The Amazing Race 15 Episode 2

Eric & Lisa were eliminated at the starting line in The Amazing Race 15 Episode 1, but there were no more eliminations in the episode as Maria & Tiffany were non-eliminated. As punishment, though, they have incurred a 2 hour penalty (for not completing the task) and must complete a speed bump.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Meghan & Cheyne – 12:19AM
Second: Zev & Justin – 12:36AM
Third: Lance & Keri – 12:40AM
Fourth: Marcy & Ron – 12:41AM
Fifth: Herbert & Nathaniel – 12:42AM
Sixth: Brian & Ericka – 12:44AM
Seventh: Gary & Matt – 12:45AM
Eighth: Garrett & Jessica – 12:51AM
Ninth: Sam & Dan – 12:54AM
Tenth: Mika & Canaan – 1:03AM
Eleventh: Maria & Tiffany – 3:22AM

Their next stop is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2600 miles away. Since it’s midnight and they’re going to an airport, it’s safe to say that all teams will be bunched up. This makes the 2 hour penalty moot. When they land in Vietnam, they will take a 2 hour bus ride to the rural village of Cai Bei.

Lance & Keri are already getting on each other’s nerves. Garrett & Jessica are using this show to see if they’re meant to be together. Hint: if you need this show to tell you that, the answer is probably no. Sam & Dan plan to pretend they’re straight and flirt with the girls.

Half of the teams stay behind at the hotel and use the Internet to book their flights. The other half go straight to the airport and book there. Hopefully for them this is an easy lesson learned. You book before you arrive, one way or another. A handful of the teams are haggling at the ticket counter to try to get seats. Everybody ultimately ends up on the same flight.

Maria & Tiffany’s strategy has been blown up at the airport. Somebody recognizes them as professional poker players, and Sam & Dan overhear. Meanwhile, Maria & Tiffany jokingly ask if Sam & Dan are gay. The Globetrotters have also found out that Maria & Tiffany are lying.

All the teams land in Vietnam, where they’re greeted by flooded streets. Despite the flooding, people with mopeds are driving through this mess.

First bus (departs at 3:30PM): Maria & Tiffany, Sam & Dan, Herbert & Nathaniel, Mika & Canaan, Marcy & Ron
Second bus (scheduled to depart at 4:45PM): Gary & Matt, Brian & Ericka, Lance & Keri, Meghan & Cheyne, Zev & Justin, Garrett & Jessica

Not wanting to wait another hour and 15 minutes, Brian comes up with a plan. Pay the bus driver more money to make up for the rest of the tickets. This works out just fine and puts them right behind the other teams. On the way over, Zev decides to give the bus driver the jacket off his back.

The teams on bus 2 just wasted their money, although I have to give them credit for their aggressive gameplay. The docks close at 5:00 and don’t reopen until 7:00 the next morning. The teams will all be camping out. Maria & Tiffany are picking apart the competition. They don’t get a warm feeling from Zev & Justin, and they see Lance as just a meathead who can’t possibly be a lawyer. Zev, meanwhile, sees them as not the kind of people who would actually work with homeless people.

Before they get to the first task, Maria & Tiffany must complete their speed bump, in which they will prepare and serve soup.

The next stop is to go by boat to mud puts, where they will fertilize fruit trees. This task is bound to be messy.

From there, teams will take their boats to the Cai Be field. On their way back, Zev & Justin realize something. They don’t know where they’re going. Who has the clue? When they return, they see it was almost dropped in the river. They grab it, but this puts them roughly even with the last place Maria & Tiffany.

When they arrive at their destination, they see ducks. Everywhere. The road block is to get all their ducks in a row. They will herd 150 ducks from their pen, across the bridge, and back again. If they do not complete this task in 10 minutes, they will have to wait for another turn.

Road block (in order of arrival): Meghan (unsuccessful), Jessica (unsuccessful), Ericka (unsuccessful), Matt, Flight Time, Sam, Keri, Marcy, Mika (unsuccessful), Tiffany, Zev, Meghan 2nd attempt, Jessica 2nd attempt (unsuccessful), Ericka 2nd attempt (unsuccessful), Mika 2nd attempt, Ericka 3rd attempt, Jessica 3rd attempt

Teams will proceed to a market to search for the Bassac III Riverboat, the pit stop for this leg of the race. Although they’re doing well, one of the brothers calls the other a moron on the way there. It’s a race for last between the two teams who needed three tries on the road block.

First: Gary & Matt (win kayaks)
Second: Herbert & Nathaniel
Third: Sam & Dan
Fourth: Lance & Keri
Fifth: Zev & Justin
Sixth: Meghan & Cheyne
Seventh: Maria & Tiffany
Eighth: Mika & Canaan
Ninth: Marcy & Ron
Tenth: Brian & Ericka
Eliminated: Garrett & Jessica

Garrett felt they were a stronger team than their placement shows, which they probably are. But they aren’t really much of a team when you get right down to it. He’s not sure whether they’re any closer to marriage.

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