The Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 9

The house failed miserably to work together in The Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 8, which led to Francelina falling below the red line.

One person will be leaving the ranch for the week. They will decide who with a friendly competition. Their job is to use their 25 pounds blocks to protect their friends. The person who is unprotected is gone, while the person who stacks the most blocks will win a 1 pound advantage.

Jackson is going to protect Alex. Gina figures she’s the target, but she’d like to see Jackson saved. Danni and Joe are going at each other. Jeff is the first one to be safe, followed by Alex. Jackson asks that nobody protect him, the only thing that will save Gina, as he wants to fall on the sword and prove he can do it on his own. He struggles to find people to support his request, but by seconds he is the one to lose the challenge. Gina promises she will be good this week. The 1 pound advantage goes to Joe, who beat Danni by 1 block after she fell.

Here’s the bad news for Jackson. He thought he was just putting himself in the firing line. Of course, it doesn’t end there. He has to choose someone else to go with him. Only not really. Jeff volunteers. The others are not off the hook, as they are warned they will have to face their fears this week.

Lindsay will hang out with someone (the guidance counselor at her school) who has diabetes so that she can learn what it’s like to have it. Biingo’s greatest fear: vegetables. Bob will try to trick him into eating them without him knowing it, which he readily does, even though he supposedly does not like them. Sunny is afraid that her mother will die because she’s morbidly obese. Jillian suggests they talk about this.

Gina acknowledges a pattern in her life where she feels she’s not getting anything out of a relationship, so she explodes, destroying those relationships. Jillian has brought her to her funeral because she’s killing herself and her relationships. She climbs inside a coffin and is told to rest in peace. Creepy.

The challenge will involve falling off the side of a building. They will have to hold 40% of their body weight for as long as they can. Reward is immunity. Jeff has been struggling since the start, and he is the first one to take the 7 story ride to the bottom after 5 minutes. Jackson follows him with much dramatic yelling. Alex and Joe are next. It’s not surprising that two women are the last ones left standing: Gina and Danni. Gina looks strong and hasn’t really budged, but as the clock ticks, she starts to fade. Danni, meanwhile, is just barely hanging on, eventually dropping to one hand, but it’s not enough. Gina wins immunity, guaranteeing herself a spot in the final five.

Danni once mentioned to Jillian that she’s afraid of singing in public. So she will be performing on stage at a small lounge. She’s better than half the people on these stupid singing shows.

As for Joe, he’s afraid of sharks. Bob takes him to go swimming in the ocean where there may be some, which could be anywhere.

Gina apologizes to Alex for her behavior the last week or two or eight, saying that they won’t see that version of her again.

After the last chance workout, they face their final fear of the week: the scales.

The weigh in hasn’t even started yet, and Jillian jumps in about people volunteering to go to the house in the suburbs, rather than having access to world class trainers and equipment.

Gina: 173 pounds (-7, 3.89%, immune)
Jackson: 250 pounds (-11, 4.21%)
Jeff: 295 pounds (-13, 4.22%)
Joe: 261 pounds (-12, -1, 4.76%) – 100 pounds lost
Alex: 187 pounds (-8, 4.10%)
Danni: 184 pounds (-10, 5.15%)

With Gina being saved by immunity, Alex ends up below the yellow line along with Jackson. He clearly took an unnecessary risk, but at the same time, I’m not sure he really could have done any better on the ranch than he did on his own.

Joe: Alex
Danni: Alex

With 2 votes, Alex is not The Biggest Loser. From her starting weight of 240 pounds, Alex now weighs 170 pounds.

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