The Amazing Race 22 Episode 10

After getting lost and then falling victims to Anthony & Bates’ strategy to just follow them and then beat them in a footrace, Mona & Beth came in last place in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 9, but they were saved by non-elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Max & Katie – 2:02AM
Second: Joey & Meghan – 2:49AM
Third: Caroline & Jennifer – 3:44AM
Fourth: Bates & Anthony – 4:20AM
Fifth: Mona & Beth – 4:21AM

Teams will now fly across the North Sea to Edinburgh, Scotland. The airport ticket counters don’t even open until 5AM, which should put all the teams together.

Max & Katie are the only ones smart enough to stop at a business center first before heading to the airport. Even though they are the first ones to arrive despite having departed 47 minutes later, Joey & Meghan don’t suspect anything.

Even worse news for some of the teams is that even the second flight only has a limited number of seats. Now it’s time to find out if anyone who did not get on that flight can scramble for better seats, or if they get stuck 3 hours behind.

First flight (arrives at 10:40): Max & Katie, Bates & Anthony, Caroline & Jennifer
Second flight (arrives at 1:00): Joey & Meghan, Mona & Beth

There’s all this talk about the U-turn, but I don’t think it matters any more. The two alliances are both on different flights.

At the road block, they will learn to play the bagpipes. This has great potential to sound really obnoxious.

Road block (in order of arrival): Max, Bates, Caroline, Mona, Meghan

The first two teams blow right through the task, but Caroline gets stuck for 7 tries, though still not enough for the others to catch up. In a battle for last, Meghan falls behind Mona, despite her trumpet experience.

The detour is a choice between tasty puddin’ or whisky rollin’. In tasty puddin’, teams will fill an ox’s intestines with assorted organs, seasonings, and oats. In whisky rollin’, they must deliver eight barrels uphill and then down the street.

Before they can proceed to the detour, Mona & Beth must play skittles, which is more or less bowling, until they get a strike.

Whisky rollin’: Bates & Anthony
Tasty puddin’: Max & Katie, Caroline & Jennifer, Joey & Meghan, Mona & Beth

The hockey players are the only ones really qualified to take advantage of the strength task, which it would seem extends their lead. That leaves the other teams to make and eat haggis.

Bates & Anthony U-turn Joey & Meghan. Then Max & Katie U-turn Mona & Beth. This seems somewhat pointless since both of these teams are hours behind. Based on the lead that Mona & Beth built up over the first detour, it doesn’t seem like Joey & Meghan have a chance, unless Mona & Beth get lost again.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Niddry Street South.

First: Max & Katie (win $10,000 each)
Second: Bates & Anthony
Third: Caroline & Jennifer
Fourth: Mona & Beth
Eliminated: Joey & Meghan

After falling behind on both detours, Joey & Meghan have been eliminated.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 22 Episode 11, where we will find out who The Amazing Race 22 Season 22 winner is, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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