All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 10

Gary Busey was finally put out of his misery in All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 9 following a trainwreck of a performance as project manager.

John Rich and Don, Jr. are the advisors for this week. The task is to transform a suite to promote and create a party for Foxwoods at Barkley Center. They will be judged on creativity, brand messaging, and overall party atmosphere. The winning project manager will receive $50,000 from Trump and a matching amount from Foxwoods. Lisa and Marilu are the project managers.

The teams must choose a character. Marilu and Lisa both pick different characters, so there is no need for negotiation. Lisa’s team will be doing a joker theme, while Marilu’s team has selected king. Joker seems a lot easier to me, and it lends itself to Penn’s strengths.

Penn & Teller already work at Foxwoods, so that’s one act. He also wants to get Lisa Lampanelli and celebrity chef David Burke, who has a restaurant at Foxwoods. Then he scores a flute player, but she’s from a different tribe (the one from the Pequot tribe wouldn’t travel three hours).

Lisa and Penn are getting along famously, but Marilu’s team is struggling to get their arms around her concept. It doesn’t help that she says that Trace operates one notch above death.

Whatever their plans may have been, 15 inches of snow fall, and flights are being cancelled.

After listening to the execs, Penn wanted Native American flute music. Marilu, however, wants to have DJ Lil Jon keeping the beat. John Rich suggests they make him King Lil Jon.

Trace, who’s been a bit punch drunk during parts of this task, lines up CMA new artist of the year Hunter Hayes, so at least their entertainment is starting to come together.

The next morning, the weather has cleared, so there should not be any problem getting anyone into the area. Lil Jon, however, has been unable to get his DJ equipment.

Marilu surprises her team with a chessmaster giving lessons. I guess that’s supposed to represent royalty, though it hardly seems like something that would be at a party.

Penn’s worried about something obvious: Lisa may be offensive. Of course she will be. That’s a given. It’s just a matter of whether she will be so offensive that it becomes a problem. The executives aren’t laughing. But they hired her so they must like her or at least be willing to stomach her.

Lil Jon thinks Marilu is a good leader but likes to do a lot.

Choosing between the two, Marilu responds that Trace had a bad day. His response is merely that they messed up and should have fought for Joker. They probably should have, but it really does not fit well with Marilu. John agrees: you don’t give Penn the joker piece.

Lil Jon would fire project manager Marilu. Although she’s just been given a great opportunity to target Lil Jon thanks to John saying the king of krunk should have been represented, Marilu continues to harp on Trace being a curmudgeon. Who even uses that word? I’ve heard it more times in the last half hour than in the last decade.

Penn doesn’t think there’s much chance he should lose, and neither do I. The only thing the other team had going for them was Hunter Hayes.

The executives liked the chair massage from Marilu’s team. However, the king-themed decor was a little too obvious and theatrical, it didn’t really mix well with the Foxwoods imagery, and the chessmaster was a big miss.

The other team did a great job integrating the joker theme, had incredible attention to detail, and brought in great acts. But some of their decor elements were a little bit stiff.

Lisa has won $100,000 for her charity, St Jude.

Lil Jon ordered the king costume, but he didn’t bother wearing it. He says his project manager did not instruct him to do so. Still, no matter how many times they come back to this, Marilu insists on making Trace her target.

The outcome here remains obvious. As the project manager and the person responsible for both chess and the decor, Marilu has been fired.

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