The Mole 5 Episode 10

Paul’s execution in The Mole 5 Episode 9, brought us down to the final three: Nicole Williams, Craig Slike, and Mark Lambrecht.

Nicole thinks Craig is the mole. Craig thinks Mark is the mole. Mark doesn’t know who the mole is.

The players are shown a case with $50,000 in it. They can win the money if it doesn’t blow up first. They’ve got one hour. They have to figure out how to diffuse the bomb using just what’s in the room, which is a puzzle involving a map and times that will require their teamwork to succeed.

They get two of the four steps through with about half an hour left. They waste 15 minutes with incorrect letters in their final clue before figuring out that Nicole screwed up a bunch of letters. When they get under a minute left, they don’t have the clue solved, but they think they’re close, so they just decide to go with it because it’s going to blow up anyway. And they’re right, winning the task.

Pot total: $418,500 out of $778,000

The players meet in central Buenos Aires for their final mission, worth $75,000 (or the mole’s dossier if the first player to complete the mission chooses). They must figure out a street from a riddle then call Jon to confirm their first destination, where they will head and get photographed. Craig relies on his knowledge. Mark relies on the people and couldn’t care less that he has a map. Nicole screws up this task, too, except it really doesn’t help her to be moleish in this particular task.

Mark’s insistence on not using the map has him behind the others, while Nicole’s wasted a bunch of time unable to take a photo correctly. After Jon spells out the clue for her, she finally figures it out. Following that, though, she solves her second clue, but she’s not overly thrilled about the mission any more. Craig is the second person to figure out where his second destination. Meanwhile, Mark’s just completing his first task.

Having done this, he’s the first person to complete his second task, though. Nicole has completed her second task as well, or at least she pretends she has. She tries to pass a hot fudge sundae off as dulce de leche. Jon tells her not to cheat, so she says he sucks. Afterward, she does manage to get the right sweet. Craig also solves his second task, putting everyone even.

Craig and Mark both call Jon at almost the same time. Craig is a few seconds before and finds out his final destination. Craig has been looking to go to this particular bridge ever since they got to Argentina, and he knows exactly where it is. All Mark knows is that it’s the stupid bridge Craig won’t shut up about. Mark thinks he’s screwed, but because he’s a better runner than Craig, he manages to arrive first. Craig arrives second. Nicole, well, they have to send a car to go get her.

Mark has a choice to make. Should he take the $75,000 for the pot, or should he take the (probably useless) dossier? He decides to take the dossier.

Pot total: $418,500 out of $853,000

They round it up to $420,000, which is what the winner will be taking home.

The final quiz contains twice as many questions as the prior quizzes (20). And that’s where we leave off, waiting for the final results in the next episode.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Mole 5 episode 11, where we’ll find out who The Mole 5 winner is, which airs Monday at 10/9c on ABC.

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