All Star Celebrity Apprentice Winner

After Lil Jon and Lisa Rinna were fired in All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 11, the final two of Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins began their final task.

Penn needs to cut 9 seconds from his video to get down to a minute. They decide to cut Dennis out of the video and then show the video of him afterward as a bonus. Simple enough.

Trace has secured Tim Tebow with $200,000. Seems not having a team to play for hasn’t phased him.

Now everything has been prepared, and it’s time for the ice cream social and to see who shows up and brings some money.

Penn’s early scores include a check from the former mayor of Las Vegas for $250,000. He is getting a lot of foot traffic while Trace sits there waiting. It’s not long before Trace’s country friends start to trickle in with big checks of their own, including a pair of checks for $100k.

Wayne Newton has managed to make it, and the Blue Man Group are back.

Penn is happy that he’s above where he expected, but Trace is short, now just waiting on Tebow with 10 minutes left. As Trace is about ready to walk away, Tebow arrives.

While Penn takes center stage for his own presentation, Trace takes a different approach, handing over much of the spotlight to Gary Busey as Buddy Holly.

One thing about Trace and Penn is that they both greatly respect each other, and they have nothing but kind words to say about their opponent. This sure is not a rematch of Joan Rivers vs. Annie Duke (where the worse player won because she’s Trump’s friend).

The executives loved the name swurtle and the flavor of Penn’s ice cream, thought his video was clever, loved the brand integration and the use of magic, and felt the presentation was on point. However, the packages blended a bit with the other packages.

They loved Gary singing, which they thought might go viral (memo to marketers on this show: you can’t force viral things… they just happen), and thought the name mashup might reach a different demographic. But maple as a flavor was almost too specific.

Penn raised $503,655. Trace raised $664,000, but Tim Tebow’s $200,000 was late, so his total is $564,000. Wait. I don’t understand. I guess half of Tebow’s contribution still counts? Either way, it’s a pretty close race with impressive numbers from both sides.

Trump gives $20,000 to the charities of Gary, Lil Jon, La Toya, and Dennis.

Walgreens is donating $100,000 to the charity of the best selling ice cream. With 400,000 pints sold between them, the winner is Penn.

Joan Rivers thinks that Penn should win, I think. Ivanka picks Trace.

After having received a lot of flack for firing Lil Jon (which was the right decision), Trump agrees to give $100,000 to his charity.

Apparently, Penn blasted Trump and the show after his last season, but he has since written to him to apologize.

Trump has made his final decision. The All Star Celebrity Apprentice winner is Trace Adkins, who receives an additional $250,000 for his charity, American Red Cross. I thought Penn was a much stronger competitor throughout the season, but it’s hard to deny that Trace has done a great job across two seasons.

Despite Trump’s delusion that this is one of the top rated shows on TV, there are only two shows that NBC has neither cancelled nor renewed. This is one of them. Presumably, they are waiting to see how many shows in their brand spanking new lineup flop in the fall before making a decision on the midseason lineup, which has already prematurely been announced. Perhaps then they’ll stop kicking The Biggest Loser as well.

All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 11

After being stomped by Penn in All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 10, Marilu was fired for leading the losing team.

Trump immediately calls them back into the boardroom. Two people will be fired.

Trace was the highest fundraiser, 2-0 as project manager, and was doing great until he ended up on Power, where his net result ended as 5-5. Lil Jon, the last Power member standing, I assume has the worst record, and he was 1-1 as project manager. Lisa is the second highest earner. Penn says he was the second in command to Lisa and Trace when they did so well.

One person from each team is being fired right now. Harsh. I don’t think Lisa or Penn did anything wrong to warrant being fired.

Lil Jon would fire Lisa because he’s seen Penn do a lot. Trace would fire Lisa as well since Penn is a bigger gun for the last task. Trump agrees that Penn has been the star, and Lisa has been fired.

Penn would fire Lil Jon, who he has not worked with, acknowledging that he doesn’t really have a fair answer to the question. He thinks Trace’s biggest/only weakness is that he occasionally fades.

Trace’s record is far superior to Lil Jon’s. That said, for the second time, Trace advances to the final two, and Lil Jon has been fired. Lil Jon receives an additional $20,000 for his charity, American Diabetes Association.

Their task is to create a unique flavor of Walgreens ice cream, for which they will design the packaging, create a promotional video, and sell up to 50 tickets for a VIP event. They will be judged based on ice cream flavor, brand messaging and creativity, overall presentation, and additional money raised through ticket sales.

Trump has picked the final teams for them. Trace has been reunited with Lil Jon, and he also gets Gary Busey and Marilu. Penn is reunited with Lisa, and he also gets La Toya and Dennis Rodman.

Each team will have to pick to different ice cream flavors, and they will decide the final product based on what the public likes. Trace picks maple macadamia after it wins the public approval 9:1. Penn’s team, already loving the name vanilla chocolate magic swirtle, has that reinforced by the public vote. Now that they’ve made their decision, Penn starts to second guess the name.

Joan Rivers worries that Trace does not have as impressive a rolodex as Penn does. Speaking of which, Penn already has Wayne Newton… probably.

Penn has a simple commercial that writes itself: Penn & Teller and showgirls. Trace will have Gary dancing in hopes of it going viral.

The best selling ice cream between the two flavors this week will win $100,000 for the charity of the project manager who created it.

As we get into the end of the show, this is where we always get a “dramatic” cliffhanger heading into the to be continued for next week. Penn’s team is 9 seconds over their 60 second commercial allotment. That’s the best they could do as a cliffhanger?

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All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 10

Gary Busey was finally put out of his misery in All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 9 following a trainwreck of a performance as project manager.

John Rich and Don, Jr. are the advisors for this week. The task is to transform a suite to promote and create a party for Foxwoods at Barkley Center. They will be judged on creativity, brand messaging, and overall party atmosphere. The winning project manager will receive $50,000 from Trump and a matching amount from Foxwoods. Lisa and Marilu are the project managers.

The teams must choose a character. Marilu and Lisa both pick different characters, so there is no need for negotiation. Lisa’s team will be doing a joker theme, while Marilu’s team has selected king. Joker seems a lot easier to me, and it lends itself to Penn’s strengths.

Penn & Teller already work at Foxwoods, so that’s one act. He also wants to get Lisa Lampanelli and celebrity chef David Burke, who has a restaurant at Foxwoods. Then he scores a flute player, but she’s from a different tribe (the one from the Pequot tribe wouldn’t travel three hours).

Lisa and Penn are getting along famously, but Marilu’s team is struggling to get their arms around her concept. It doesn’t help that she says that Trace operates one notch above death.

Whatever their plans may have been, 15 inches of snow fall, and flights are being cancelled.

After listening to the execs, Penn wanted Native American flute music. Marilu, however, wants to have DJ Lil Jon keeping the beat. John Rich suggests they make him King Lil Jon.

Trace, who’s been a bit punch drunk during parts of this task, lines up CMA new artist of the year Hunter Hayes, so at least their entertainment is starting to come together.

The next morning, the weather has cleared, so there should not be any problem getting anyone into the area. Lil Jon, however, has been unable to get his DJ equipment.

Marilu surprises her team with a chessmaster giving lessons. I guess that’s supposed to represent royalty, though it hardly seems like something that would be at a party.

Penn’s worried about something obvious: Lisa may be offensive. Of course she will be. That’s a given. It’s just a matter of whether she will be so offensive that it becomes a problem. The executives aren’t laughing. But they hired her so they must like her or at least be willing to stomach her.

Lil Jon thinks Marilu is a good leader but likes to do a lot.

Choosing between the two, Marilu responds that Trace had a bad day. His response is merely that they messed up and should have fought for Joker. They probably should have, but it really does not fit well with Marilu. John agrees: you don’t give Penn the joker piece.

Lil Jon would fire project manager Marilu. Although she’s just been given a great opportunity to target Lil Jon thanks to John saying the king of krunk should have been represented, Marilu continues to harp on Trace being a curmudgeon. Who even uses that word? I’ve heard it more times in the last half hour than in the last decade.

Penn doesn’t think there’s much chance he should lose, and neither do I. The only thing the other team had going for them was Hunter Hayes.

The executives liked the chair massage from Marilu’s team. However, the king-themed decor was a little too obvious and theatrical, it didn’t really mix well with the Foxwoods imagery, and the chessmaster was a big miss.

The other team did a great job integrating the joker theme, had incredible attention to detail, and brought in great acts. But some of their decor elements were a little bit stiff.

Lisa has won $100,000 for her charity, St Jude.

Lil Jon ordered the king costume, but he didn’t bother wearing it. He says his project manager did not instruct him to do so. Still, no matter how many times they come back to this, Marilu insists on making Trace her target.

The outcome here remains obvious. As the project manager and the person responsible for both chess and the decor, Marilu has been fired.

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All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 9

Gary Busey’s team keeps winning in spite of him, so Trump is being given few opportunities to fire him, which he’s squandering anyway. In All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 8, Brande Roderick was the latest victim to fall to Penn’s winning streak.

It’s 3 against 3 now, which Lisa views as putting her team saddled with Gary at a disadvantage.

Ivanka and Joan Rivers (perhaps the worst winner ever) are the advisors for this week. The task is apparently to create a video for LG (electronics, mobile, and appliances). They will be judged on creativity, integration of product knowledge, and overall presentation. Lil Jon and Gary are the project managers.

Gary doesn’t understand any of what’s going on, and he doesn’t want to try either. When he goes to another planet, he usually takes instructions with him.

Penn and Lisa attempt to pitch some ideas, but Gary doesn’t want to hear any of it. Then he starts barking like a dog. This is a trainwreck waiting to happen.

While Gary talks about LG making mechanical dogs, Trace and Marilu propose a video that shows that the products are so easy to use that anybody can use them. The mom (Marilu) will be showing her college kids how to operate her new gadgets.

Joan criticizes Lil Jon for wasting time when he’s directing the video. She wants him to just get it done and stop worrying about quality.

Meanwhile, Gary is telling his actors (both wife and daughter are about the same age) about his out of body experiences. Then he says Lisa used to be as smart as a bag of hair.

Lisa reads what LG wants: a sense of warm optimism, confidence, and a sophisticated premium quality tone. No chance of that. They’ve made multiple attempts to talk to and help Gary, but he keeps snapping at them. The other team seems to be doing a really good job, but it doesn’t matter when they have no competition.

Regardless of the outcome of the task, each charity will be receiving a full suite of LG Smart products, for a total value of over $100,000.

Trace thought Lil Jon was great, but if they lose, it should be the project manager going home.

Gary felt abandoned, which he should have felt, and was pretty much by his design. He would fire Lisa because she yelled and was confrontational, which she dismisses as incorrect. Penn counters that Lisa was never allowed to give any input throughout the day.

Joan and Donald are both confused by Gary’s video. After seeing both videos, Gary says it looks even.

They’re not even going to bother drawing this out any further by telling us the pros and cons of both presentations because there is no contest. Lil Jon has won $40,000 for his charity, American Diabetes Association, plus up to an additional $35,000 at $1 per view of his team’s video.

Now we get to hear the positives and negatives about Gary’s team. The executive liked that they all seemed very authentic and that Penn said he’s an early adopter, their target demographic. The phone was prominently featured, but most of the other products were not. He also did not like or understand the mechanical dog.

Gary accepts responsibility for the dog, though he says the problem is that he did not have any support for the dog (because it as a dumb idea). He then proceeds to say Lisa yelled, but Lisa said she does not and did not yell. So then Gary starts yelling.

So now we’re just going to keep going around in circles for the next 10 minutes. Trump, just put Gary out of his misery already, which should have happened long ago or at the very least when Stephen Baldwin was dismissed.

After much needless discussion, Gary has finally been fired.

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All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 8

Stephen Baldwin was fired in All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 7 because, well, I’m not entirely sure why. In typical Trump logic, he latched on to one word that he said and wouldn’t let it go, despite the fact that it had nothing to do with anything.

Lisa and Penn aren’t happy to see Gary return. They’re outnumbered because everybody was moved to the other sucky team, and now they have to deal with him.

Bret Michaels, who is responsible for picking one of the worst teams ever assembled, is back, this time on the other side of the table along with George.

Their task is an interactive South Africa travel expo. Brande and Penn are the project managers. They will be judged on creativity, feedback from travel professionals, and overall presentation.

They can choose between romance or adventure, and both teams pick adventure. The decision comes down to a coin flip (not one of Penn’s coins), and Brande’s team wins the toss.

They’re happy. They figure they can focus on safari, and after all, who goes to South Africa for romance? What they find, though, is that the task has set limitations preventing them from promoting safaris because they want to promote things that people don’t know about. They realize they might have gotten the harder task, particularly considering that they need to do all this in a small room.

While meeting with the execs and discussing romance, Gary talks about his experience in South Africa. He heard people being murdered. So begins Penn’s and Lisa’s frustration with him. They’d be better off doing this on their own or at least with Stephen.

Penn wants to show he deserves to win this. He manages to get zulu dancers, Paul Simon’s drummer, and a 5 star South African chef.

The other team plans to get a guy in the shark suit and to push people around in a chair to simulate ziplining. Trace fears the juvenile direction they seem to be going.

When George comes, Gary again mentions murder in Johannesburg after discussing how killing a lion is his idea of romance.

Trace thinks Brande did pretty good under the challenging circumstances.

Lisa says Penn rocked it, but she declines to give a useful opinion about Gary. Penn provides a similarly pointless opinion about Gary, but he does later say he didn’t do everything he was asked.

The execs and travel experts felt transported back to South Africa by Penn’s team. But they did not offer specific locations for travel information.

They loved that they included the wine, tea, and spas, and thought the brocure was a really great take away to make people remember the big five experiences. However, they seriously lacked unique experiences, and their exhibit was juvenile.

It was pretty obvious where this was heading. Despite never having been to South Africa and not really knowing much about it, Penn through is connections managed to tap into a South African community in New York, creating an authentic experience that would have been tough to beat. Penn has won for his charity, Opportunity Village, and Gary survives yet again.

Brande can’t say who she thinks should be fired. She will let Lil Jon go free because she feels loyal to him, despite Trump making a big deal about how he wanted adventure (like everybody else on both teams). Trump gives her a second chance to change her mind, but she declines. That was a setup anyway, as one of Trump’s greatest pet peeves is disloyalty.

The thing the executives liked the most was the handout, which was designed based on the logo. Since this was Marilu’s idea, she should be safe.

Brande agrees she’s with two people who probably don’t deserve to be fired, and with that said, Brande is fired. Before she goes, Trace asks for her to be given some money for her charity, Promises to Kids. Trump agrees to give $20,000.

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All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 7

If you missed All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 6, I can sum it up for you in one sentence. Dennis Rodman’s team spelled Melania Trump’s name wrong. The entire rest of the show was irrelevant, and the foregone conclusion was that Dennis was fired for being the leader of a team that had the audacity to misspell the name of Trump’s wife.

Their task is to make a 45-60 second silent movie promoting Australian Gold. The winner will be determined based on brand messaging, product integration, and creativity.

Since their team has been decimated because they suck, again it’s time to even the odds. Trace says he wants Penn. Lil Jon would like Marilu, and Trump agrees. Trace thinks Trump doesn’t want to stack the deck by giving him Penn.

Gary Busey is volunteered to be the project manager, while Trace steps forward for his team.

This could be the chance the other team was hoping for. Gary wants this to be in the 20s. How do you sell suntan lotion with people covering that much skin?

Trace has exactly the same idea that Lisa and Stephen had (that Gary shot down). He wants to show old timey bathing suits transformed into the modern era by this product. Plus he wants cavemen because they’re always funny.

This is not Lil Jon’s first rodeo with Australian Gold. In his previous season, his team lost this task, which he believes boils down to lack of use of their koala bear mascot and lack of different products. As a result, he steers the meeting in that direction. Trace considers the meeting with the executives to just be a waste of time, and he wants to proceed with what they came up with before the meeting.

Gary was on that season as well (on Lil Jon’s team), but it’s safe to say he did not learn any lessons from that loss. What Stephen hears is that bronzer is their biggest seller, so he wants to focus on that.

Gary doesn’t want to wear a bathing suit, Hawaiian shirt, or anything that might possibly fit into the scene. Rather, he wants to wear a suit. Lisa hears him, but she’s pretty sure she has figured out how to trick him into doing what she wants anyway. She is successful in getting him to wear her choice of shirt and shorts.

Don, Jr. thinks Plan B seems to have it all together, and they’re not that stressed. Once she’s done laughing at Trace in his caveman outfit, Ivanka decides Power has a very good concept, though she worries how well it will be executed.

Not wanting a scene that everybody directs as Gary suggested, Stephen takes over as the director for his team, and those he’s directing find out as they go what they’re supposed to be doing. Lil Jon’s directing his team, or at least he’s trying to. Marilu keeps coming up with ideas, and he’s not sure when she’s going to catch up to her brain.

Gary says everybody was his star. Everybody is equal. Nobody is the best; nobody is the worst. None of the rest of his team has anything negative to say about anybody either.

Trace doesn’t know who his star was. This is equally a lovefest.

The executives thought both teams did very well, but they have picked a winner.

They appreciated that Trace’s team showcased the whole product line, though they waited until the end to do so.

Gary’s team delivered a clean and clear message, and at his insistence, they included a koala bear, no matter how out of place it was. But they only focused on the bronzer, rather than the rest of the products.

Trace’s team won. He was right. They really didn’t need the meeting with the execs, just his story combined with Lil Jon’s prior loss at a task with this company. Trace wins $40,000 for his charity, American Red Cross.

Penn says that the project manager should be fired, though Gary did such a good job in that role. Stephen agrees, and this is the best Gary’s ever been, for whatever that’s worth.

Gary will be returning to the boardroom with Stephen and Penn. His target is clearly Stephen, the director. He doesn’t believe Penn should be there with them, and Trump agrees. He can head back to the suite.

Earlier, Stephen said Gary did an amazing job, and Trump and the other Trump keep harping on it. Because of that, Stephen has been fired. No idea how Gary escaped that bullet.

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All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 6

Following one disastrous week after another, Omarosa was finally fired in All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 5.

Brande hopes to prove that her team didn’t really suck and that they could have won if not for the bad seed.

The Trump family parade continues, this time with Melania, who is promoting her skin care product. Teams will create a two page advertorial and product display. Dennis and Penn are the project managers.

When he meets with the execs, Dennis says he wants to go into Melania’s bathroom and see what she really uses. On the other team, Gary does his usual rambling, but at least he’s not in charge.

Lil Jon wants to buy everything gold from the prop shop. Dennis goes with him, but he’s pretty much just hanging out. The other team is focusing on caviar, the product brand.

When Eric Trump comes to visit, Penn makes all his people go back to work and stop talking to him so that he can get rid of him as quickly as possible.

Trace makes his presentation all about simplicity. He realizes that either they are going to love it or think he was lazy. Of course, that does not take into account one critical flaw. There were only two words in the slogan, and one of them (Melania’s name) is spelled wrong. The sad fact about this is that they have it written correctly elsewhere, and it is also on the product shots they are featuring, yet somehow they botched it in the slogan. Based on Melania’s reaction, I’d say this is game over right here because she ain’t happy. How dare someone spell her unusual name incorrectly?

Trace thinks Dennis was scattered as a project manager, and he’s not sure he actually delegated anybody to do anything. Brande says that he thinks outside the box, but he never thinks inside the box.

Penn says that Marilu and Lisa as a team are phenomenal. Gary thinks Penn is excellent. Stephen agrees.

The executives thought Penn did a fantastic job, and they loved the slogan “Let your skin taste luxury.” Melania, however, gave the same unhappy looks toward being called a spokesperson by Penn as she did when she spotted the other team’s spelling error. I’m not seeing the problem here. She may not “just” be the spokesperson, but nonetheless it is still an accurate descriptive term.

Melania appreciated that Dennis’ team understood that she spent years developing this formula, and she loved the display itself. But it doesn’t matter because of the spelling error, so they lose no matter what else happened, thereby making the entire first 45 minutes of the episode a complete pointless waste. Good thing this wasn’t a 2 hour episode. That really would have sucked.

Penn receives $40,000 for his charity, Opportunity Village.

Brande thinks Dennis should be fired as the project manager.

Dennis will be bringing Trace back with him because he was the one responsible for the ad layout. Trump asks him if he would just like to bring Trace back, an exception he has fired people over in the past, but apparently it’s okay if he suggests it.

Trace suggests Dennis should be fired because he doesn’t filter out what he’s saying, such as when he asked to look in Melania’s bathroom. Seeing as he’s been brought back to the boardroom about 10 times in a row across two seasons, Dennis Rodman has been fired.

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All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 5

For the third time in four weeks, Omarosa was saved in All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 4 because everybody knows Trump isn’t going to get rid of her right away in spite of (or perhaps because of) how incompetent she is. Following her lame choices of who to bring back in the boardroom, Claudia was fired.

I hope everyone is enjoying the complete overkill of singing shows. Seeing as American Idol is getting record low ratings (down more than 50% from its January premiere), I was hoping NBC (the network that brought us Deal or No Deal every single night until it died) would learn a lesson about oversaturation of the genre, but instead of a two hour of The Apprentice, we get a The Voice rerun followed by a one hour Apprentice. I admit the Omarosa show is growing tiresome, but I’d rather watch this than yet another singing show (so instead, I watched the 40 minute delayed Amazing Race). Meanwhile, The Biggest Loser, the only bright spot on this fourth (or is it fifth by now?) place network over the first three months of the year, has been relegated to half a season a year.

With Omarosa’s team having lost 3 of 4 tasks, they will be getting some added firepower, Trace Adkins. Just in time for a fundraising task.

Their task for this week is to make money by creating works of 3D art, loosely speaking.

Lil Jon and Lisa Rinna are the project managers. Piers Morgan is back for another showdown with Omraosa, and he’ll be joined in the boardroom by Eric Trump.

Lisa suspects that Stephen will be useless in their efforts to make money, but Gary is afraid he will be, too. On the other team, Omarosa thinks she will get something, but she will be toward the back of the pack like when she was keeping fake numbers during the first task. This time, Brande is the accountant.

Lil Jon is already telling Trace that he doesn’t have anything to worry about if they lose.

Penn has secured $50,000 from Teller and $15,000 (in 150 pounds of Jello) from Blue Man Group. Not to be outdone, project manager Lisa scores $80,000 from Chaz Dean, who buys 4 pieces, including one of Stephen’s that he claims he was expecting someone else to buy.

When she finds out that she is tied with Dennis, Omarosa gives $2,000 to one of her donors so that she can come out ahead of him in their battle for last.

Lisa says that Penn was her star. When asked how much Stephen brought in, her response of $5,000 receives laughs from the other team. He blames this on other team members selling his art. If they lose, she would be bringing back Gary as well, who did not raise anything, though he argues like Stephen that Marilu sold his piece for $25,000.

Trump pushes Trace into more or less saying he likes his old team better.

Lil Jon would be returning with Dennis and Omarosa for the same logic as Lisa used: they raised the least. In his favor, Dennis actually created something of value, including a signed Derek Jeter baseball bat as the centerpiece for his art.

Lil Jon’s team sold a total of $179,500. Lisa’s team sold a total of $225,000, as Penn and Lisa just about won this task single handedly. Lisa will receive over $400,000 for her charity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Omarosa quickly responds that Lil Jon should be fired as the project manager because he didn’t raise enough money to win.

Piers argues that Dennis was let down by the others when it came to fundraising because he contributed a brilliant piece that was worth a lot more than the $5,000 that they sold it for.

Brande would prefer to move forward with Dennis and get rid of Omarosa.

As planned, Lil Jon will be returning to the boardroom with Omarosa and Dennis. Finally, there’s a project manager not afraid to bring Omarosa back into the boardroom. The only question is whether Trump’s ready to let her go. Not only does she go back with a project manager who just can’t be justifiably fired after raising $82,500, but she’s going back with Dennis Rodman, who is not afraid of a fight either.

Lil Jon respects that Dennis has turned himself around, and he would rather move forward with him than Omarosa. Dennis argues that this is about business, not who Trump has known for 10 years.

Trump loves Dennis’ story of redemption and his spirited battle with Omarosa. With that said, Omarosa has finally been fired.

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