The Mole 5 Winner

Now that the final three have completed all their tasks, tonight’s the time to pick a winner. Between Nicole Williams, Craig Slike, and Mark Lambrecht, one person will be The Mole 5 winner and walk away with $420,000, one person will walk away with nothing, and one person will be revealed as the mole.

Only one person’s door will open. That person is the winner. And The Mole 5 winner is Mark. It’s not over yet, though. We still need to find out who is the mole.

Craig is the mole. He was a good pick for the mole. Nice enough guy that most people wouldn’t suspect him, and out of shape enough that throwing physical challenges was fairly simple.

That means that Nicole finished in second. Even though she seemed obnoxious initially, she was responsible for some of the season’s better moments.

It turns out Paul and Nicole ended up tying on the final night he was there, but she beat him on the quiz by 4 seconds. Paul was the only person who was on to the mole from the first execution.

Mark suspected Victoria initially. She accidentally hit the wrong answer on one of her questions, and if not for her mistake, he would have been sent home. He and Clay again picked the wrong person, focusing on Kristen. By 1 second, Mark was saved from elimination after she was eliminated. Clay got the boot when they targeted Nicole, but Mark still thought Nicole was the mole. In the final three, Mark finally decided that Craig was the mole, based on Clay telling him that he went 100% Nicole. It wasn’t until that point that he figured it out. Interesting to see just how lousy a game he played, but he won nonetheless.

The dossier, which cost the pot $75,000, only contained the answer to one question, proving useless as I’d suspected.

Nicole got 13 out of 20 correct on the final quiz, but Mark scored 17 out of 20 correct.

Craig started sabotaging with the over the falls mission. Allegedly. Craig encouraged Bobby to get into the wheelbarrow in the pig mission. This was a classic move, and in that mission, they went nowhere. In fruit of the luge, he talked to Victoria after the finish line. In the travellers mission, he picked the most ludicrous modes of transportation, though this shifted blame to Mark, the most vocal person about not doing this task. Nobody but Paul suspected Craig until week 7. Craig encouraged Nicole to talk in the camera mission. In the sniper mission, he got shot on purpose. In total, he sabotaged over $100k from being added to the pot. In the mission where he got hauled off in an ambulance, that was real and not just acting. He thanks everybody for being good sports. At least they’re not whiny about it like some previous contestants have been.

Supposedly there were clues to the mole’s identity. I still don’t see them (CRG is an abbreviation for Craig?). I see they did the whole not mentioning the mole’s name during an execution thing again, though.

That does it for this season of The Mole, and probably the show as a whole. Following the 4 year hiatus, ABC stuck the show in the worst time slot it could and admitted it did a poor job of promoting the series. Some would argue that the show was doomed from the beginning, while others have suggested it didn’t quite live up to the nostalgia anyway. Either way, it’s unlikely we’ll see The Mole back on ABC again, even during the summer. However, there are multiple cable networks that will likely consider picking it up, so it’s possible we haven’t seen the last of it.

The Mole 5 Episode 10

Paul’s execution in The Mole 5 Episode 9, brought us down to the final three: Nicole Williams, Craig Slike, and Mark Lambrecht.

Nicole thinks Craig is the mole. Craig thinks Mark is the mole. Mark doesn’t know who the mole is.

The players are shown a case with $50,000 in it. They can win the money if it doesn’t blow up first. They’ve got one hour. They have to figure out how to diffuse the bomb using just what’s in the room, which is a puzzle involving a map and times that will require their teamwork to succeed.

They get two of the four steps through with about half an hour left. They waste 15 minutes with incorrect letters in their final clue before figuring out that Nicole screwed up a bunch of letters. When they get under a minute left, they don’t have the clue solved, but they think they’re close, so they just decide to go with it because it’s going to blow up anyway. And they’re right, winning the task.

Pot total: $418,500 out of $778,000

The players meet in central Buenos Aires for their final mission, worth $75,000 (or the mole’s dossier if the first player to complete the mission chooses). They must figure out a street from a riddle then call Jon to confirm their first destination, where they will head and get photographed. Craig relies on his knowledge. Mark relies on the people and couldn’t care less that he has a map. Nicole screws up this task, too, except it really doesn’t help her to be moleish in this particular task.

Mark’s insistence on not using the map has him behind the others, while Nicole’s wasted a bunch of time unable to take a photo correctly. After Jon spells out the clue for her, she finally figures it out. Following that, though, she solves her second clue, but she’s not overly thrilled about the mission any more. Craig is the second person to figure out where his second destination. Meanwhile, Mark’s just completing his first task.

Having done this, he’s the first person to complete his second task, though. Nicole has completed her second task as well, or at least she pretends she has. She tries to pass a hot fudge sundae off as dulce de leche. Jon tells her not to cheat, so she says he sucks. Afterward, she does manage to get the right sweet. Craig also solves his second task, putting everyone even.

Craig and Mark both call Jon at almost the same time. Craig is a few seconds before and finds out his final destination. Craig has been looking to go to this particular bridge ever since they got to Argentina, and he knows exactly where it is. All Mark knows is that it’s the stupid bridge Craig won’t shut up about. Mark thinks he’s screwed, but because he’s a better runner than Craig, he manages to arrive first. Craig arrives second. Nicole, well, they have to send a car to go get her.

Mark has a choice to make. Should he take the $75,000 for the pot, or should he take the (probably useless) dossier? He decides to take the dossier.

Pot total: $418,500 out of $853,000

They round it up to $420,000, which is what the winner will be taking home.

The final quiz contains twice as many questions as the prior quizzes (20). And that’s where we leave off, waiting for the final results in the next episode.

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The Mole 5 Episode 9

Clay was the mole’s latest victim in The Mole 5 Episode 8.

Mark’s disappointed to see his coalition partner heading home.

The players are standing at an old abandoned mill on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Two people must choose to be young at heart. Paul and Craig choose this, but Jon’s got bad news for Paul: they’re not on the same team, so he’s not going to be able to watch Craig as closely as he wanted. Nicole goes with Craig. Mark gets Paul.

Mark and Nicole operate the cameras that control what their partners see through the goggles they are wearing. In addition to the fact that they can only see what their partner is shooting, the person wearing the goggles also sees everything backwards.

Paul goes first and gets all three of his shapes in a box for $1000 each. Craig gets all three shapes in, but he also gets his partner to talk, which she’s not allowed to do. His last piece doesn’t count.

The next task is to get soccer balls into a net. Paul misses both, and Mark is suspicious of it. Craig, likewise, misses both and looks suspicious to his partner.

After that, they must have a tea party. They’ll have to fill cups with tea without spilling any, for $2500 each. Paul manages to fill all three, but only two count since he spills on the last one. Craig manages to fill all of them, but only one counts.

Now it’s time for the real fun to begin. They must walk a plank suspended above some buildings, grab a piece of chalk, and copy exactly what is written on a chalkboard. They’re strapped in, but it’s nerve wracking nonetheless. Paul finishes his task and writes “Mole was here,” not noticing until the last second the word “the” at the beginning of the phrase. This is worth $10,000 for the pot. Craig has a lot more trouble with this task than Paul did. First, he’s four feet away from the chalk when he tries to pick it up, then he walks past it… but it doesn’t matter anyway because he fails to reach the other side in the minute allotted after picking up the chalk.

Pot total: $353,500 out of $683,000

After the task, Nicole is suspicious of how Craig acted, but Paul hopes to convince her otherwise since Craig’s his top suspect.

Mark hopes for an exemption, especially since there have only been a few of them so far. He keeps discussing this with his fellow players, hoping if he says it enough, there really will be a free pass to the final three.

Mark’s right. All four players will be locked in a cell where they will need to break out by solving a word puzzle, a doublet. Mark’s familiar with doublets and is able to solve it first (in 53 seconds). This allows him to become the sniper with a paintball gun, thereby preventing Nicole from what she’s been looking forward to for a long time (shooting people). It also gives Mark the opportunity to get the exemption. Nicole and Craig solve the puzzle. They wait for Paul because he’s played paintball before. After a very lengthy wait, he finally comes out and has a plan: get somebody (other than himself) to draw fire.

The others aren’t too concerned about the money. They mostly just want to prevent Mark from getting an exemption. He doesn’t shoot guns. He should just pretend somebody burned his journal. He hits Paul, but the paintball doesn’t break. Then he does hit Nicole and eliminates her. While Mark’s focused on having hit Nicole, Paul breaks free and reaches the goal. Then Mark hits Craig. Each escaped prisoner means one less chance for exemption, while each hit means that the sniper gets a chance at being exempt.

The player to have the exemption was predetermined by the cell number, so obviously the mole knew who had it. Nicole doesn’t have the exemption, but Craig does. Since Craig has the exemption and Mark hit him, Mark will be going to the finals.

Pot total: $368,500 out of $728,000

Paul realizes that he’s played a very similar game to Nicole, and as a result of that, he respects her. At dinner, though, he says he doesn’t suspect her at all as being the mole.

All three players say they’re going all for one person on this quiz, as it’s time to make a decision.

Paul has been executed, and he’s not surprised. Nicole’s kind of sorry to see him go because now she doesn’t want to kick anybody’s butt.

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The Mole 5 Episode 8

Alex was the Mole’s latest victim in The Mole 5 Episode 7, leaving the pot stirrers (and Craig) to themselves.

Mark says that he thought Alex was the mole.

Players must split into teams: dumb players and smart players. Nicole wants to keep an eye in Craig.

Dumb: Craig and Nicole
Smart: Paul, Clay, and Mark

They will follow clues to various landmarks in the city, where they will do math to get numbers that they must remember in their heads. Dumb players must remember 5 numbers, whereas smart players must remember 3 numbers. This is Mole 101. If you pick the one that sounds easy, you’re going to get screwed.

Clay tries to convince himself and Mark that he’s a math genius. It doesn’t look like either of them end up buying it. They debate over a number until Mark gets his way. Then they get lost because Paul’s got the map and leads them 8 blocks in the wrong direction.

Craig messes up a number, presumably intentionally, then needs to ask how many months are in the Argentinian calendar. Like it’s not 12. After a series of fairly easy counting tasks, though, they then run into a nightmare of a task involving counting tiles and street lights.

The dumb team is back first. The smart team is last back, leaving 7 minutes on the clock to enter their numbers. They have two incorrect numbers. It’s the dumb team from the lamp/tile task. One of them is given the opportunity to go back and count again, with 20 minutes to do so. They send Nicole. She’s got an answer that’s one off what the original answer was (but since the 28 in 228 was wrong, her revised answer of 227 is obviously wrong as well). The guys believe they’ve cracked a code, so they ignore her. And they’re right. Now Clay thinks he’s a math genius again since he pulled the answer out of… he’s not sure where.

Pot total: $281,000 out of $569,000

Mark knows that the mole was at work. Whoever that is. The mole was definitely at work.

Clay and Mark still have a coalition, and both of them are going for Nicole. Mark fully trusts Clay, but Clay takes it with a grain of salt.

Then Clay goes to talk to Nicole. He tells her he mainly answered Craig on the quiz.

The players are asked who they trust the most.

Mark: Clay
Paul: Mark
Craig: Clay
Clay: Nicole
Nicole: Mark (to make it a tie)

Everybody is informed that their loved ones are on their way there by train. Whether they’ll see those people depends on the people they trust most.

Craig must run through 30 questions with Clay about his girlfriend. They have three minutes to go over them, then Jon will ask them to Clay and see what he’s remembered. Craig stumbles through the answers. Then Clay stumbles as well, but he manages to answer 3 out of 5 right, which is enough to add $10,000 to the pot and for Craig to be able to see her.

Nicole then goes over questions about Clay’s wife, and she’s like a machine, remembering them without any trouble. She gets her answers right, putting money into the pot and reuniting Clay with his wife.

Mark asks Nicole questions about her mother. Slowly, but he gets enough from it to get at least 3 out of 5 right.

Clay asks Mark questions about his wife. He, too, is able to spend some time with his wife.

Last up is Paul, who works with Mark. He skips the first three questions, one of which shows up in Jon’s questions. Like Craig, he struggles to give most of his answers. Like the others, though, it’s enough to be able to see his wife and daughter.

Pot total: $331,000 out of $619,000

Nicole says she’s tired of being an outsider in this game. Her plan is to throw the quiz (not sure how that’s possible unless you’re completely sure who the mole is, which people typically aren’t even at this stage) and get herself executed.

Craig suspects Nicole. Mark suspects Craig and Nicole. Clay has voted only for people who went home so far.

There’s a tie again tonight. The person with the slowest time is going home.

Paul is safe.
Nicole is safe despite her earlier melodrama.
Clay has been executed.

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The Mole 5 Episode 7

The Mole 5 Episode 6 was a recap episode and hopefully did its part to help Save The Mole. Last week on The Mole 5 Episode 5, Kristen became the mole’s next victim and the sixth person to leave the game.

With Kristen now out of the game, Nicole is the last woman standing.

The next challenge starts at a vineyard. They must divide into teams of three.

Thinkers: Craig, Nicole, Paul
Runners: Mark, Alex, Clay

Paul is selected as best communicator. As the communicator, he can’t help solve the puzzles. Mark is the timekeeper, who will be running on a treadmill, which increases in speed each time a bottle’s found. He can still help with the puzzles while he’s running. The thinkers must solve brainteasers, then the communicator must communicate corresponding coordinates from the board to the runners, who will hunt down wine bottles with those coordinates. Paul is communicating with Clay, which is bad news since they got into a fruit fight last week. Despite not being on the thinker team, Mark ends up answering most of the questions and is doing a pretty good job of it. Paul and Nicole waste time arguing for no reason. Mark’s been running for 53 minutes, and they finally have all 7 bottles, returning in time to earn $70,000 for the pot.

Pot total: $247,000 out of $479,000

Mark performs impressively, both staying on the treadmill and answering most of the questions. Nicole, however, performs poorly, which draws a lot of suspicion toward her. Mark doesn’t believe she’s the mole, but Alex and Paul especially do.

Mark and Clay hope to get Alex drunk before the quiz.

The players drive to a gorge with a bridge across it. That’s probably not a good thing. The bridge is about 90 feet above the Mendoza River. They’ll be attached to a bungee cord, walk out on a plank, jump off, and toss a bag of mate tea at a target. Nicole wants to go last to have time to think about backing out.

Each player is offered an exemption when they go. They must guess how much money the group will earn (a maximum of $10,000 per person), and the player who comes closest will receive an exemption. If they want a chance at the exemption, they have to jump.

Mark goes first and misses.
Paul is second and misses.
Clay is third and misses.
Craig goes fourth and misses.
Alex is fifth and hits the $4,000 mark.
Nicole is last and misses.

Clay is suspicious that Nicole missed despite having the best form. Whatever that means.

Pot total: $251,000 out of $539,000

After the challenge is over, we get to find out who gets the exemption.

Mark: $10,000
Paul: $12,000
Clay: $14,000
Craig: $20,000
Alex: $15,000
Nicole: $28,000

With everybody’s guess too high, nobody gets the exemption.

Nicole is finally starting to write in her journal, as she says she’s concerned that the quizzes are becoming more specific.

At dinner prior to the execution, the players discuss how their conscience isn’t bothering them and that lies are just part of the game. At least there’s nobody standing up and pretending they’re too good to lie. As planned, Mark and Clay work on getting Alex drunk.

Mark suspects Craig may be the mole because he overthought the brainteasers. Clay says Paul could be the mole since he gave an incorrect coordinate. Craig says that Mark’s kept the most money out of the pot. Alex found Nicole’s bridge performance suspicious. Nicole mostly just wants to be faster than everybody else on the quiz.

Alex has been executed.

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Save The Mole

The Mole has always been one of the better reality shows out there, and season 5 has been no exception. Unfortunately, the ratings have not gone along with that quality this time. The show is currently running in the 4 million viewer range, which even for a summer show is not enough (they’ll probably finish airing, but a season 6 is not in the cards as things stand now). The producers have come up with a Save the Mole website pleading for help.

Will The Mole Face Its Own Execution?

July 10, 2008

Since our first season debuted in 2001 with Anderson Cooper, The Mole has been described as one of the smartest reality shows on television. Beloved by critics and fans alike, we’ve enjoyed four amazing seasons on ABC. Among all the TV shows we’ve had the privilege of creating and/or producing, The Mole is still our favorite by far.


The very future of The Mole hangs in the balance. While our core fans have been turning out in droves, the show has been underperforming in the key 18-49 demo. Yes, we know, Monday at 10:00 p.m. (9:00 central) sucks for a lot of people. But that’s what we’ve got and we aren’t moving. The good news is we still have a chance to show ABC how much people love this show by getting our ratings up for the last five episodes. We did it the first four times we were on the air and we can do it again. If we don’t, the show itself could be facing execution at the end of this season, and this time it might really be fatal.


Get 10 of your friends to watch the show. And have them get ten of their friends to watch…

Organize Mole screening parties every week to get people hooked.

Join The Mole’s fan club on Facebook and invite your friends. Every little bit helps.

Post on the ABC message boards.

What about your friends who say, “I’d love to get involved, but it’s already halfway through the season and I can never catch up?” Now, they can:

1) Fox Reality Channel is airing a marathon of the first five episodes this Sunday, July 13th (11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST), the day before our next ALL NEW episode.

2) ABC is airing a recap special on JULY 14th at 9:00 p.m. that covers the first five episodes. It airs just before our next new episode at 10:00 and has a whole slew of “never before seen” material.

Two great ways for new viewers to get caught up and fall in love with our show, the one that Variety said demonstrates “considerably more smarts than your run-of-the-mill reality fare.” (Variety, 6/1/2008).



Here’s a video from executive producer Scott Stone explaining the challenge.

The Mole 5 Episode 5

Victoria became the fifth person to exit the game in The Mole 5 Episode 4.

Nicole is wondering why everybody she picks to be the mole gets executed, but she doesn’t.

A still sick Craig is ready for some more outdoor fun in the mountains.

Tonight’s first mission is all about trust. Everybody is chained by their ankles to steel bars. They must free themselves. Only one person at a time can have enough slack in the chain to get free, if the others all cooperate with them. Every 10 minutes, a window will open for 1 minute. The person who reaches it can either free themselves or grab the exemption right next to the key. If someone takes the exemption, no money goes in the pot, and everybody must sleep out in the cold.

The rest of the players reluctantly agree to allow a sick Craig to go first. He gets free and leaves the exemption. They argue for a bit, then vote to allow Kristen to go next. She frees herself and goes inside. Paul swears on his daughter. Famous last words in reality TV, but despite his fake out, this time it proves to be true. Clay, Alex, and Nicole agree they won’t take the exemption. Mark refuses to agree. He says he doesn’t even trust himself, which for Clay is a problem because they’re in a coalition. Clay agrees to go next and frees himself. Believing that Nicole is telling the truth, Mark lets her go, and she frees herself. Alex is next, and he frees himself. That leaves Mark all by himself. As valuable as exemptions can be, this one’s probably not worth it since it will create isolation. Mark has decided to not take the exemption, adding $25,000 to the pot.

Pot total: $177,000 out of $379,000

Everybody gets fresh new journals. I was hoping Mark was done whining, but he doesn’t like the new journal because he still wants his old burned journal back instead.

That night, they travel to Mendoza, which is known as the Napa Valley of Argentina. On the way there, Clay hopes to refill his journal, but Paul isn’t interested in cooperating. In an attempt to use Paul’s own game against him, Clay calls him an uneducated incompetent moron with a Napoleon complex. Craig jumps out so he can be in the sane van. Then Clay also leaves the van, after throwing a lemon at Paul’s head. Paul complains about being assaulted by fruit (it was a run by fruiting).

Players will be split into teams of two and will use various forms of transportation to travel 5.5 miles in 45 minutes. Since there are 7 people, the first person who said exemption at breakfast (Craig) will be in charge of who is on what team and what form of transportation they will use. If nobody reaches the end, he will get an exemption. His goal is to get this exemption, and he admits it openly.

Alex is a conquistador who must bring his donkey with him. His partner Mark will wear a scuba outfit.

Clay will ride a unicycle, while his teammate Kristen will be on stilts.

Nicole is the head of a llama, and Paul is the llama’s ass.

Mark throws a hissy fit, and with Kristen backing him, they cause a mutiny. Nobody wants to even try. Alex puts on his conquistador outfit, but without his partner, he’s got no choice but to fall in line.

Craig wins the exemption.

Pot total: $177,000 out of $409,000

Nicole calls $25,000 a paultry sum, though Alex wouldn’t mind it.

Alex believes Mark’s playing the game too hard now. Kristen says she has just one target, whereas most people are playing the odds. Paul suspects Craig. Clay thinks Nicole’s a wildcard whose real name may or may not be Nicole.

Like last week, there’s a tie. The difference in time is one second.

Alex is safe.
Paul is safe.
Kristen is eliminated.

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The Mole 5 Episode 4

Ali took $30,000 in exchange for quitting the game in The Mole 5 Episode 3. It wasn’t over there, though, and Bobby, who appeared to be overplaying the game, was also sent home.

Victoria says she can’t trust anyone now that Bobby’s gone.

The players are going to the Andes in Argentina. They divide into two teams of four.

Selfish: Victoria, Nicole, Clay, Kristen
Selfless: Paul, Alex, Craig, Mark

They’ll be dealing with 200 gold bricks, weighing in at 5 pounds each. They’re reliving the trek of carrying gold back to Spain and will have to carry the bars up the mountain, from 7200 feet altitude they’re currently at to 10000 feet at the summit. There is an exemption in play for the winning team. Teams are only as fast as their slowest players. The selfish team takes far fewer bricks than the selfless team, 23 as compared with 39.

Clay takes fewer bricks than his teammate Kristen. Nicole, who takes the fewest bricks, is the first to stop. She says this is gameplay. They’re greeted by Jon on a bench. They’ve gotta carry scales to the top. 10 pounds or 20 pounds. Since the selfish team is first, they get to pick first, but they must choose without lifting them. They happen to choose the 10 pound scale. They arrive at the top first, earning $5,750 for the pot.

Craig believes he’s the weakest player. His team seems to agree. This team is 300 yards behind at the scales. Mark picks up the 20 pound scale they’re forced to take. He decides to leave bricks behind for some reason, bringing them down to 34 bricks. They’re afraid as they approach the top that Craig won’t be able to make it. They arrive with 30 seconds to spare, though. Their 34 bricks are worth $8,500.

Pot total: $143,250 out of $340,000

The selfish team has earned the exemption for being the first team to the top. But there’s only one exemption. They must unanimously decide who is exempt. If they can’t decide, nobody gets the exemption, and they will forfeit all the money that both teams have earned. Kristen and Clay get votes. It becomes apparent Clay won’t back down, so they agree to give him the exemption.

Craig gets hypothermia and needs medical attention when they get back down the mountain. He slips in and out of consciousness. They haul him off in an ambulance.

Craig returns on the condition that he stays warm. He does not join them for dinner.

Alex and Victoria are apparently forming a coalition.

Mark reiterates that he doesn’t have OCD with his journal. With that said, Jon confiscates their journals. Some are more concerned than others. He brings the journals back. What’s the catch? He’s written down a few of his favorite comments. The mission is called “Who said that?” He bumps the pot total up to $144,000. If they guess who said it, they’ll get an additional $2,000. Victoria promises up front. Nothing particularly useful is revealed, and they manage to get 5 out of 7 correct, including one that Victoria’s allowed to confess saying after Nicole gets it wrong. Nicole’s blinking and coughing and hand waving causes them to lose one answer, leaving them with $8,000 for the task.

Pot total: $152,000 out of $354,000

After dinner, they’re going out to the river in the middle of the night. Jon wants to know who’s willing to sacrifice their journal. Alex and Paul say they’re willing. It’s floating through people’s heads that there may be an exemption on the line. Alex and Paul decide between them that it’ll be Alex. He’s not alone, though. Everybody’s journals are burned. Rather, everybody else’s journals are burned. Because Alex was willing to sacrifice his journal, his journal is the only one that’s safe. Mark’s pissed off, then disappears.

Having stayed home, Craig gets to keep his journal. Mark gets more upset still.

Nicole suspects Victoria but mostly just wants to get through the quiz as quickly as possible. Victoria found Clay wanting an exemption suspicious.

There’s a tie. The player with the slowest time will be executed. That’s a difference of only 5 seconds.

Paul is safe.
Alex is safe.
Mark is safe.
Victoria is executed.

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