All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 2

All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 1 was a waste of time. Before the season started, Trump could not figure out why Bret Michaels would return again after having won already, which made Bret his easy target when his team lost to Trace’s money making machine. At least it was just one wasted episode, not like the year Joan Rivers was the pre-determined winner and the whole season was a farce. That said, Bret did make what will perhaps be the dumbest move of the season: he not only chose Omarosa to be on his team but actually picked her first.

Trace booked a cruise with Blake Shelton, so he will not be here this week.

Trump tells them that the task will involve Universal in Florida. Not knowing the task, Dee Snider quickly volunteers to be the project manager, and Omarosa will be in charge of her team, none of whom should trust her after her terrible job of keeping track of the money last week.

Their task will be to create a 3D photo experience to be judged based on creativity, integration of the marketing campaign, and guest experience.

Dennis Rodman asks a question about whether celebrities should be involved in the pictures. The response is that the characters are the stars. Not having asked that question, the other team will be featuring themselves.

Omarosa sends her team out to find stuff for Harry Potter, Despicable Me, and some unnamed third brand that she may or may not think of later.

Gary Busey says he’s good with a camera, but this one with three buttons is too advanced.

When Omarosa meets with the fabricators, she gives them specs for her design. Their response lets her know that she’s pushing the envelope too far with this vision, but she’s okay with that. She has, though, decided on a third character, Spider-Man, unbeknownst to her team.

As they run out of time, Dee decides to go with cutouts of the celebrities, abandoning Penn’s vision for incorporating magic.

The fabricator tells Omarosa the 3D stuff probably isn’t going to get done. If that’s the centerpiece, they’ll get it done, but they have to cut time elsewhere. How about the exterior? No, she wants to keep that as is, too. This guy is surprisingly calm considering she’s being such a bitch to him.

At least Omarosa has a vision, no matter how overcomplicated it may be. Dee’s team does not seem to know how they are going to fill in the space.

The Orlando portion of Omarosa’s sign is hidden, but she doesn’t care. The Spider-Man portion of her booth is deliberately left barren, which La Toya fears is setting her up in case they lose. La Toya’s not alone. Everybody expects Omarosa to take all the credit and accept no blame.

Marilu says the weakest player is Gary. Lisa loved Dee as the project manager, Penn says he was the star, and Stephen agrees.

Omarosa says Dennis was not a creative contributor, but on the other hand Lil Jon was very creative. Brande did not like the tense atmosphere Omarosa brought to the task.

The executives like that Dee’s team identified the family fun that lasts forever, and the celebrities wore outfits that fit the characters. However, the design was a bit simple, lacked stying power, and the park guests were more interested in the celebrities than the characters.

Omarosa’s team was more creative and interactive, and they featured the entire resort on a filmstrip (which hid the word Orlando).

Not surprisingly, Omarosa’s team won easily. They took away a lot from the meeting with the executives, avoiding the fatal pitfall of overusing celebrity thanks to Dennis’ question, but regardless the other team was just too simplistic.

A crying Omarosa has won $40,000 for her charity. After seeing this meltdown, Dennis asks Gary about his Oscar.

Penn states the fault is always that of the project manager. After Penn explains his idea, which Trump likes, he fake fires him for not backing it up enough.

Dee says that Gary is the weakest due to his limited skill set. But he does not trust Stephen Baldwin after the first task in which he withheld his money. Those are his two picks, though Trump tries to talk him out of both of them.

When they are in the hallway, Dee says he does not want to risk a second person being fired, which Trump has done before for no reason other than to prove a point and create shock in attempt to boost the ratings. He acknowledges he should be fired if they lost because of the concept. Dee has been fired.

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