Survivor: Thailand Episode 8

Shii Ann got bit by the fake merger in Survivor: Thailand Episode 7 and ended up getting voted off when they found out that the two tribes were together… but not merged.

Brian thinks that the elimination of Shii Ann would be an emotional one, which would be a mistake. Her tribe says she warned them that, if she was voted out, they would be picked off one by one. So they voted her out.

Penny is attempting to blend into Sook Jai with niceness that feels fake.

Ken doesn’t like Sook Jai because he claims they urinate in the cave. Jake is being driven nuts by Helen and her constant recipes, but he’s doing a decent job of bonding with Brian.

Ken’s trying to think of a possible plan to get out of the mess he’s in. Final four of himself, Jake, Clay, and Brian.

When they arrive at the immunity challenge, they’re not given new buffs. Not a merge yet. The challenge is breath holding underwater through bamboo snorkels. To determine the winner of this tribe challenge, the total cumulative time for all the members of the tribe will be calculated. For the first time, Chuay Gahn has more members, so Helen will be sitting out. Penny is first up at 9 seconds. Ken is up at 15 seconds. Not looking good for Sook Jai. Clay is up at 20 seconds, Ted at 21, and Jan at 23. A reversal of fortune perhaps. Then Erin pops up at 25 seconds. Sook Jai can only win if Jake stays under there for 16 seconds longer than Brian. Jake is up. Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

They get back from the challenge to find the monkey’s been in their food. Chicken feed and bananas are gone.

Jake’s ready to off the last chicken, but they’re all on different pages about it. Jake wants a big ceremony. Jan’s crying and adds the head and feet to her pet cemetery. Ted would let it go free if it were up to him. Clay doesn’t get what the big deal is and just wants to eat.

Jake asks the remaining Sook Jai members whether they want to reveal now or wait until tribal council. This is their first hard one. After some chatting, they decide to save it for tribal council.


By a unanimous vote, Erin has been voted off the island. For a tribe that found this so difficult and didn’t want to talk about it, they sure had their ducks lined up.

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