericka, Mika & Canaan
Word play: Marcy & Ron

Dan & Sam and Maria & Tiffany are remaining attached at the hip, although the girls send Dan on his way when their dolly breaks so as not to get in their way. Zev & Justin pick the most awkward animal possible, a giraffe, which they end up smashing. Tiffany, a member of the only all female team, is gasping for breath as she lugs her animal around. Makes me wonder why Maria’s not switching off. Lance throws his animal around, much to the shock of the lady waiting to pass out the clue. Marcy & Ron finally realize they’re not going to figure out the word on their own, so they ask the locals, who know immediately what the word is. They do not, however, realize this fact before they’re in last place.

As the race goes on, Lance & Keri continue to get more fed up with each other. Meanwhile, Sam is getting tired of his brother’s complaining.

The next destination is Dien Co 008. The road block is to find out what it is like to work in the business of breaking down electronics, which means using tools to smash VCRs into parts.

Road block (in order of arrival): Flight Time, Cheyne, Matt, Brian, Sam, Tiffany, Justin, Canaan, Lance, Ron

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Reunification Palace. Cheyne beats the pro athletes in a footrace, but they leave Meghan behind. That’ll probably be the most interesting race of the night because it’s becoming pretty obvious how the ending is going to play out here.

First: Herbert & Nathaniel (win a trip to Aruba)
Second: Meghan & Cheyne
Third: Gary & Matt
Fourth: Brian & Ericka
Fifth: Sam & Dan
Sixth: Maria & Tiffany
Seventh: Mika & Canaan
Eighth: Zev & Justin
Ninth: Lance & Keri
Eliminated: Ron & Marcy

Ron & Marcy have been eliminated from the race.

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