Survivor: Thailand Episode 5

In an effort to bring peace to the tribe, Chuay Gahn voted out Ghandia in Survivor: Thailand Episode 4.

Jan voting the way she did puts her on the outside of the tribe. Add to that the fact that she’s the weakest link on the challenges, and she’d just better hope her tribe can win immunity.

Sook Jai’s decided to kill a chicken and have it for breakfast. Not waiting very long here. Shii Ann creeps out her tribe by eating neck, intestines, hearts, etc. Rather, she mostly creeps out Robb, who didn’t like her to begin with. You’d be surprised how good chicken neck tastes when you’re starving, but nobody else wants to partake.

Ted wants to make sure that Brian’s on his side. Brian agrees they’re going to the end together. He really doesn’t say very much, though. He just lets other people do the talking.

Over on Sook Jai, they hear Robb screaming. Nobody thinks much of it at first because he’s always running his mouth. Then they realize he’s bleeding. He figures he was bit by something out in the ocean.

Chuay Gahn has lost their boat. That’s a problem for two reasons. First, they have the beach with the nice shelter, which means their water trek is far. Second, that’s their fishing boat, and their net was in it. Ted gets the blame for the boat loss, but nobody vocalizes this blame to him.

The reward challenge is an auction. Before they get to that, Jeff poses a question to them, and he’ll give them 60 seconds to think about it. Does anybody want to switch tribes? Stephanie might consider getting the hell out of there, but everybody else may as well stay put. Shii Ann hates her tribe, so she’s tempted, but she is not budging either. Helen thinks that Jan should hop on the offer, but either way, she’s the next one gone. Ultimately, both tribes stay put.

Both tribes are given $1,000, and they will be bidding as a tribe. First item is a burger and fries. Sook Jai starts at $20, $60 for Chuay Gahn, $80 for Sook Jai, $100 Chuay Gahn, $120 Sook Jai. Sook Jai gets the burger and fries. Shii Ann walks away without paying, until Ted says something and Jeff remembers he was supposed to take money. A pitcher of limeade is next. Chuay Gahn bids $20 and gets it without Sook Jai putting up any resistance. A mystery item is next. $20 Chuay Gahn, $40 Sook Jai, $60 Chuay Gahn, $80 Sook Jai. For their $80, Sook Jai gets a bowl of grubs. Stephanie seems just fine with them. They taste like mushrooms and are full of protein. Spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread are the next item, starting at an expensive $120. Chuay Gahn starts things off, $140 to Sook Jai, $280 Chuay Gahn, $300 Sook Jai, $320 Chuay Gahn, $340 Sook Jai, $360 Chuay Gahn, $380 Sook Jai, $400 Chuay Gahn. Expensive meal for Chuay Gahn. The next item is another mystery. Sook Jai bids $40, $60 Chuay Gahn, $80 Sook Jai, $100 Chuay Gahn, $160 Sook Jai, $180 Chuay Gahn, $200 Sook Jai. Chuay Gahn wants to let them have it. This one’s bound to be good. For their $200, Sook Jai gets a hot fudge sundae. Nachos are next. $60 for Sook Jai, $80 for Chuay Gahn, $100 for Sook Jai, $140 for Chuay Gahn, $200 Sook Jai, $240 Chuay Gahn, $260 Sook Jai. After that bid, Jeff says that something else goes with that. Then Ted realizes the other tribe is almost out of money. $280 from Chuay Gahn, $300 Sook Jai, $320 Chuay Gahn, and they know they’ve got this item won. In addition to the nachos, they get margaritas, and the auction is over.

Penny says that Stephanie’s slowly coming around and changing to be part of the tribe more now. Stephanie says that everybody’s being nicer now because they’re eating.

Brian and Helen have decided to swim over to the water on the day they have a challenge. They run the risk that they’ll be exhausted, but they see this as better than being dehydrated.

The challenge is to sort fish into bins. Every fish must be sorted and in the right bin. Erin and Ken sit out for Sook Jai. Not really a lot to say about this challenge. It’s anybody’s game, and there’s no clarity who is or is not winning. When it gets down to the end, it turns out Chuay Gahn has a big lead. They’ve got one incorrectly sorted fish, but once they correct that, Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

Stephanie’s wishing that she had jumped to the other tribe when she had the chance. She feels like her days are numbered. She and Shii Ann are discussing how the other tribe all seem really nice.

Now Erin’s whining about the way Shii Ann was eating. Jake doesn’t have any problem with Shii Ann because she works.

At tribal council, Jeff asks Shii Ann whether she considered switching tribes. She pretends that she likes her current tribe and really didn’t consider the move.

In his vote against Shii Ann, Robb says that she gets on his nerves and he doesn’t like being around her. But it’s nothing personal.

Shii Ann
Shii Ann

By a vote of 5-2, Stephanie has been voted off the island.

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6 The Power of One.

Survivor: Thailand Episode 4

Ghandia came into the game full of emotional baggage and let it all come out in Survivor: Thailand Episode 3. Despite the tension between her and Ted, their tribe won the challenge, mostly because the other tribe lost on purpose so that they could get rid of Jed, a decision that’s probably a little too early to be making.

With Jed out of the game, Stephanie’s sourness will only get worse. Robb with two b’s will at least make an attempt to blend in.

Over on Chuay Gahn, as much as they say they’re over what happened, it ain’t gonna be over until one of them is gone. Ted has decided that Ghandia is not even on the island. He hates her guts, with good reason. It’s ending up as the women on one side and the men on another. To me it’s pretty black and white, though. Ted may or may not have done something wrong depending on how you look at it, but Ghandia’s excessive overreaction to it after accepting his apology is what’s brought them where they are now. This TV show is not the appropriate forum for someone to seek therapy, and really not something the viewers need to be subjected to.

The tribes get a dummy for their next challenge. They’ll have to dress him up and name him. Chuay Gahn decorates theirs together, while Stephanie decorates her tribe’s pretty much by herself with no desire for assistance. The challenge will be to carry that dummy, which weighs 250 pounds, around the island. Reward is bananas and a mystery to be revealed later. Shii Ann sits out for Sook Jai. Sook Jai has a slight lead early on. Crossing over to the other side of the island, they increase the gap significantly to a point where they’ve obviously got this won. Sook Jai wins reward.

When they return, the boys blame Ghandia and Jan. Helen’s name does not come up for blame, but Ghandia and Jan were clearly weak links in the challenge, so the blame is warranted. Ghandia immediately assumes they’re talking about her, so she gets all bent out of shape and blames them for blaming her. She’s not going to play their blame game. Instead, she’s going to play her own blame game.

Over on Sook Jai, when they return to camp, they find their mystery prize, chickens.

The men on Chuay Gahn go out fishing, while the women do the chores. In his sexist confessional, Brian views this as nature’s way. The women should be in the house cooking and cleaning and doing their laundry. As much as Helen doesn’t like the roles, she realizes she has to just keep her mouth shut because being loud won’t do anything but get her voted off next.

The immunity challenge involves tangrams, pieces of wood cut into 7 pieces used to form various shapes. They’ll have to match the shapes with the examples they are shown. Stephanie will sit out for Sook Jai. Sook Jai manages to solve the first puzzle because Shii Ann proves to be good at puzzles as she indicated last time. They also finish the second puzzle. Sook Jai wins immunity.

It’s obvious what has to happen now. Either Ted has to go or Ghandia has to go. The tribe will not be united with them both still there.

Strangely, Ghandia says that she’s got a toss up between Clay and Ted. When she and Jan talk, they decide Clay’s anti-female views don’t bode well for them. Helen is surprised by the move to get rid of Clay instead of Ted, and she’s assuming that if she goes into this deadlocked, it will come down to a purple rock.

At tribal council, Jeff asks whether everybody is pulling their own weight. Ghandia doesn’t hesitate to answer nope. Jan and Clay attempt to be somewhat more diplomatic about this question.

Ghandia (aka Denver Diva, the first time Jeff’s ever seen a vote that he doesn’t know who it’s for)

By a vote of 4-2, Ghandia has been voted off the island. Good riddance. At least she realizes in her closing speech that it was a big mistake to use the event that happened as game strategy to pit both sides against each other.

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5 The Ocean’s Surprise.

Survivor: Thailand Episode 3

Having been sick pretty much from the beginning, Tanya was voted off the island in Survivor: Thailand Episode 2.

Since she’s never been away from her husband for this long, Ghandia’s happy that Ted is there with her. She loves hugging him.

Sook Jai got a fishing net in the reward challenge. Too bad they don’t know how to actually use it. A plate of cheese and crackers may have been more useful to them.

Ghandia was thrilled to be with Ted. Well, that didn’t last long. Now she’s depressed. They’ve been sleeping together, and last night she says he was grinding against her. He acknowledges that he may have done a bit of grinding before realizing what he was doing. He apologizes. Then she starts crying because she has emotional baggage from an experience she had in college. The casting directors missed a step here when they did the psychological testing. You don’t put someone this emotionally fragile and explosive in this situation. If you do, watch out.

As recently as the 1960s, the island they’re on was ruled by pirates. Today they get to be pirates and steal from the boats across the way. In the center of the course, there is a clearly marked attack zone. If they are in the attack zone, they can engage in contact with the enemy. Reward is two Red Berets, Thai Special Forces who know how to live off the land, for 24 hours. Jake and Erin sit out for Sook Jai. Sook Jai takes the lead 2-0. Then it goes up to 4-2. The first showdown is Ted against Robb, and Ted knocks Robb into the water. The lead extends to 5-3. The next showdown is Shii Ann against Brian, which her tribe insists is a good idea. It isn’t. The lead extends to 7-4. On his way back, Brian gets into a showdown with Ken. This time Brian falls in, which lets Sook Jai take the 8-4 lead. Sticking around the attack zone, Ken throws somebody in the water, but he’s told he’s not in the attack zone when he first makes contact (it’s pretty close), so Ken is eliminated and one of his team’s baskets goes to the other team to bring the score to 7-5. Immediately after, Probst warns not to get too cute in that attack zone. Not learning from Ken a few seconds before, Robb is not in the attack zone when he grabs clay around the throat, so he is eliminated and the score is now 6-6. Ted and Stephanie showdown, so obviously Ted throws her in. Someone tells her to grab his leg, which she does. She was in the water, nowhere near the attack zone. She’s out, and Chuay Gahn now has a 7-5 lead. This goes up to 8-5. Ted tosses Shii Ann in. Then Jed comes up charging Ted, again not anywhere near the attack zone. Jed is eliminated, and Chuay Gahn leads 9-4. With one more basket, Chuay Gahn wins reward, as Sook Jai self destructs.

This reward is a big one. The Red Berets are able to show them everything that’s edible on the island, which is a lot more than they were able to figure out on their own.

In the middle of this learning experience, Ghandia goes to the women of the tribe because she wants Ted gone. She didn’t really mean it when she said she accepted the apology. In the process, she comes up with new parts to her story that she never said before in an attempt to make him look bad. In addition to making stuff up, it slips her mind to mention that he apologized and she was okay with that apology.

Robb and Jed came up with the bright idea of leaving the fishing net out in the water for a long time in hopes of catching something. Bye bye net. Robb acknowledges responsibility, although Jed says he delegated watching it to someone else while he took a nap.

Helen goes up to Brian to tell him that the three girls are planning to take out Ted the next chance they get. Ted responds to Brian that nothing happened. So Brian tells Helen nothing happened. Of course, Helen goes right to Ghandia and tells her this. With that, Ghandia goes off and yells and starts punching and throws things. Clay is reminded of the tantrums his 2 year old throws. This lunatic needs to be thrown off the island before she hurts someone.

After her fit is done, Ted suggests having a talk in front of everyone. He tells the same story that he started grinding a couple times before becoming aware of his surroundings and that he wasn’t with his wife. Although he acknowledges that much, he denies the rest of her story (the part she made up to tell the other women) about how he bit, kissed, and stroked her. Following this discussion that gets them nowhere in which they are both telling completely different stories, Ghandia once again says that it’s over and they need to move on.

According to Erin, most of Sook Jai couldn’t care less whether they win or lose. They’re ready to start shedding some people. The challenge is to transfer the temple from platform 1 to platform 3 using all three platforms to solve the puzzle. They can only move one piece at a time and can never have a large piece on top of a smaller piece. Ken and Penny will sit out for Sook Jai. Chuay Gahn is making good progress. Sook Jai? Not so much. They’re all sorts of confused. Chuay Gahn easily wins immunity.

When it’s all done, Shii Ann says she could have done that logic puzzle in her sleep. She or Jake could have stepped in to save the tribe. They didn’t want to, though. They let Jed try to be the brains of the operation.

Robb has decided he would like to get rid of Shii Ann. Ken would rather get rid of the lazy Jed. It’s not just that he’s lazy and not helping them but that he’s lazy and hurting them.

Shii Ann
Shii Ann
Shii Ann

By a vote of 5-3, Jed has been voted off the island. 5 people got what they wanted and got rid of the weak link who they blame for losing the fishing net because he was too busy sleeping. Jed, Robb, and Stephanie remain on the outside of the tribe divided.

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Survivor: Thailand Episode 2

For one reason or another, the Chuay Gahn tribe decided they didn’t like John and voted him out in Survivor: Thailand Episode 1.

Chuay Gahn is awakened by Clay’s snoring. Funny, they don’t seem overly concerned about the bats in the cave they’re sleeping in, but the snoring is a problem.

Helen and Jan go to get water. Helen insists on not bothering to take the map because she believes she can get there with no trouble. Well, everybody knows right away that’s a mistake. While the girls are exploring abandoned islands full of snakes, the boys stay behind and play golf with Clay’s luxury item. Then it starts to rain. As Helen and Jan continue to paddle toward an unknown destination, Helen wishes for a pistol so that she could shoot them both.

Over on Sook Jai, they’re still obsessed with their shelter. Stephanie and Jed aren’t bothering with it, thereby making themselves outcasts. Jed views this as frivolous. It’s day 4, and they’re still not anywhere near done. However, for their part, although nobody appreciates it, Jed’s taking care of food, while Stephanie takes care of water.

Back to the water crew. Helen’s so dehydrated she’s about ready to pass out, but she’s finally found the water. Meanwhile, Jan’s floating in the water relaxing. It took them 4 or 5 hours, but they have managed to complete their task.

5 people from Sook Jai go to find food. The other three (Stephanie, Robb, and Jed) don’t want any part of this food. Shii Ann notices a strange atmosphere amongst the tribe. Further alienating themselves, the three who didn’t want any food refuse to sleep in the shelter as well, so they end up sleeping in the rain. Jed goes under the shelter whether anyone likes it or not, but Stephanie just stays out in the rain all night long. Interestingly, they speak negatively of him for coming in the shelter, and they speak negatively of her for not coming in the shelter. Ultimately, though, the key point here is that getting sick out there is not something you want to invite.

Helen ends up spending her 20th wedding anniversary on their beach, the price you pay for the chance to win $1 million (she can go anywhere in the world she wants when this is done, whether she wins or not). Everybody puts together a little celebration for her.

Each tribe will select one tribe member to be their guide at the reward challenge. Everybody else will be blindfolded and will carry the guide through a figure 8 course and collecting colored bags along the way. Reward is an extra lantern, fishing hooks, a fishing line, and a 30 meter fishing net. Stephanie sits out for Sook Jai. Tanya and Penny (whoever they are) will be the guides. Chuay Gahn starts off with a pretty good lead. By the time they get to the fourth station, it’s a dead heat. The guides are doing a pretty good job of running people into trees and posts along the way. Sook Jai gets the lead and retains it to end up winning reward.

Tanya’s still struggling as her tribe tries to nurse her back to health.

Clay’s walking on the beach and notices a bunch of squid washed up on shore. So they decide to eat it. Who cares if they died due to a nearby toxic waste dump?

The immunity challenge is to get six missing pieces from a floating puzzle by swimming and diving underwater. They will get the pieces and finish the puzzle. Shii Ann sits out for Sook Jai. Jed and Brian face off first, and Jed gets a slight lead. Helen and Jake go next. Jake increases the lead. Robb and Jan are next, and Robb has about half a lap lead. Penny tries for Sook Jai, but she eventually gives up and tags Jed. This gives Ghandia the lead, but it doesn’t last for very long as Jed retakes the lead. Ted and Erin are next, as Sook Jai retains a slight lead. Stephanie and Clay are next. This could very well be do or die time for Stephanie, and she manages to keep the lead and win immunity for Sook Jai.

Jan ends up taking the blame, but it’s really hard to point fingers because there’s no one person who necessarily lost that challenge. Sook Jai just in general outplayed Chuay Gahn. If anything, I’d blame Ghandia, who had the chance to run away with it but gave up her rather large lead.

Ghandia is tired of Helen, but she may vote for Tanya, who may be ready to go.


By a vote of 5-2, Tanya has been voted off the island. Ghandia stands alone, but everybody else opts to eliminate the sick tribe member.

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Survivor: Thailand Episode 1

Returning for its fifth season, Survivor makes its way to Thailand. The 16 contestants who make up the Survivor: Thailand cast are:

Brian Heidik
Clay Jordan
Eric Collins
Ghandia Johnson
Helen Glover
Jake Billingsley
Jan Gentry
Jed Hildebrand
John Raymond
Ken Stafford
Penny Ramsey
Robb Zbacnik
Shii Ann Huang
Stephanie Dill
Tanya Vince
Ted Rogers Jr

The Survivors start off in a small fishing village on the coast of southern Thailand. From there, they head to their island, where they will be greeted by the monsoon season (frequent torrential rains) and may see the world’s longest snake (the reticulated python).

Jeff asks the two oldest contestants to step forward because the elders are revered there. One beach will present difficulties as far as shelter, while the other beach will present difficulties as far as getting water. All Jeff can tell them at this point is one beach has sunrise, while the other has sunset. Jake picks sunset, leaving him with the purple tribe Sook Jai. Jan gets sunrise, which leaves her with the red tribe Chuay Gahn. Everybody’s assuming they have tribes divided into men and women, which is wrong. The two oldest people are the captains, and they will pick their tribes.

Chuay Gahn: Jan, Ted, Helen, John, Ghandia, Brian, Tanya, Clay
Sook Jai: Jake, Stephanie, Ken, Penny, Jed, Shii Ann, Robb, Erin

Robb’s already getting obnoxiously loud just in the team picking. Clay’s unsurprisingly the last one. He insists he’s a diamond in the rough. Erin, however, is bit more of a surprise to have been picked last.

Jake’s picks were based on athleticism and the look in people’s eyes. Ted realizes that Jan has picked all older people, but he hopes the other tribe will be surprised by what they can do.

Their first objective is to figure out how to paddle a boat. On the ride over, Tanya already notices that she’s on the group that she can’t really relate to, a bunch of people who are all much older than she is. Sook Jai, meanwhile, paddles their boat backwards.

Sook Jai goes wild upon arrival. They’re all off in different directions, with no plan. Jake realizes he’s got a group that’s enthusiastic and ready to go, but they know nothing.

Used car salesman Brian is on a business trip. He’s there for the check at the end, nothing more.

Chuay Gahn gets a cave, which means premade shelter that they don’t have to worry about. Unlike any shelter they could make, it should also keep them dry in any amount of rain. Their next order of business is to find food, which includes a bucket full of shellfish.

The first night, Stephanie is already skinny dipping. That didn’t take any encouraging. Shii Ann promises nobody will be getting a glimpse at her tatas. This is national TV. At least try to have a little respect.

Having wasted so much of the way, Sook Jai build half a shelter that they know they’re going to tear down the next day anyway.

Tanya is sick and throwing up already the second morning, which they assume is because she is dehydrated. They decide to go find their water source, which will be somewhat difficult since they’ve lucked out with their easy shelter. After much searching, they realize they have to paddle about a mile with their boat to get to their water. Gandhia and Clay, who were among the people stupid enough to swim over, get upset that the others didn’t come back for them with the boat.

The other tribe’s water is about 100 yards away from their camp. Jed wants to find some food, but everybody else wants to build shelter. Shii Ann agrees they need food. Robb is angry because his hands are beat up from building the shelter and doing nothing but building the shelter, which has been his own decision. Shii Ann’s done being screamed at by this fool.

Treemail tells them they’ll need brains and brawn. Jake is confident they’ve got the brawn. He’ll have to wait for somebody to bring them the brains.

The immunity challenge will be their first challenge in the middle of a downpour, and probably not their last. It’s a race around the island. They will paddle out to find a rope maze to release a flag. The next station is to unhook a flag 10 feet under the water. The last station is a traditional Thai puzzle. Chuay Gahn is off to an early lead in the rowing. Jan solves the rope maze for her team to extend their lead. The second station is fairly simple, and Brian dives down for his team, which has a lead that doesn’t look like it can be erased. As Ghandia starts to work on the puzzle, Jake’s just starting the dive down, one station behind. Jed will work on the puzzle for Sook Jai, hoping to catch up, which he does. Ghandia manages to solve the puzzle, but it’s way too late, as she already threw away the challenge. Sook Jai returns to Jeff first and wins immunity.

After that loss, the logical choice is to kick Ghandia out, who probably won’t contribute in physical challenges and clearly failed them in the mental challenge as well.

Her hope is that the sickly Tanya will be voted out instead.

A third option is presented. John took an early leadership role and has rubbed some people the wrong way. But does that make him a better choice than the other two? No. Stranger things have happened in this game before, though.


With 6 votes, John has been voted off the island. Considering the alteratives, this vote does not make a lot of sense. John voted for Ghandia, while Helen voted for Clay. A clean sweep against John otherwise. Their goal was to eliminate tension in the tribe. Just wait a few episodes, and it will be clear that one person who remains is a much larger source of tension, however.

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