Survivor: Thailand Episode 6

Prior to the challenge in Survivor: Thailand Episode 5, Jeff asked whether anybody wanted to switch tribes. Everybody declined, but the two people who regretted it, Stephanie and Shii Ann, were the two people who received votes. In the end, Stephanie was voted off the island.

Robb tells Penny that Ken said she was considering voting him out last night. Penny denies this, so Robb confronts Ken. Ken can’t figure this out. Everybody else told him they were voting for Shii Ann, but they voted for Steph. Ken was the only one who told him the truth. During this conversation, Ken tells him some more truth. The first vote was indeed between Robb and Jed because everybody hated Robb. That was a week and a half ago, and now he’s questioning it.

Boatless Chuay Gahn is still swimming toward their water source, about 3 miles. The men have it in their head that they’re going to swim to the island across the way. They think maybe it’s about a mile away, but the women are worried that it’s a lot further than that. It is. Of the three, Brian’s the only one who’s a good swimmer. The other two are just floating along for the ride. When they finally arrive, there’s no boat in sight.

Everybody on Sook Jai agreed to not eat the bananas and instead let them to get ripe to avoid eating them all. Robb apparently does not agree with that. As if he’s not a big enough outcast, Robb grabs a banana. If he’s hungry, he will eat a banana. He doesn’t intend to listen to anybody. Food on Survivor is huge. People have been voted out over much less than one banana.

The reward challenge is to launch balls and catch them in wicker baskets. Reward is a Thai feast with local entertainment. Shii Ann sits out for Sook Jai. Robb scores the first point. Ted scores but Robb scores again to take the lead 2-1. Robb scores again to take the lead 3-1. No score on the fourth balls. Robb scores again to take the lead 4-1. Chuay Gahn take a timeout and switch to match Ted up against Robb instead of Brian. Clay scores and it’s 4-2. No score on the next round. Brian scores to make it 4-3. Ted scores to tie it 4-4. No score the next time, and the previously happy Ken is upset with Robb. Rather than arguing, they need to come up with a new plan because going to Robb every time obviously stopped working a few points ago. No score again. Ken scores a point to win reward for Sook Jai.

Helen thinks the guys were tired during the challenge because they swam over to the other island looking for the boat.

Following the feast, Robb and Ken go on a walk, where Robb says he’s learning not to take the place so much for granted, and whatever beef they had has been squashed.

Jan has found an unborn baby bat on the ground. Let’s have a funeral for Oscar. Brian wants to know whether she’s losing it.

The immunity challenge is called Thai 21. There are 21 flags in the circle, and they must get the 21st flag to win. They are able to grab 1, 2, or 3 flags at a time. Robb sits out for Sook Jai. Sook Jai takes 2 flags. Chuay Gahn also takes 2. Sook Jai takes 2. Chuay Gahn takes 1 to bring them down to 14. Sook Jai takes 1, then Chuay Gahn also takes 1, and Sook Jai takes 1. Chuay Gahn takes 2 to bring it down to 9 flags. Sook Jai is looking to Shii Ann to make their decision. They take 3 to bring it down to 6. All Chuay Gahn has to do now is take 2 flags to win, which they do. Sook Jai takes 3 to leave 1 final flag. Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

Whatever bonding he may have done with Ken earlier, the result here is obvious. Robb is going home. Nonetheless, he’s said he had a breakthrough and learned some things he will take with him for the rest of his life.

Still, Shii Ann realizes that half of her tribe still doesn’t like her or trust her, and she feels the same way toward them.

When voting for Robb, Shii Ann has an old proverb. A wise man knows much but says little; a fool knows little but says far too much.

Shii Ann

By a unanimous vote, Robb has been voted off the island. It sounds to Jeff like the person who inspired their spiritual growth has just been voted out.

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