The Amazing Race 22 Episode 8

Pam & Winnie chose the wrong detour in The Amazing Race 22 Episode 7 and were eliminated as a result.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived, probably.

Let’s go somewhere else already. Two straight legs where the teams barely move anywhere is lame.

Teams must now fly nearly 5000 miles to Zurich, Switzerland. Needless to say, everybody will be on the same flight, one that has them arriving about 30 hours later than the lead team’s departure from the pit start.

From the airport, teams will travel by train to Grindelwald. With a 6:39PM arrival, they are guaranteed an hours of operation and overnight delay. The only drama in the meantime is that Joey & Meghan and Mona & Beth miss the connecting train that everybody else is on, not that it ends up mattering since they have so much time to kill.

In the intro, Chuck & Wynona just got done saying how they are getting along a lot better (while we watched a montage of them arguing). The morning before the leg kicks off, they’re bickering again, as he thinks she’s slowing him down.

The clue that they waited all night for tells them they now have to travel by train to Kleine Scheidegg. Last week, they didn’t go anywhere. This week, they’re doing nothing but riding vehicles from one destination to another. At least they’re traveling through some of the most scenic areas possible.

When they arrive, teams pick up a Swiss rescue dog, which they must transport by train to Jungfraucjoch, Europe’s highest railway station at 11,333 feet above sea level. They drop off their dogs before heading to the road block and another train ride to Eigerwand.

The road block requires teams to climb out a window thousands of feet above the valley floor and retrieve a Travelocity roaming gnome.

Road block (in order of arrival): Bates, Beth, Katie, Meghan, Jennifer, Wynona

The road block is scary since they are hanging 6000 feet above the ground that’s straight down, but it’s a quick task that has no real trick to it.

Continuing their marathon trainfest, teams must now travel by train to the Grindelwald Grund Station. As Wynona struggles on the road block with Meghan behind her, the top four teams leave them behind when they take the first train. The problem Chuck & Wynona are having is that they did not plan to be in the race this long, so he did all his road blocks right away, leaving her stuck to do the rest no matter what they entailed. Not that this seems to be a particularly taxing challenge for any of them, but she does delay long enough to hold them up.

The switchback takes us back to a task from a previous season. This time, rather than running down hills with 50 pound wheels of cheese strapped to their backs, they will transporting four wheels of cheese on sleds. They’re already falling just trying to climb the hill, even with the assistance of a rope. The way down, however, looks a lot easier because the cheese weighs so much it’ll push them down the hill.

With their half an hour lead over the trailing teams, there’s no chance any of the top four will finish last. For that matter, factoring in the physicality of this task, it’s pretty obvious that Chuck & Wynona have no hope other than someone else making a major mistake. Even with Chuck carrying both sleds and pushing her, Wynona struggles her way up the hill. She can then only take one of the four wheels of cheese on the way down, but she does come up with the idea of just rolling them, an effective strategy.

Alas, despite their terrible and increasingly annoying performance, Chuck & Wynona do not struggle to find the pit stop, unlike Joey & Meghan, the only team to walk there rather than take a taxi. This allows Chuck & Wynona to leapfrog them, but Wynona’s cheese rolling strategy results in a 30 minute penalty.

The pit stop for the leg of the race is the Bodmi Snowboard & Ski School.

First: Bates & Anthony (win a trip to Bora Bora)
Second: Mona & Beth
Third: Max & Katie
Fourth: Caroline & Jennifer
Fifth: Joey & Meghan
Eliminated: Chuck & Wynona

The penalty is enough to save Joey & Meghan, and Chuck & Wynona have been eliminated. Good thing, too, since they have clearly overstayed their welcome. Their constant arguing about her being too slow and him not being supportive enough was particularly annoying this week.

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