The Amazing Race 22 Winners

Joey & Meghan struggled with both detours as part of a double U-turn and were eliminated in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 10.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Max & Katie – 4:07PM
Second: Bates & Anthony – 4:15PM
Third: Caroline & Jennifer – 5:27PM
Fourth: Mona & Beth – 7:27PM

Teams must now travel by train and ferry to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The ferry from Scotland departs at 7:30AM, putting all the teams together and giving Max the opportunity to laugh at the roller girls for being so far behind rather than 3 hours ahead like they originally thought.

Max & Katie, being followed by Bates & Anthony, have decided to turn around and go the other way, while the other two teams continue straight. It’s only a few minutes before they find out that Max & Katie were right, but the design of the road block (first come, first served) will separate them even further.

The road block is bog snorkeling (snorkeling in a pit of muddy water). Their challenge is to make it through the course in under 4 minutes.

Road block (in order of arrival): Anthony, Katie, Mona, Jennifer

When Anthony completes it in 2:18, he makes it look pretty easy. Nobody else is quite that fast, but despite much drama, two of the other teams make it through on their first try.

Only Jennifer has to do it again after she gets confused about where the course is. After two attempts and much talking about how she can’t do it, Jennifer ends up finishing, but it seems like a lost cause by now. Once they complete this task, they then get lost.

The detour is a choice between tray it or spray it. In tray it, teams must prepare and serve 5 courses of actual dishes served on the Titanic. Spray it requires them to finish graffiti art at a skate park.

Tray it: Max & Katie, Mona & Beth, Bates & Anthony
Spray it: Caroline & Jennifer

The first trick to the server task that most of the teams pick is to pay attention to the menus. Then they have to figure out what each dish is, and they will not be getting any help doing that. Once they do that, they’ll have to do a lot of running from the serving area to the dining area below.

Max & Katie smash it, only getting the color chartreuse wrong on their final course. Bates & Anthony struggle quite a bit more but remain competitive with the lead team, though still not close enough to prevent Bates from throwing a fit.

Mona & Beth, however, can’t even get the first course right after multiple attempts, even after Anthony tells them what to do, a move that could have potentially just sacrificed their allies. They continue to just go by the seating chart, not realizing that the large menu out front contains the course list. Eventually, they take the hint to listen to the team that already completed the task.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Ulster Hall.

First: Max & Katie (win a trip to Dominican Republic)
Second: Anthony & Bates
Third: Mona & Beth
Eliminated: Caroline & Jennifer

The drama at the detour almost makes things interesting, but the outcome here is obvious. Caroline & Jennifer have been eliminated.

Teams depart on the final leg in the order in which they arrived.

First: Max & Katie – 5:04AM
Second: Bates & Anthony – 5:05AM
Third: Mona & Beth – 5:47AM

Teams must travel by ferry to Liverpool and then London, England. From there, they will fly to the final destination city of Washington, DC. The ticket counter opens at 5:15, and all teams are on the same flight.

Max & Katie and Bates & Anthony each assume that they are each other’s biggest competition, which is exactly the point Mona & Beth have been making when they said it didn’t make sense for these teams to stick together in an alliance.

They first go the Lincoln Memorial and the spot where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his speech, then they get their picture taken with Obama (photoshopped into their individual photos). Going to the White House rather than the address provided (1100 Pennsylvania Ave) puts Mona & Beth in last.

The road block is a switchback. They must play the role of a spy and figure out which of 50 agents is carrying their next clue.

Road block (in order of arrival): Max, Bates, Beth

This is just dumb luck of who happens to run into the right agent first. Once they have the case, they must enter the code based on the order they finished in New Zealand, Indonesia, and Vietnam in order to open it. It so happens that Bates gets it right away, which will allow him to open up a lead over the other two teams. Beth is then able to leapfrog past Max by seconds, which lasts until Max runs ahead to catch the cab first.

They then head to Nationals Park. One team member is suspended over the stadium throwing balls to their partner. The other person’s task is to make a catch while dressed as a mascot, limiting both their mobility and vision.

The final task of the season is at Hains Point. One team member must search through a ball pit of globes and find highlighted countries they have visited, which they must then put in the correct order. Another dumb luck searching task, but it doesn’t seem to be difficult enough that it could alter the fact that Bates & Anthony have a lead.

The finish line is George Washington’s Mount Vernon, and the end result, determined by the agent task, is already blatantly obvious. Bates & Anthony are The Amazing Race Season 22 winners, followed by Max & Katie and then Mona & Beth.

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