Survivor: Thailand Episode 4

Ghandia came into the game full of emotional baggage and let it all come out in Survivor: Thailand Episode 3. Despite the tension between her and Ted, their tribe won the challenge, mostly because the other tribe lost on purpose so that they could get rid of Jed, a decision that’s probably a little too early to be making.

With Jed out of the game, Stephanie’s sourness will only get worse. Robb with two b’s will at least make an attempt to blend in.

Over on Chuay Gahn, as much as they say they’re over what happened, it ain’t gonna be over until one of them is gone. Ted has decided that Ghandia is not even on the island. He hates her guts, with good reason. It’s ending up as the women on one side and the men on another. To me it’s pretty black and white, though. Ted may or may not have done something wrong depending on how you look at it, but Ghandia’s excessive overreaction to it after accepting his apology is what’s brought them where they are now. This TV show is not the appropriate forum for someone to seek therapy, and really not something the viewers need to be subjected to.

The tribes get a dummy for their next challenge. They’ll have to dress him up and name him. Chuay Gahn decorates theirs together, while Stephanie decorates her tribe’s pretty much by herself with no desire for assistance. The challenge will be to carry that dummy, which weighs 250 pounds, around the island. Reward is bananas and a mystery to be revealed later. Shii Ann sits out for Sook Jai. Sook Jai has a slight lead early on. Crossing over to the other side of the island, they increase the gap significantly to a point where they’ve obviously got this won. Sook Jai wins reward.

When they return, the boys blame Ghandia and Jan. Helen’s name does not come up for blame, but Ghandia and Jan were clearly weak links in the challenge, so the blame is warranted. Ghandia immediately assumes they’re talking about her, so she gets all bent out of shape and blames them for blaming her. She’s not going to play their blame game. Instead, she’s going to play her own blame game.

Over on Sook Jai, when they return to camp, they find their mystery prize, chickens.

The men on Chuay Gahn go out fishing, while the women do the chores. In his sexist confessional, Brian views this as nature’s way. The women should be in the house cooking and cleaning and doing their laundry. As much as Helen doesn’t like the roles, she realizes she has to just keep her mouth shut because being loud won’t do anything but get her voted off next.

The immunity challenge involves tangrams, pieces of wood cut into 7 pieces used to form various shapes. They’ll have to match the shapes with the examples they are shown. Stephanie will sit out for Sook Jai. Sook Jai manages to solve the first puzzle because Shii Ann proves to be good at puzzles as she indicated last time. They also finish the second puzzle. Sook Jai wins immunity.

It’s obvious what has to happen now. Either Ted has to go or Ghandia has to go. The tribe will not be united with them both still there.

Strangely, Ghandia says that she’s got a toss up between Clay and Ted. When she and Jan talk, they decide Clay’s anti-female views don’t bode well for them. Helen is surprised by the move to get rid of Clay instead of Ted, and she’s assuming that if she goes into this deadlocked, it will come down to a purple rock.

At tribal council, Jeff asks whether everybody is pulling their own weight. Ghandia doesn’t hesitate to answer nope. Jan and Clay attempt to be somewhat more diplomatic about this question.

Ghandia (aka Denver Diva, the first time Jeff’s ever seen a vote that he doesn’t know who it’s for)

By a vote of 4-2, Ghandia has been voted off the island. Good riddance. At least she realizes in her closing speech that it was a big mistake to use the event that happened as game strategy to pit both sides against each other.

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5 The Ocean’s Surprise.

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