Heroes Season 4 Episode 4

Parkman stopped fighting himself/Sylar in Heroes Season 4 Episode 3, taking his frustrations out on an innocent little drug dealer. Samuel, who tricked Peter into believing he was one of the victims he’d saved, went to his childhood home and then destroyed it when they decided to be rich snobs.

Dial a Hero gets a call from a jumper. Hiro came to rescue him by sneaking up on him and scaring him half to death. The guy was fired for inappropriate behavior. He drank too much sake and copied his… They talk for a while before the guy jumps.

Peter comes to visit Noah to show him his compass tattoo. It’s no longer there, though.

Hiro said yes to giving Kimiko away at her and Ando’s wedding. Hiro’s not interested in talking about that when Ando brings it up. Instead, he wants to talk about how he stopped Tadashi from copying his butt, saving his job and life. Only not really. He gets a call from Tadashi up on the roof and scares him half to death again. Hiro prevented what happened at the year end party. Too bad he didn’t stop him from doing it at the Emperor’s birthday celebration. Some people are just destined to get drunk and make fools of themselves.

Nathan’s got a cool new power. Actually, he’s got a lot of them. A new power every day. He’s also seeing memories, but not exactly his memories (the memories are the history of an object he touches).

Claire suggests that her dad get a job like a normal father. If only he were willing to take her seriously.

Nathan is trying to figure out what actually happened to an ex named Kelly. Based on his new power, he believes that there’s more to the story than anybody’s figured out. He eventually remembers a bloody incident in the pool. Seeing as he was there and inadvertently caused it, he wants to know why he can’t remember it. The answer: his mother took care of it, as he suspected.

HRG doesn’t remember actually having helped anybody, but Claire can name one. Her.

Hiro keeps trying to save Tadashi. He continues to fail. He knows the drill. Answer the phone. “Tadashi? You on the roof? Be right there.” This time, he says that nobody copies their butt 47 different ways without wanting to get fired. His advice is to find something he likes, then it won’t feel like work. What makes Hiro such an expert? He’s dying. Tadashi will always have a friend waiting for him in Heaven. That’s enough to convince him to not jump for a change. Hiro, as well, has learned a lesson. He can’t keep secrets from those he loves, so he tells his sister the truth. Then he disappears.

Tracy’s got her old job back with Governor Malden. So why’s she hanging around there talking to Noah? His suggestion to her is that she has to remember who she was to figure out who she wants to be. She can’t quit her job because so many people would kill for it. However, she’d like for it to be more, the ability to set agendas and make a difference in people’s lives.

While holding for someone in the homicide division, Nathan gets drugged from behind.

Samuel’s hungry with power and looking for more people to bring into the group. Lydia shows him what he needs to see. Noah might have changed his mind and may be interested in them.

Nathan’s dumped off and shot. Well, that’s one way to solve this problem I guess. Milly might have wanted to considered his invincibility (or that of Sylar’s) before going down this path.

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