The Amazing Race 22 Episode 5

Refusing to use their express pass despite being in last place, Jessica & John were eliminated in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 4.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Dave & Connor – 5:01AM
Second: Pam & Winnie – 5:21AM
Third: Max & Katie – 5:25AM
Fourth: Caroline & Jennifer – 7:20AM
Fifth: Joey & Meghan – 9:06AM
Sixth: Mona & Beth – 9:12AM
Seventh: Bates & Anthony – 9:14AM
Eighth: Chuck & Wynona – 9:23AM

Teams must now fly north more than 2000 miles to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Dave’s orthopedic surgeon recommends surgery within 7 days, so they plan to be eliminated once they get to Vietnam.

At the travel agency, Max & Katie and Pam & Winnie agree to not U-turn each other. Their target is the two teams that remain of the alliance, Joey & Meghan and Mona & Beth.

The first three teams book a flight that arrives 3.5 hours earlier, but it doesn’t matter since their arrival time is 6PM, which means an hours of operation delay. What they do get, however, is valuable information.

Now that they have some time to get to know Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie have decided they hate them and apologize for everything they said about them. As the only teams to know that Dave & Connor are out, they keep this to themselves to fool the others into thinking someone is behind them. It’s here that they find out that Jessica & John are idiots, a fact that angers their allies when they (mostly Max) start laughing about it.

As the other teams show up the next morning, they all have the same train of thought: U-turn the alliance.

The road block requires teams to watch the performance of a patriotic song. After the performance, teams must memorize the quote that is revealed, then find it on a political poster. A song about the glory of communism and socialism. Great.

Road block: Jennifer, Meghan, Pam, Anthony, Mona, Katie, Chuck

Many of the sayings are close, but they must get it down to the letter in order to proceed. Pam is the only one to get it right on her first try. Everybody else must sit through another performance. Three more teams get it on the second try. Meghan actually is another person with the correct answer, but she does not want to leave her ally, so she sticks around another time. All remaining teams get out of there on their third and final try, including the two most likely to be U-turned.

After teams participate in a bamboo dance, the detour is a choice between make your move and make your meal. In make your move, they must create a giant chess game using human Chinese chess pieces, which they must put in the right position. In make your meal, they must make the national dish after shopping in a busy market.

Make your move: Pam & Winnie, Joey & Meghan, Bates & Anthony, Mona & Beth, Caroline & Jennifer
Make your meal: Max & Katie, Chuck & Wynona

Make your move presents more of a memory challenge involving Chinese symbols, while make your meal presents a bigger language barrier.

The blind double U-turn is at the B-52 memorial. Pam & Winnie U-turn Meghan & Joey. As the second team to arrive, Meghan & Joey U-turn Chuck & Wynona, a smart move seeing as that team is still struggling to figure out where the detour is and don’t have their chickens with them anyway. It’s pretty apparent who will come in last.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Vietnam National Museum of History.

First: Pam & Winnie (win a trip to Whistler)
Second: Max & Katie
Third: Mona & Beth
Fourth: Bates & Anthony
Fifth: Caroline & Jennifer
Sixth: Joey & Meghan
Non-eliminated: Chuck & Wynona

Having been a disaster since the bamboo dance, Chuck & Wynona are in last. But obviously they aren’t going to eliminate two teams in the same week. He promises to listen to her next week, something that did not happen this week.

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