The Amazing Race 22 Winners

Joey & Meghan struggled with both detours as part of a double U-turn and were eliminated in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 10.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Max & Katie – 4:07PM
Second: Bates & Anthony – 4:15PM
Third: Caroline & Jennifer – 5:27PM
Fourth: Mona & Beth – 7:27PM

Teams must now travel by train and ferry to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The ferry from Scotland departs at 7:30AM, putting all the teams together and giving Max the opportunity to laugh at the roller girls for being so far behind rather than 3 hours ahead like they originally thought.

Max & Katie, being followed by Bates & Anthony, have decided to turn around and go the other way, while the other two teams continue straight. It’s only a few minutes before they find out that Max & Katie were right, but the design of the road block (first come, first served) will separate them even further.

The road block is bog snorkeling (snorkeling in a pit of muddy water). Their challenge is to make it through the course in under 4 minutes.

Road block (in order of arrival): Anthony, Katie, Mona, Jennifer

When Anthony completes it in 2:18, he makes it look pretty easy. Nobody else is quite that fast, but despite much drama, two of the other teams make it through on their first try.

Only Jennifer has to do it again after she gets confused about where the course is. After two attempts and much talking about how she can’t do it, Jennifer ends up finishing, but it seems like a lost cause by now. Once they complete this task, they then get lost.

The detour is a choice between tray it or spray it. In tray it, teams must prepare and serve 5 courses of actual dishes served on the Titanic. Spray it requires them to finish graffiti art at a skate park.

Tray it: Max & Katie, Mona & Beth, Bates & Anthony
Spray it: Caroline & Jennifer

The first trick to the server task that most of the teams pick is to pay attention to the menus. Then they have to figure out what each dish is, and they will not be getting any help doing that. Once they do that, they’ll have to do a lot of running from the serving area to the dining area below.

Max & Katie smash it, only getting the color chartreuse wrong on their final course. Bates & Anthony struggle quite a bit more but remain competitive with the lead team, though still not close enough to prevent Bates from throwing a fit.

Mona & Beth, however, can’t even get the first course right after multiple attempts, even after Anthony tells them what to do, a move that could have potentially just sacrificed their allies. They continue to just go by the seating chart, not realizing that the large menu out front contains the course list. Eventually, they take the hint to listen to the team that already completed the task.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Ulster Hall.

First: Max & Katie (win a trip to Dominican Republic)
Second: Anthony & Bates
Third: Mona & Beth
Eliminated: Caroline & Jennifer

The drama at the detour almost makes things interesting, but the outcome here is obvious. Caroline & Jennifer have been eliminated.

Teams depart on the final leg in the order in which they arrived.

First: Max & Katie – 5:04AM
Second: Bates & Anthony – 5:05AM
Third: Mona & Beth – 5:47AM

Teams must travel by ferry to Liverpool and then London, England. From there, they will fly to the final destination city of Washington, DC. The ticket counter opens at 5:15, and all teams are on the same flight.

Max & Katie and Bates & Anthony each assume that they are each other’s biggest competition, which is exactly the point Mona & Beth have been making when they said it didn’t make sense for these teams to stick together in an alliance.

They first go the Lincoln Memorial and the spot where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his speech, then they get their picture taken with Obama (photoshopped into their individual photos). Going to the White House rather than the address provided (1100 Pennsylvania Ave) puts Mona & Beth in last.

The road block is a switchback. They must play the role of a spy and figure out which of 50 agents is carrying their next clue.

Road block (in order of arrival): Max, Bates, Beth

This is just dumb luck of who happens to run into the right agent first. Once they have the case, they must enter the code based on the order they finished in New Zealand, Indonesia, and Vietnam in order to open it. It so happens that Bates gets it right away, which will allow him to open up a lead over the other two teams. Beth is then able to leapfrog past Max by seconds, which lasts until Max runs ahead to catch the cab first.

They then head to Nationals Park. One team member is suspended over the stadium throwing balls to their partner. The other person’s task is to make a catch while dressed as a mascot, limiting both their mobility and vision.

The final task of the season is at Hains Point. One team member must search through a ball pit of globes and find highlighted countries they have visited, which they must then put in the correct order. Another dumb luck searching task, but it doesn’t seem to be difficult enough that it could alter the fact that Bates & Anthony have a lead.

The finish line is George Washington’s Mount Vernon, and the end result, determined by the agent task, is already blatantly obvious. Bates & Anthony are The Amazing Race Season 22 winners, followed by Max & Katie and then Mona & Beth.

The Amazing Race 22 Episode 10

After getting lost and then falling victims to Anthony & Bates’ strategy to just follow them and then beat them in a footrace, Mona & Beth came in last place in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 9, but they were saved by non-elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Max & Katie – 2:02AM
Second: Joey & Meghan – 2:49AM
Third: Caroline & Jennifer – 3:44AM
Fourth: Bates & Anthony – 4:20AM
Fifth: Mona & Beth – 4:21AM

Teams will now fly across the North Sea to Edinburgh, Scotland. The airport ticket counters don’t even open until 5AM, which should put all the teams together.

Max & Katie are the only ones smart enough to stop at a business center first before heading to the airport. Even though they are the first ones to arrive despite having departed 47 minutes later, Joey & Meghan don’t suspect anything.

Even worse news for some of the teams is that even the second flight only has a limited number of seats. Now it’s time to find out if anyone who did not get on that flight can scramble for better seats, or if they get stuck 3 hours behind.

First flight (arrives at 10:40): Max & Katie, Bates & Anthony, Caroline & Jennifer
Second flight (arrives at 1:00): Joey & Meghan, Mona & Beth

There’s all this talk about the U-turn, but I don’t think it matters any more. The two alliances are both on different flights.

At the road block, they will learn to play the bagpipes. This has great potential to sound really obnoxious.

Road block (in order of arrival): Max, Bates, Caroline, Mona, Meghan

The first two teams blow right through the task, but Caroline gets stuck for 7 tries, though still not enough for the others to catch up. In a battle for last, Meghan falls behind Mona, despite her trumpet experience.

The detour is a choice between tasty puddin’ or whisky rollin’. In tasty puddin’, teams will fill an ox’s intestines with assorted organs, seasonings, and oats. In whisky rollin’, they must deliver eight barrels uphill and then down the street.

Before they can proceed to the detour, Mona & Beth must play skittles, which is more or less bowling, until they get a strike.

Whisky rollin’: Bates & Anthony
Tasty puddin’: Max & Katie, Caroline & Jennifer, Joey & Meghan, Mona & Beth

The hockey players are the only ones really qualified to take advantage of the strength task, which it would seem extends their lead. That leaves the other teams to make and eat haggis.

Bates & Anthony U-turn Joey & Meghan. Then Max & Katie U-turn Mona & Beth. This seems somewhat pointless since both of these teams are hours behind. Based on the lead that Mona & Beth built up over the first detour, it doesn’t seem like Joey & Meghan have a chance, unless Mona & Beth get lost again.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Niddry Street South.

First: Max & Katie (win $10,000 each)
Second: Bates & Anthony
Third: Caroline & Jennifer
Fourth: Mona & Beth
Eliminated: Joey & Meghan

After falling behind on both detours, Joey & Meghan have been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 22 Episode 9

Chuck & Wynona were finally put out of their misery in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 8 after incurring a 30 minute penalty.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Bates & Anthony – 2:50AM
Second: Mona & Beth – 2:57AM
Third: Max & Katie – 3:01AM
Fourth: Caroline & Jennifer – 3:28AM
Fifth: Joey & Meghan

Teams must now travel by train to Dresden, Germany. All teams are on the same train.

Caroline & Jennifer foolishly want to go to the final three with Bates & Anthony. It will help to ride their coattails for a while, but it won’t help so much when they stomp you in the end.

Bates put his bag on the seat across from him. It is now missing, but at least he was smart enough to keep his passport on him.

They must answer 3 multiple guess questions in their commercial for Ford leading up to a clue to their next destination, Brandenburg Gate, where Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.

The country girls see the hockey players arrive, and rather than giving them the answers, they just drive off. As simple as this task is, though, it’s not long before the boys catch them on the Autobahn. Once in the city, the girls use the boys as their guide, which doesn’t work out too well for them when the get separated at a light.

They go to the top of the Park Inn Hotel. There are not very many reasons why you go to the top of a 37 story hotel, and all of them involve something scary. In this case, they are going to base jump face first off the hotel. Scary but simple enough if you can get over that. Though there is a fair share of screaming, nobody left seems terribly scared of heights.

The detour is a choice between train trials and font follies. In train trials, they must lay model train tracks on a platform and keep the train on track for one complete circuit. In font follies, they must transport two giant letters through the city streets to a museum.

Font follies: Max & Katie, Mona & Beth, Caroline & Jennifer
Train trials: Joey & Meghan, Bates & Anthony (switched from font follies)

The danger in the train building is getting it wrong and having to start over, which is not a problem with carrying the letters unless you break one. Joey & Meghan have repeated problems getting their train setup to work, but the bigger issue turns out to be when Bates & Anthony leave a letter sitting on its own, and it gets blown over by the wind. They opt to just switch detours at this point, and Caroline & Jennifer, who are travelling with them, wisely choose to just continue with what they are doing.

After 9 attempts and now finding themselves in dead last, Bates & Anthony just hope somebody screwed up. Mona & Beth driving around in circles provide them their only hope, and the two teams arrive at the club not far apart, ending up working together on the road block.

In the road block, they will crawl through a creepy haunted house maze underneath a dance club after first identifying that John F Kennedy said “Ich bin ein Berliner,” which somebody in the club will know the answer to if they don’t (I didn’t, nor did a couple of the teams).

Road block (in order of arrival): Katie, Joey, Jennifer, Beth, Anthony

Bates & Anthony decide to follow Mona & Beth in an effort to just win a race at the end.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Kurfurstendamm, known as the 5th Avenue of Berlin.

First: Max & Katie (win a 2013 Ford Fusion each)
Second: Joey & Meghan
Third: Caroline & Jennifer
Fourth: Bates & Anthony
Non-eliminated: Mona & Beth

The strategy that Bates & Anthony employed worked out well, but in the end it is moot because it is a non-elimination leg.

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The Amazing Race 22 Episode 8

Pam & Winnie chose the wrong detour in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 7 and were eliminated as a result.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived, probably.

Let’s go somewhere else already. Two straight legs where the teams barely move anywhere is lame.

Teams must now fly nearly 5000 miles to Zurich, Switzerland. Needless to say, everybody will be on the same flight, one that has them arriving about 30 hours later than the lead team’s departure from the pit start.

From the airport, teams will travel by train to Grindelwald. With a 6:39PM arrival, they are guaranteed an hours of operation and overnight delay. The only drama in the meantime is that Joey & Meghan and Mona & Beth miss the connecting train that everybody else is on, not that it ends up mattering since they have so much time to kill.

In the intro, Chuck & Wynona just got done saying how they are getting along a lot better (while we watched a montage of them arguing). The morning before the leg kicks off, they’re bickering again, as he thinks she’s slowing him down.

The clue that they waited all night for tells them they now have to travel by train to Kleine Scheidegg. Last week, they didn’t go anywhere. This week, they’re doing nothing but riding vehicles from one destination to another. At least they’re traveling through some of the most scenic areas possible.

When they arrive, teams pick up a Swiss rescue dog, which they must transport by train to Jungfraucjoch, Europe’s highest railway station at 11,333 feet above sea level. They drop off their dogs before heading to the road block and another train ride to Eigerwand.

The road block requires teams to climb out a window thousands of feet above the valley floor and retrieve a Travelocity roaming gnome.

Road block (in order of arrival): Bates, Beth, Katie, Meghan, Jennifer, Wynona

The road block is scary since they are hanging 6000 feet above the ground that’s straight down, but it’s a quick task that has no real trick to it.

Continuing their marathon trainfest, teams must now travel by train to the Grindelwald Grund Station. As Wynona struggles on the road block with Meghan behind her, the top four teams leave them behind when they take the first train. The problem Chuck & Wynona are having is that they did not plan to be in the race this long, so he did all his road blocks right away, leaving her stuck to do the rest no matter what they entailed. Not that this seems to be a particularly taxing challenge for any of them, but she does delay long enough to hold them up.

The switchback takes us back to a task from a previous season. This time, rather than running down hills with 50 pound wheels of cheese strapped to their backs, they will transporting four wheels of cheese on sleds. They’re already falling just trying to climb the hill, even with the assistance of a rope. The way down, however, looks a lot easier because the cheese weighs so much it’ll push them down the hill.

With their half an hour lead over the trailing teams, there’s no chance any of the top four will finish last. For that matter, factoring in the physicality of this task, it’s pretty obvious that Chuck & Wynona have no hope other than someone else making a major mistake. Even with Chuck carrying both sleds and pushing her, Wynona struggles her way up the hill. She can then only take one of the four wheels of cheese on the way down, but she does come up with the idea of just rolling them, an effective strategy.

Alas, despite their terrible and increasingly annoying performance, Chuck & Wynona do not struggle to find the pit stop, unlike Joey & Meghan, the only team to walk there rather than take a taxi. This allows Chuck & Wynona to leapfrog them, but Wynona’s cheese rolling strategy results in a 30 minute penalty.

The pit stop for the leg of the race is the Bodmi Snowboard & Ski School.

First: Bates & Anthony (win a trip to Bora Bora)
Second: Mona & Beth
Third: Max & Katie
Fourth: Caroline & Jennifer
Fifth: Joey & Meghan
Eliminated: Chuck & Wynona

The penalty is enough to save Joey & Meghan, and Chuck & Wynona have been eliminated. Good thing, too, since they have clearly overstayed their welcome. Their constant arguing about her being too slow and him not being supportive enough was particularly annoying this week.

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The Amazing Race 22 Episode 7

As the last team to wake up to the fact that they were not going to be able to make a fire using sticks, Max & Katie placed last in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 6, but they were saved by non-elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Bates & Anthony – 5:39AM
Second: Pam & Winnie – 6:11AM
Third: Chuck & Wynona – 6:17AM
Fourth: Joey & Meghan – 6:23AM
Fifth: Caroline & Jennifer – 6:28AM
Sixth: Mona & Beth – 6:37AM
Seventh: Max & Katie – 6:49AM

Caroline & Jennifer have no idea what the speed limit is. It shows. They are pulled over doing 96kph in a 60. Being cute and blonde is no benefit here, and they get a ticket anyway. Their fine? 820 pula, roughly $100 US. Not the type of money you’d expect to shell out in Africa, but they will have to go pay it right now in the middle of what’s looking like a very quick leg with no airplane travel.

When they arrive at the police station, the cops will not accept dollars. Caroline is not allowed to leave the police station, so Jennifer gives her money to a guy to go exchange it for her because by race rules she cannot leave either because she has to stay with her partner. Luckily, that random strange guy does not just disappear, and he returns with their money.

They are not alone in getting hit by this speed trap. Max is pulled over doing 76. Seeing as they are already in last place and have a speed bump, things are not looking good for Max & Katie. Their only hope is that Joey & Meghan are clueless when it comes to navigation. On his way out of the parking lot after paying the fine, Max backs into a pole. Under normal circumstances, he would probably care, but so long as it’s operational, it doesn’t matter because it’s not like it’s his car. The good news for Joey & Meghan is they now have someone to follow, which will allow them to correctly find the task location that they have been driving around searching for this whole time.

Bates & Anthony, already with a half hour lead, opt to do the fast forward. Their task is to waterski 1 mile in potentially crocodile infested waters. A little scary but simple enough.

Before they can do the road block, Max & Katie must bead a skirt and do a ceremonial dance. This should give Joey & Meghan about a 10 minute lead over them.

The road block requires teams to deliver two goats upstream in a canoe.

Road block (in order of arrival): Winnie, Wynona, Beth, Caroline, Joey, Max

This proves to be a bigger test of patience than it looks. Both partners are on the canoes, which is leading to much tension between the person doing the task and the person sitting there in the cases of both Chuck & Wynona and Mona & Beth.

The detour is a choice between brains or brawn. In brains, teams will go on a horseback safari and search for 10 animal cut outs. In brawn, teams will stack firewood and haul it with donkeys.

Brawn: Caroline & Jennifer, Mona & Beth, Meghan & Joey, Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie (switched from brawn to brains to brawn)
Brains: Chuck & Wynona

The horses will do as they should, but there is every likelihood that the donkeys will be stubborn. The main advantage with the donkeys is that they won’t have to redo it if they get it wrong, which Pam & Winnie have to do, opening up new potential in the battle for last. When they are incorrect a second time, it’s pretty much over for them.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Royal Tree Lodge.

First: Bates & Anthony (win $7500 each)
Second: Mona & Beth
Third: Caroline & Jennifer
Fourth: Chuck & Wynona
Fifth: Joey & Meghan
Sixth: Max & Katie
Eliminated: Pam & Winnie

Following their detour woes, the otherwise strong Pam & Winnie have been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 22 Episode 6

Chuck & Wynona stayed in the race in spite of themselves in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 5, as Dave & Connor had to bow out of the race due to Dave’s injury.

Between a song about the glory of communism and footage of a plane downed during the war, it seems CBS managed to offend some easily offended people, so we begin the night with an apology. If you don’t want what can be a harsh reality of a tour around the world, watch something else, as there will not always be sunshine and smiles.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Pam & Winnie – 10:40PM
Second: Max & Katie – 11:34PM
Third: Mona & Beth – 11:37PM
Fourth: Bates & Anthony – 11:39PM
Fifth: Caroline & Jennifer – 11:46PM
Sixth: Joey & Meghan – 12:47AM
Seventh: Chuck & Wynona – 3:26AM

Teams will now fly more than 6000 miles to Maun, Botswana. As remote a destination as this is, all teams will obviously be on the same flight.

Upon arrival, teams sign up for one of three charter flights.

9:00AM – Caroline & Jennifer, Bates & Anthony
9:15AM – Max & Katie, Joey & Meghan
9:30AM – Mona & Beth, Chuck & Wynona, Pam & Winnie

The hockey players get on the plane with their country girl crushes, who they have apparently decided now are no longer bitches. Max & Katie would rather be on the plane with somebody else other than Meghan & Joey, anybody else. Chuck is happy to be flying over the safari where the animated film The Lion King was made.

The road block gives teams the opportunity to dig a poisonous scorpion out of the ground, with the guidance of the local bushmen, hopefully without being eaten by a lion.

Road block (in order of arrival): Bates, Caroline, Joey, Max, Beth, Wynona, Pam

Max is the only one smart enough to have a glove with him, but ultimately it doesn’t matter because the locals do the hard part of calming the scorpions by putting them in their mouths.

The detour is a choice between fire or fowl. In fire, teams must make fire using two sticks, zebra manure, and grass. In fowl, teams must build, set, and trigger a guinea fowl trap.

Fire: Bates & Anthony
Fowl: Pam & Winnie, Chuck & Wynona, Caroline & Jennifer (switched from fire), Joey & Meghan (switched from fire), Mona & Beth (switched from fire), Max & Katie (switched from fire)

The fowl task seems simpler, though almost nobody does it. At least you can make measurable progress on this task, whereas the fire task has the potential to be a frustrating exercise in futility. This is the opportunity Chuck & Wynona needed to pull themselves out of last place for a change. Bates & Anthony are able to make fire, but everybody else ends up switching. Seeing everybody else leave, Katie refuses to do the same, but she finally agrees to switch… too late.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Meno a Kwena Safari Camp.

First: Bates & Anthony (win a trip to Thailand)
Second: Pam & Winnie
Third: Chuck & Wynona
Fourth: Joey & Meghan
Fifth: Caroline & Jennifer
Sixth: Mona & Beth
Non-eliminated: Max & Katie

As the last team to switch to the fowl detour, Max & Katie are the last team to arrive, but they are saved by a non-elimination leg.

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The Amazing Race 22 Episode 5

Refusing to use their express pass despite being in last place, Jessica & John were eliminated in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 4.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Dave & Connor – 5:01AM
Second: Pam & Winnie – 5:21AM
Third: Max & Katie – 5:25AM
Fourth: Caroline & Jennifer – 7:20AM
Fifth: Joey & Meghan – 9:06AM
Sixth: Mona & Beth – 9:12AM
Seventh: Bates & Anthony – 9:14AM
Eighth: Chuck & Wynona – 9:23AM

Teams must now fly north more than 2000 miles to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Dave’s orthopedic surgeon recommends surgery within 7 days, so they plan to be eliminated once they get to Vietnam.

At the travel agency, Max & Katie and Pam & Winnie agree to not U-turn each other. Their target is the two teams that remain of the alliance, Joey & Meghan and Mona & Beth.

The first three teams book a flight that arrives 3.5 hours earlier, but it doesn’t matter since their arrival time is 6PM, which means an hours of operation delay. What they do get, however, is valuable information.

Now that they have some time to get to know Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie have decided they hate them and apologize for everything they said about them. As the only teams to know that Dave & Connor are out, they keep this to themselves to fool the others into thinking someone is behind them. It’s here that they find out that Jessica & John are idiots, a fact that angers their allies when they (mostly Max) start laughing about it.

As the other teams show up the next morning, they all have the same train of thought: U-turn the alliance.

The road block requires teams to watch the performance of a patriotic song. After the performance, teams must memorize the quote that is revealed, then find it on a political poster. A song about the glory of communism and socialism. Great.

Road block: Jennifer, Meghan, Pam, Anthony, Mona, Katie, Chuck

Many of the sayings are close, but they must get it down to the letter in order to proceed. Pam is the only one to get it right on her first try. Everybody else must sit through another performance. Three more teams get it on the second try. Meghan actually is another person with the correct answer, but she does not want to leave her ally, so she sticks around another time. All remaining teams get out of there on their third and final try, including the two most likely to be U-turned.

After teams participate in a bamboo dance, the detour is a choice between make your move and make your meal. In make your move, they must create a giant chess game using human Chinese chess pieces, which they must put in the right position. In make your meal, they must make the national dish after shopping in a busy market.

Make your move: Pam & Winnie, Joey & Meghan, Bates & Anthony, Mona & Beth, Caroline & Jennifer
Make your meal: Max & Katie, Chuck & Wynona

Make your move presents more of a memory challenge involving Chinese symbols, while make your meal presents a bigger language barrier.

The blind double U-turn is at the B-52 memorial. Pam & Winnie U-turn Meghan & Joey. As the second team to arrive, Meghan & Joey U-turn Chuck & Wynona, a smart move seeing as that team is still struggling to figure out where the detour is and don’t have their chickens with them anyway. It’s pretty apparent who will come in last.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Vietnam National Museum of History.

First: Pam & Winnie (win a trip to Whistler)
Second: Max & Katie
Third: Mona & Beth
Fourth: Bates & Anthony
Fifth: Caroline & Jennifer
Sixth: Joey & Meghan
Non-eliminated: Chuck & Wynona

Having been a disaster since the bamboo dance, Chuck & Wynona are in last. But obviously they aren’t going to eliminate two teams in the same week. He promises to listen to her next week, something that did not happen this week.

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The Amazing Race 22 Episode 4

Dave & Connor managed to finish first in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 3 after using their express pass, only to be greeted by Phil telling them the race is still going.

First: Dave & Connor
Second: Jessica & John
Third: Bates & Anthony
Fourth: Pam & Winnie
Fifth: Joey & Meghan
Sixth: Caroline & Jennifer
Seventh: Mona & Beth
Eighth: Max & Katie
Ninth: Chuck & Wynona

With the to be continued leg, Chuck & Wynona have been spared elimination after their bad detour choice.

Teams must now fly over 4000 miles to Bali, Indonesia. Multiple teams immediately head to a travel agent. Those who don’t find out that there is no way to book a flight at the airport, and they are left scrambling for seats on later flights.

First flight (arrives at 8:35): Max & Katie, Dave & Connor, Caroline & Jennifer, Pam & Winnie
Second flight (arrives at 12:05): Mona & Beth, Bates & Anthony, Chuck & Wynona
Third flight (arrives at 12:05): Joey & Meghan, Jessica & John

And just like that, the entire order has been shuffled. Those on the first flight are guaranteed safety, while those on the next two flights, some of whom had been at the front of the pack, are left fighting to not be eliminated.

At their layover, Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan (who have been following Jessica & John since the New Zealand airport) find a faster flight that arrives at 10:30.

Their first task is to go to a monkey sanctuary and wait for a monkey to open their coconut with a clue inside. All they can do is wait and hope they have a good monkey.

The detour is a choice between sandy bottom or fruity top. In sandy bottom, they must collect sand from the bottom of the river and transport it uphill to the brickmaker. In fruity top, they must prepare an elaborate religious offering then carry it to the priest.

Fruity top: Dave & Connor, Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie, Caroline & Jennifer, Joey & Meghan, Chuck & Wynona, Bates & Anthony (because their cab driver does not know where the other one is)
Sandy bottom: Mona & Beth, Jessica & John (switched from fruity top)

It’s not clear whether one task is any better than the other, but the advantage to the task that almost nobody does is that it’s straightforward and does not have to be repeated due to mistakes. Jessica & John find this out the hard way, wasting a lot of time at the fruity top detour before deciding to switch. They keep debating about whether to use their express pass but eventually decide not to.

The road block at Uluwatu Surf Beach involves choosing a surfboard with a picture they have encountered along the race and bringing it to the pit stop.

Road block (in order of arrival): Winnie, Connor, Max, Caroline, Chuck, Joey, Mona, Bates, John

The trick to this task, other than choosing the right board, is to figure out how the heck to get to Phil. Unable to figure it out himself, Connor copies Pam, allowing his team to win the leg. Caroline is the first one unable to choose the right one, and she is declined by Phil at the pit stop. Twice. So then she breaks down crying, despite being in fourth place. On her third try, she randomly guesses correctly. Mona & Beth are incorrect but receive the right answer from Joey & Meghan. When they return with the right board, they do not want to give the answer to the now wrong Chuck & Wynona.

Despite being in last place when they arrive at the road block, Jessica & John still decline to use their express pass. I could understand the argument for not using it before, but now it’s just dumb.

First: Dave & Connor (win $5,000 each)
Second: Pam & Winnie
Third: Max & Katie
Fourth: Caroline & Jennifer
Fifth: Joey & Meghan
Sixth: Mona & Beth
Seventh: Bates & Anthony
Eighth: Chuck & Wynona
Eliminated: Jessica & John

Jessica & John seemed like they may have been a good team, but they refused to use the express pass even when all hope seemed lost. Even after they realize they are in last place and over an hour has elapsed, John still refuses to use it. He does end up completing the task, but after that they are eliminated.

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