The Amazing Race 22 Episode 4

Dave & Connor managed to finish first in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 3 after using their express pass, only to be greeted by Phil telling them the race is still going.

First: Dave & Connor
Second: Jessica & John
Third: Bates & Anthony
Fourth: Pam & Winnie
Fifth: Joey & Meghan
Sixth: Caroline & Jennifer
Seventh: Mona & Beth
Eighth: Max & Katie
Ninth: Chuck & Wynona

With the to be continued leg, Chuck & Wynona have been spared elimination after their bad detour choice.

Teams must now fly over 4000 miles to Bali, Indonesia. Multiple teams immediately head to a travel agent. Those who don’t find out that there is no way to book a flight at the airport, and they are left scrambling for seats on later flights.

First flight (arrives at 8:35): Max & Katie, Dave & Connor, Caroline & Jennifer, Pam & Winnie
Second flight (arrives at 12:05): Mona & Beth, Bates & Anthony, Chuck & Wynona
Third flight (arrives at 12:05): Joey & Meghan, Jessica & John

And just like that, the entire order has been shuffled. Those on the first flight are guaranteed safety, while those on the next two flights, some of whom had been at the front of the pack, are left fighting to not be eliminated.

At their layover, Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan (who have been following Jessica & John since the New Zealand airport) find a faster flight that arrives at 10:30.

Their first task is to go to a monkey sanctuary and wait for a monkey to open their coconut with a clue inside. All they can do is wait and hope they have a good monkey.

The detour is a choice between sandy bottom or fruity top. In sandy bottom, they must collect sand from the bottom of the river and transport it uphill to the brickmaker. In fruity top, they must prepare an elaborate religious offering then carry it to the priest.

Fruity top: Dave & Connor, Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie, Caroline & Jennifer, Joey & Meghan, Chuck & Wynona, Bates & Anthony (because their cab driver does not know where the other one is)
Sandy bottom: Mona & Beth, Jessica & John (switched from fruity top)

It’s not clear whether one task is any better than the other, but the advantage to the task that almost nobody does is that it’s straightforward and does not have to be repeated due to mistakes. Jessica & John find this out the hard way, wasting a lot of time at the fruity top detour before deciding to switch. They keep debating about whether to use their express pass but eventually decide not to.

The road block at Uluwatu Surf Beach involves choosing a surfboard with a picture they have encountered along the race and bringing it to the pit stop.

Road block (in order of arrival): Winnie, Connor, Max, Caroline, Chuck, Joey, Mona, Bates, John

The trick to this task, other than choosing the right board, is to figure out how the heck to get to Phil. Unable to figure it out himself, Connor copies Pam, allowing his team to win the leg. Caroline is the first one unable to choose the right one, and she is declined by Phil at the pit stop. Twice. So then she breaks down crying, despite being in fourth place. On her third try, she randomly guesses correctly. Mona & Beth are incorrect but receive the right answer from Joey & Meghan. When they return with the right board, they do not want to give the answer to the now wrong Chuck & Wynona.

Despite being in last place when they arrive at the road block, Jessica & John still decline to use their express pass. I could understand the argument for not using it before, but now it’s just dumb.

First: Dave & Connor (win $5,000 each)
Second: Pam & Winnie
Third: Max & Katie
Fourth: Caroline & Jennifer
Fifth: Joey & Meghan
Sixth: Mona & Beth
Seventh: Bates & Anthony
Eighth: Chuck & Wynona
Eliminated: Jessica & John

Jessica & John seemed like they may have been a good team, but they refused to use the express pass even when all hope seemed lost. Even after they realize they are in last place and over an hour has elapsed, John still refuses to use it. He does end up completing the task, but after that they are eliminated.

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