Survivor: Thailand Episode 5

In an effort to bring peace to the tribe, Chuay Gahn voted out Ghandia in Survivor: Thailand Episode 4.

Jan voting the way she did puts her on the outside of the tribe. Add to that the fact that she’s the weakest link on the challenges, and she’d just better hope her tribe can win immunity.

Sook Jai’s decided to kill a chicken and have it for breakfast. Not waiting very long here. Shii Ann creeps out her tribe by eating neck, intestines, hearts, etc. Rather, she mostly creeps out Robb, who didn’t like her to begin with. You’d be surprised how good chicken neck tastes when you’re starving, but nobody else wants to partake.

Ted wants to make sure that Brian’s on his side. Brian agrees they’re going to the end together. He really doesn’t say very much, though. He just lets other people do the talking.

Over on Sook Jai, they hear Robb screaming. Nobody thinks much of it at first because he’s always running his mouth. Then they realize he’s bleeding. He figures he was bit by something out in the ocean.

Chuay Gahn has lost their boat. That’s a problem for two reasons. First, they have the beach with the nice shelter, which means their water trek is far. Second, that’s their fishing boat, and their net was in it. Ted gets the blame for the boat loss, but nobody vocalizes this blame to him.

The reward challenge is an auction. Before they get to that, Jeff poses a question to them, and he’ll give them 60 seconds to think about it. Does anybody want to switch tribes? Stephanie might consider getting the hell out of there, but everybody else may as well stay put. Shii Ann hates her tribe, so she’s tempted, but she is not budging either. Helen thinks that Jan should hop on the offer, but either way, she’s the next one gone. Ultimately, both tribes stay put.

Both tribes are given $1,000, and they will be bidding as a tribe. First item is a burger and fries. Sook Jai starts at $20, $60 for Chuay Gahn, $80 for Sook Jai, $100 Chuay Gahn, $120 Sook Jai. Sook Jai gets the burger and fries. Shii Ann walks away without paying, until Ted says something and Jeff remembers he was supposed to take money. A pitcher of limeade is next. Chuay Gahn bids $20 and gets it without Sook Jai putting up any resistance. A mystery item is next. $20 Chuay Gahn, $40 Sook Jai, $60 Chuay Gahn, $80 Sook Jai. For their $80, Sook Jai gets a bowl of grubs. Stephanie seems just fine with them. They taste like mushrooms and are full of protein. Spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread are the next item, starting at an expensive $120. Chuay Gahn starts things off, $140 to Sook Jai, $280 Chuay Gahn, $300 Sook Jai, $320 Chuay Gahn, $340 Sook Jai, $360 Chuay Gahn, $380 Sook Jai, $400 Chuay Gahn. Expensive meal for Chuay Gahn. The next item is another mystery. Sook Jai bids $40, $60 Chuay Gahn, $80 Sook Jai, $100 Chuay Gahn, $160 Sook Jai, $180 Chuay Gahn, $200 Sook Jai. Chuay Gahn wants to let them have it. This one’s bound to be good. For their $200, Sook Jai gets a hot fudge sundae. Nachos are next. $60 for Sook Jai, $80 for Chuay Gahn, $100 for Sook Jai, $140 for Chuay Gahn, $200 Sook Jai, $240 Chuay Gahn, $260 Sook Jai. After that bid, Jeff says that something else goes with that. Then Ted realizes the other tribe is almost out of money. $280 from Chuay Gahn, $300 Sook Jai, $320 Chuay Gahn, and they know they’ve got this item won. In addition to the nachos, they get margaritas, and the auction is over.

Penny says that Stephanie’s slowly coming around and changing to be part of the tribe more now. Stephanie says that everybody’s being nicer now because they’re eating.

Brian and Helen have decided to swim over to the water on the day they have a challenge. They run the risk that they’ll be exhausted, but they see this as better than being dehydrated.

The challenge is to sort fish into bins. Every fish must be sorted and in the right bin. Erin and Ken sit out for Sook Jai. Not really a lot to say about this challenge. It’s anybody’s game, and there’s no clarity who is or is not winning. When it gets down to the end, it turns out Chuay Gahn has a big lead. They’ve got one incorrectly sorted fish, but once they correct that, Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

Stephanie’s wishing that she had jumped to the other tribe when she had the chance. She feels like her days are numbered. She and Shii Ann are discussing how the other tribe all seem really nice.

Now Erin’s whining about the way Shii Ann was eating. Jake doesn’t have any problem with Shii Ann because she works.

At tribal council, Jeff asks Shii Ann whether she considered switching tribes. She pretends that she likes her current tribe and really didn’t consider the move.

In his vote against Shii Ann, Robb says that she gets on his nerves and he doesn’t like being around her. But it’s nothing personal.

Shii Ann
Shii Ann

By a vote of 5-2, Stephanie has been voted off the island.

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6 The Power of One.

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