All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 3

Posted by Shane on Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 7:45 pm

After creating a logical based on the history of the show but ultimately not very good display in All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 2, Dee Snider accepted his fate as the second one to be fired.

The task is to write, direct, and act in a 5 minute Crystal Light mini soap opera. They will be judged on audience reaction, creativity, execution, and brand messaging.

Ivanka is back and will be joined in the boardroom by Arsenio Hall. La Toya Jackson and Stephen Baldwin are the project managers.

Claudia is worried that the teams are stacked. Their only hint of an actor is Brande, whose most compelling scenes involve slow motion running. Omarosa claims she’s an actress, too, and does not want to be relegated to the “menial” task of stage manager.

Penn’s the idea man on his team again, but this time the project manager listens to him. On the other side, Omarosa comes up with a housewives theme, then Lil Jon takes it from there.

La Toya doesn’t like or trust Omarosa (who does?), and it doesn’t take much before an argument starts between the two. Omarosa insists that she deserves respect, and La Toya retorts with the question: who is the most disrespectful person in the room? Omarosa says that La Toya needs to get control of her team, specifically Omarosa, and that she’ll get hers when they get in the boardroom. La Toya’s sure Omarosa caused her fiance’s heart attack.

Having been thrown out, Omarosa calls for direction on every single decision while shopping. For someone who loudly insisted on going shopping, she is deliberately unable to actually shop and would prefer to be a distraction, as usual.

Arsenio sees a tale of two teams. Stephen’s team is happy. The team with Omarosa is tense.

Having fought for this part at the expense of any semblance of team harmony, Omarosa takes a phone call in the middle of the rehearsal and says she has to leave. The next morning, still no Omarosa, leaving Dennis wondering: who is the mole? Claudia is left picking up the slack, and the team is left having fun.

As the director and project manager, Stephen wants to prove he’s in charge, to the point where nobody can get out a line without him interrupting them.

Right before the play begins, Omarosa shows up. She wants to see the play so that she has ammo for the boardroom, and if her team loses, she’s going to need it because right now, she doesn’t even have a friend in Jesus.

Lil Jon has come up with a way of getting the audience involved. They pass out cups, and each time the audience hears dun dun dun, they are supposed to take a sip of the product.

La Toya says Claudia and Brande were the stars. Omarosa, however, was not. Brande thought La Toya was great, and she agrees Omarosa is a problem.

Stephen says his whole team consists of all stars, but as usual, Gary is the weakest link. Marilu again reiterates that Gary is the weakest. Trace hops on the bandwagon. Lisa agrees.

The executives were really happy that product customization was central to the story and theme for Stephen’s team, and they loved Trace. However, they only used one of the two products, and there was confusion why their use of Susan Lucci was so limited.

For the other team, they liked the cheesy soap opera scene, liked the creativity (which also served as a burden), loved the use of both of the products, and they liked both Brande’s and Claudia’s performances. Everything felt rushed and chaotic, and the branding was not as well integrated.

Another week and more crying from Omarosa in the boardroom. Is this a new strategy for this year? As she debates this point with Arsenio, Claudia and Brande debate who should say maybe she shouldn’t be here if she has personal matters to attend to that are more important.

The executives have decided that Stephen’s team wins, and he wins $50,000 for his charity, Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund. The audience favored their team 2:1.

Despite the win, Gary Busey is not celebrating because his whole team just got done saying again that he is the weakest.

Omarosa comes out swinging, saying that they lost because the project manager did not understand. Ivanka corrects her, saying they felt the brand was understood very well, but it was just not positioned correctly. If Omarosa wants to blame La Toya, she’s going to need to come up with a different story for doing so.

Lil Jon says that Dennis contributed less than the rest of the team, though his different perspective is helpful.

Omarosa has a warning for her team. They’re weak if they are uncomforable with her so far. This is going to go on for the rest of the season.

La Toya asks for Trump to give her some power. Can she, as the leader of her team, be granted the authority to fire someone? He quickly answers no.

La Toya picks Brande and Dennis to come back with her. Obviously, she doesn’t trust Trump to make the correct decision. Everybody is afraid that Trump won’t get rid of Omarosa, and this is the second time in a row in which she has not been brought back for that reason, despite the fact that she should be fired and never should have been invited back to the show again to begin with (nor should she have been back 5 years ago either).

Still, La Toya pretty much just ensured her own firing, and perhaps she wants it that way so that she can be removed from this toxic environment.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 4, which airs Sunday at 9/8c on NBC.

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