Survivor: Thailand Episode 7

The last of his group of outcasts, Robb was voted off the island in Survivor: Thailand Episode 6.

Erin’s keeping her eye on Ken and Shii Ann. Ken, meanwhile, is keeping his eye on Penny. Sook Jai continues to get more fractured as we approach the merge.

The tribes get treemail with paint. They pick a color and start painting themselves. Jeff welcomes them and offers them a chance to get to know somebody from the other tribe. They will be paired up with their same color counterpart. The pairs are: Shii Ann and Clay, Penny and Brian, Erin and Ted, Helen and Ken, and Jan and Jake. They’re all given baskets. Two of the baskets contain further instructions. Shii Ann will be visiting Chuay Gahn with Clay, while Helen goes to visit Sook Jai with Ken.

Helen and Ken keep their lips tight, but Shii Ann spills the beans. She tells Clay that their tribe hates each other.

When they get back, Jeff tells them that the two tribes will live together on the same beach. They opt for Chuay Gahn, which Shii Ann raves about. That means a much better shelter but a lengthy trek to the water source.

They are greeted by the traditional merge feast. What they seem to be lacking is a new name and new buffs. The tribes have come up with a new name, though: Chuay Jai.

Shii Ann’s smiling for the first time in a while. She’s cool with Jake and Ken, but she has no use for Penny or Erin (or the three who have been voted out for that matter).

Shii Ann has questions coming at her from both sides. Is she going to join with Sook Jai and vote out Penny with them, or is she going to stick with Ken? She has told Chuay Gahn that she’s onboard with them, but she does not reveal her plans to the other side. Ken warns her not to sink everybody else and herself just because she’s upset with Penny.

The tribes go to the immunity challenge unaware Probst has just played a prank on them. What do you mean merge? Who said anything about a merge? Two tribes living on one beach. That’s not one merged tribe. Shii Ann knows she’s sunk, one way or another.

For this tribe immunity challenge, they will try to escape from prison. Using materials found within the jail cell, they will retrieve keys to unlock all their tribe members. Then they will dig their way out of the jail. Brian gets the first key for Chuay Gahn. Ted gets their second. Shii Ann grabs Sook Jai’s first and second keys. Ken gets a third key. Brian gets a third key. Then they both get their fourth keys. As time speeds up, we see Chuay Gahn leading 13-12. Then 14-12. Then Sook Jai gets 2 to tie it 14-14. It’s a race for the last key. Chuay Gahn has their last key and starts digging. They all escape, and Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

The move here is obvious. Get rid of the traitor. Regardless of what they decide, though, unlike a traditional 5-5 merge, Sook Jai will be down 5-4. One person may split apart and survive if they have it in them, but they are easy pickings.

At tribal council, Erin says she thought they were going to get new buffs when they went to the immunity challenge. That there should have been a hint. No new buffs means no new tribe.

Shii Ann’s final plea is to Ken and Jake. They can trust her, even if Penny can’t be trusted. Unlike them, she may also be able to crack into the other tribe, which is their only hope of surviving.

Shii Ann
Shii Ann
Shii Ann

By a unanimous vote, Shii Ann has been voted off the island. Regardless of being bit by this twist, Shii Ann’s still better at this game than those who remain.

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