The Amazing Race 22 Episode 6

Chuck & Wynona stayed in the race in spite of themselves in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 5, as Dave & Connor had to bow out of the race due to Dave’s injury.

Between a song about the glory of communism and footage of a plane downed during the war, it seems CBS managed to offend some easily offended people, so we begin the night with an apology. If you don’t want what can be a harsh reality of a tour around the world, watch something else, as there will not always be sunshine and smiles.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Pam & Winnie – 10:40PM
Second: Max & Katie – 11:34PM
Third: Mona & Beth – 11:37PM
Fourth: Bates & Anthony – 11:39PM
Fifth: Caroline & Jennifer – 11:46PM
Sixth: Joey & Meghan – 12:47AM
Seventh: Chuck & Wynona – 3:26AM

Teams will now fly more than 6000 miles to Maun, Botswana. As remote a destination as this is, all teams will obviously be on the same flight.

Upon arrival, teams sign up for one of three charter flights.

9:00AM – Caroline & Jennifer, Bates & Anthony
9:15AM – Max & Katie, Joey & Meghan
9:30AM – Mona & Beth, Chuck & Wynona, Pam & Winnie

The hockey players get on the plane with their country girl crushes, who they have apparently decided now are no longer bitches. Max & Katie would rather be on the plane with somebody else other than Meghan & Joey, anybody else. Chuck is happy to be flying over the safari where the animated film The Lion King was made.

The road block gives teams the opportunity to dig a poisonous scorpion out of the ground, with the guidance of the local bushmen, hopefully without being eaten by a lion.

Road block (in order of arrival): Bates, Caroline, Joey, Max, Beth, Wynona, Pam

Max is the only one smart enough to have a glove with him, but ultimately it doesn’t matter because the locals do the hard part of calming the scorpions by putting them in their mouths.

The detour is a choice between fire or fowl. In fire, teams must make fire using two sticks, zebra manure, and grass. In fowl, teams must build, set, and trigger a guinea fowl trap.

Fire: Bates & Anthony
Fowl: Pam & Winnie, Chuck & Wynona, Caroline & Jennifer (switched from fire), Joey & Meghan (switched from fire), Mona & Beth (switched from fire), Max & Katie (switched from fire)

The fowl task seems simpler, though almost nobody does it. At least you can make measurable progress on this task, whereas the fire task has the potential to be a frustrating exercise in futility. This is the opportunity Chuck & Wynona needed to pull themselves out of last place for a change. Bates & Anthony are able to make fire, but everybody else ends up switching. Seeing everybody else leave, Katie refuses to do the same, but she finally agrees to switch… too late.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Meno a Kwena Safari Camp.

First: Bates & Anthony (win a trip to Thailand)
Second: Pam & Winnie
Third: Chuck & Wynona
Fourth: Joey & Meghan
Fifth: Caroline & Jennifer
Sixth: Mona & Beth
Non-eliminated: Max & Katie

As the last team to switch to the fowl detour, Max & Katie are the last team to arrive, but they are saved by a non-elimination leg.

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