The Amazing Race 22 Episode 9

Chuck & Wynona were finally put out of their misery in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 8 after incurring a 30 minute penalty.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Bates & Anthony – 2:50AM
Second: Mona & Beth – 2:57AM
Third: Max & Katie – 3:01AM
Fourth: Caroline & Jennifer – 3:28AM
Fifth: Joey & Meghan

Teams must now travel by train to Dresden, Germany. All teams are on the same train.

Caroline & Jennifer foolishly want to go to the final three with Bates & Anthony. It will help to ride their coattails for a while, but it won’t help so much when they stomp you in the end.

Bates put his bag on the seat across from him. It is now missing, but at least he was smart enough to keep his passport on him.

They must answer 3 multiple guess questions in their commercial for Ford leading up to a clue to their next destination, Brandenburg Gate, where Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.

The country girls see the hockey players arrive, and rather than giving them the answers, they just drive off. As simple as this task is, though, it’s not long before the boys catch them on the Autobahn. Once in the city, the girls use the boys as their guide, which doesn’t work out too well for them when the get separated at a light.

They go to the top of the Park Inn Hotel. There are not very many reasons why you go to the top of a 37 story hotel, and all of them involve something scary. In this case, they are going to base jump face first off the hotel. Scary but simple enough if you can get over that. Though there is a fair share of screaming, nobody left seems terribly scared of heights.

The detour is a choice between train trials and font follies. In train trials, they must lay model train tracks on a platform and keep the train on track for one complete circuit. In font follies, they must transport two giant letters through the city streets to a museum.

Font follies: Max & Katie, Mona & Beth, Caroline & Jennifer
Train trials: Joey & Meghan, Bates & Anthony (switched from font follies)

The danger in the train building is getting it wrong and having to start over, which is not a problem with carrying the letters unless you break one. Joey & Meghan have repeated problems getting their train setup to work, but the bigger issue turns out to be when Bates & Anthony leave a letter sitting on its own, and it gets blown over by the wind. They opt to just switch detours at this point, and Caroline & Jennifer, who are travelling with them, wisely choose to just continue with what they are doing.

After 9 attempts and now finding themselves in dead last, Bates & Anthony just hope somebody screwed up. Mona & Beth driving around in circles provide them their only hope, and the two teams arrive at the club not far apart, ending up working together on the road block.

In the road block, they will crawl through a creepy haunted house maze underneath a dance club after first identifying that John F Kennedy said “Ich bin ein Berliner,” which somebody in the club will know the answer to if they don’t (I didn’t, nor did a couple of the teams).

Road block (in order of arrival): Katie, Joey, Jennifer, Beth, Anthony

Bates & Anthony decide to follow Mona & Beth in an effort to just win a race at the end.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Kurfurstendamm, known as the 5th Avenue of Berlin.

First: Max & Katie (win a 2013 Ford Fusion each)
Second: Joey & Meghan
Third: Caroline & Jennifer
Fourth: Bates & Anthony
Non-eliminated: Mona & Beth

The strategy that Bates & Anthony employed worked out well, but in the end it is moot because it is a non-elimination leg.

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