The Amazing Race 22 Episode 2

After a dumb luck task placed right near the pit stop proved to be the main determining factor in The Amazing race 22 Episode 1, three teams agreed to take the penalty together, leading to the elimination of Matt & Daniel.

Teams must now travel by water taxi to Motu Toopua Nui, departing at 7:30AM, which will put the top 8 teams in a tie, as the first team departs at 2:56, leaving the 2 teams with a 4 hour penalty fighting for last.

Jessica & John are trying to come up with an excuse why they should not give their additional express pass to Dave & Connor as originally agreed to by the alliance. My question is simple: why not? Who else are you going to give it to, and is this team you don’t want to give it to really that big a threat? The cut throat nature of the race is completely understandable, but making enemies just for the sake of making enemies on leg 2 does not sound like smart race strategy.

The first detour of the race is a choice between pick a pearl or take a trunk, both diving tasks. In pick a pearl, they must untie lines of shells and open them to find two red pearls. In take a trunk they must grab a trunk and construct an underwater picnic dining experience.

Pick a pearl: Dave & Donnor, Jessica & John, Bates & Anthony, Joey & Meghan, Pam & Winnie, Chuck & Wynona
Take a trunk: Mona & Beth, Max & Katie, Caroline & Jennifer, Idries & Jamil (switched from pick a pearl)

Looking to save 20 seconds, Dave & Connor take a shortcut… right past their snorkel gear. They realize this after the boat ride over, putting themselves in last place of this front pack.

Jamil & Idries get into a debate very quickly about whether or not to take the penalty. Idries asks Jamil whether he even wants to try. No, he does not. The other two teams are just an hour and 45 minutes behind, so this would be pretty much guaranteed last place. After much debate, Jamil decides to at least make an effort.

Apparently not realizing they are in a fight for their lives, Caroline & Jennifer ask Max & Katie to do the detour together. What they don’t realize is that this is all moot. The twins have at least made an effort, but it’s taking them an awfully long time, so long in fact that by the end of the detour they are in last place. Eventually, they switch to the other detour. There’s one added wrinkle to this. Pam & Winnie are completely lost on their jet skis. But I don’t get the sense this will amount to anything, as the twins are just too far behind everyone else.

Using a map and personal watercraft, teams will now guide themselves to Motu Tapu.

The road block is kicking a coconut while on stilts. They’ll have to go 35 feet and cross the goal.

Road block (in order of arrival: Joey, Jessica, Connor, Anthony, Beth, Chuck, Pam, Max, Caroline, Jamil

The pit stop for this leg of the race is down the beach.

As they’re running to the pit stop, Dave says he just ruptured his achilles. Really, that’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you have leg pain? John’s input when he hears this: maybe they aren’t stuck giving them the express pass after all. I guess we’re going to be listening to this drama for the next two episodes.

First: Bates & Anthony (win a trip to London)
Second: Dave & Connor
Third: Jessica & John
Fourth: Joey & Meghan
Fifth: Chuck & Wynona
Sixth: Mona & Beth
Seventh: Caroline & Jennifer
Eighth: Max & Katie
Ninth: Pam & Winnie
Eliminated: Idries & Jamil

Having struggled with the detour, Idries & Jamil have been eliminated, but they are pleased that at least they did not give up.

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