The Amazing Race 22 Episode 3

Idries & Jamil were not comfortable swimming, and it was no surprise when that was their undoing in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 2.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Bates & Anthony – 8:54AM
Second: Dave & Connor – 8:55AM
Third: Jessica & John – 8:56AM
Fourth: Joey & Meghan – 9:00AM
Fifth: Chuck & Wynona – 9:01AM
Sixth: Mona & Beth – 9:06AM
Seventh: Caroline & Jennifer – 10:49AM
Eighth: Max & Katie – 11:08AM
Ninth: Pam & Winnie – 11:48AM

Trying to win a foot race against former pro athletes, Dave injured his foot, and he’s told he will need to see a specialist. He’ll keep racing for now, but he will do so on crutches.

How many people subscribe to these Youtube people without wanting to slap them?

Jessica & John have finally decided that they will honor their agreement and give the express pass to the now injured Dave & Connor. Anthony & Bates see this not so hidden exchange.

Teams must now fly 3000 miles to Christchurch, New Zealand, Phil’s hometown.

First flight (departs 9:30): Bates & Anthony, Jessica & John
Second flight (departs 11:35): Joey & Meghan, Chuck & Wynona, Mona & Beth, Dave & Connor
Third flight: Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie

Whatever advantage anyone may have had is gone because the layover in Tahiti will ensure all teams have to wait at the airport overnight. The length of the layover is so long that Dave can even go to a doctor without missing any time.

During this visit, Dave finds out his tendon and muscle are torn. He gets a boot from the pharmacy, and he’ll just keep going as long as he can.

Joey & Megan, Jessica & John, and Mona & Beth have formed an alliance with the primary goal of eliminating Bates & Anthony. In turn, Anthony & Bates have formed an alliance with Caroline & Jennifer, who they called bitches a week or two ago.

Though everybody is on the same flight to Auckland, not everybody is on the same flight to Christchurch. Pam & Winnie apparently just run the quickest, and they have now gone from last to first.

First flight (departs at 5:00): Pam & Winnie
Second flight (departs at 5:30): Jessica & John, Mona & Beth, Dave & Connor, Joey & Meghan, Max & Katie
Third flight (departs at 6:00): Anthony & Bates, Caroline & Jennifer
Fourth flight (departs at 7:30): Chuck & Wynona

Of course, they’ll hit an hours of operation once they land in Christchurch. The impact this does have is that it’s a first come first served take a number stop with jetboats departing at 6:00 the next morning.

The detour is a choice between rev it up or reel it in. In rev it up, teams must drive modified vintage cars through a set of cones in under 83 seconds. In reel it in, each team member must catch a fish at least 12 inches long.

Rev it up: Jessica & John, Meghan & Joey, Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie, Mona & Beth, Caroline & Jennifer, Bates & Anthony
Reel it in: Dave & Connor (switched from rev it up), Chuck & Wynona

I can’t imagine the fishing task being a smart choice, as it all comes down to dumb luck. The potential problem with the car driving is that it’s a manual. That removes Dave because of his injury, and we have seen plenty of seasons where even the driver of some of the teams can barely drive stick. As long as they have the skills to get through this, it’s a no brainer, though, even if it takes multiple attempts.

Not wanting to hang around at the pond any longer, Dave & Connor opt to use their express pass. The only other fishing team, Chuck & Wynona, manages to get out of there while just barely avoiding last place, which goes to Caroline & Jennifer. Good thing their sense of direction is superior to most teams, at least in this instance, even teams like Max & Katie, both of whom are very vocal about knowing everything

The road block requires them to race through a shemozzle, a muddy obstacle court during which they will be tarred and feathered while collecting a dozen unbroken chicken eggs.

Road block (in order of arrival): Connor, John, Winnie, Chuck, Jennifer, Meghan, Katie

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Terrace Downs.

Dave & Connor win the leg and a trip to Bangkok. Jessica & John just cost themselves a trip, but at least that other express pass has been flushed out of the game. But the leg is not over yet.

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