All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 4

Posted by Shane on Sunday, March 24, 2013 at 7:45 pm

La Toya Jackson fell on the sword in All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 3, allowing the Omarosa train wreck to continue, with nobody being more surprised than Omarosa.

We start again with Gary complaining about being labeled the weakest link.

Omarosa was shocked that La Toya did not pick her, but that aside, she learned that she can’t trust Claudia.

Their task is an interactive marketing campaign using a glass truck to promote Farouk Systems’ two biggest brands, Chi and Biosilk. They will be judged on three criteria: creativity, brand messaging, and overall experience.

Arsenio Hall and Don, Jr. are the advisors for this week.

Both teams are completely confused about who Farouk is and what a glass truck is. Omarosa names Claudia as her team’s project manager, and Marilu steps forward into a project that she hopes to figure out what it is eventually.

Trump will give $20,000 to the winning project manager, and Farouk will add $30,000 to that, plus $1 per like on Facebook up to an additional $50,000.

Lil Jon won a Farouk task in his season. Because of that, he wants to stress America in their campaign.

Dennis suggests they give makeovers to homeless women and drag queens. I’m pretty sure this idea will not be chosen, not even a little.

Marilu was a judge for Miss USA, and she wants to invite some of the contestants come down to the event. While she’s on the phone, Stephen wants her to have two conversations at once rather than focusing on the person on the other line.

Claudia’s team is going to rap as a brainstorming activity. Except for Dennis. During this process, they come up with their slogan. Brande says Chi wants you, and Lil Jon decides to wear an Uncle Sam costume.

Marilu’s concept is to put two hairstylists inside the truck so they can do quick makeovers. Stephen tries to create the slogan, live life luscious, but Trace doesn’t like it. His proposal, which the team likes, is experience silk.

Like Marilu, Claudia is hoping to score someone from Miss USA. As a former Miss Rhode Island, she wants to get the recent Miss Rhode Island winner. Unlike the other team, they plan to use the truck as a place to take photos. Omarosa is unimpressed, but she will be saving her input for the boardroom.

Omarosa and Dennis have been sent shopping for props. Mostly, they use it as a time to have fun. They return after 4 hours carrying everything they have bought in their hands, a total of 1 item per hour. Most of the things on their list are missing. Meanwhile, Marilu sends Trace and Lisa to babysit Gary while he goes shopping.

For all his interrupting earlier while Marilu was on the phone, Stephen actually was making an important point. She needs to speak to his publicist, Matt Rich, who also has ties to Miss USA. When they connect, she asks to make sure that she gets the Miss USA people, not the other team. By the time Claudia is able to speak to someone, it’s too late.

Their fall back plan is celebrity look alikes with terrible hair. They want to get Donald Trump, but the only Trump impersonator in New York died yesterday, so they will be settling for Joan Rivers instead.

Marilu’s team is using their celebrity well. Gary is a walking sitcom, Trace climbs on top of the truck with his guitar, and Penn juggles fire.

Claudia’s team has created scannable posters that link to the product’s Facebook page, a smart way to tap into Farouk’s proposed Facebook tie in.

When the event begins, Omarosa immediately begins looking for reasons why her project manager should be fired. As usual.

Claudia tells Don, Jr. that Brande is her most valuable player, while Dennis and Omarosa have been largely useless… actually worse than useless. In 4 hours of shopping, they were unable to get half the items on the list, whereas Claudia, Brande, and Lil Jon finished the shopping that Dennis and Omarosa should have done just before the event began, and it only took them 40 minutes.

Claudia’s team is very supportive of her performance as project manager.

Claudia reiterates that Brande is the strongest player. She reluctantly says that Dennis was her weakest player, declining to mention Omarosa’s name in the boardroom. Her defense is that she’s been thinking about it a lot since she last saw Don, Jr. Yeah, a lot must have changed since this afternoon.

Marilu again names Gary as her weakest player. He supports her leadership, though Stephen thinks she sometimes gets distracted. She declines to mention who she’s bringing back to the boardroom, not without Trump giving her a reason why they may have lost, a fair statement.

Farouk loved the entertainment value in Marilu’s team and that there was a line waiting to get their hair done, the glass truck featured the product, and they had a lot of beauty pageant contestants, including Miss USA. The slogan was a little generic, which would fall on Trace.

Now Trump’s going to force her to give an answer. She would choose Gary and Trace.

For Claudia’s team, the executives loved Lil Jon, the slogan, and the American theme and branding. They didn’t like the use of the glass truck (their makeovers were done outside the truck).

As the executives were discussing it, the results became obvious. They said Marilu’s team won on creativity, while Claudia’s team won on branding, leaving it down to the guest experience and who brought more people and more excitement. Clearly, that would be the team that created a big spectacle, which would be Marilu’s team. She will receive at least $50,000 for her charity, Alzheimer’s Association.

Arsenio points out another reason for the loss, which we have seen once before this season. Farouk wants his product to be the star, which may be a problem when celebrities are featured so prominently in the marketing materials.

Omarosa did point out that she wanted to move everything into the truck. Of course, she waited until 5 minutes before they started before doing that.

Claudia is asked to bring two people back with her. Dennis offers up his own name, and Lil Jon will the second pick. Really? This show is getting stupid. No wonder they’re shrinking it to an hour next week. Let’s stop protecting Omarosa already. Trump tells her bringing Lil Jon back is stupid and ridiculous.

No matter how ridiculous her picks, Claudia’s strategy here is clear. She can deny it all she wants, but she’s afraid of Omarosa. She would rather join together with Lil Jon and tag team against Dennis as opposed to fighting two people on her own.

In defending her choice to Trump, she says that Lil Jon is the marketing genius, so he needs to be blamed since they lost. Of course, they won on brand messaging, so this is immediately dismissed.

There’s no chance of Lil Jon going home. The only choice is between the other two. If not for her boardroom choices, I’d say Claudia is safe, but she deserves to be fired now. Trump acknowledges, though, that it doesn’t matter whether Omarosa came back or not because he was not going to fire her anyway. Claudia has been fired.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 5, which airs Sunday at 10/9c on NBC.

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