Big Brother 10 Episode 11

Jessie was nominated as usual in Big Brother 10 Episode 10, but as with last week, he was not the HOH’s intended target. Instead, April is aiming for his ally Memphis.

Michelle thinks the pawn typically goes home, which is true. The good news is that these dumbasses kept Jessie last week even though he was a dumbass.

Dan’s got a new task from America. He must hug Jessie for at least 10 seconds. America has issues. Either that or people are hoping to get a preview of Jessie’s gay porn debut. Dan decides to approach Jessie with a sob story about his girlfriend Monica. Jessie is very moved by the story, and Dan manages to pull off the hug for 17 seconds.

April selects at random Michelle for veto.
Jessie selects Libra.
Memphis selects Jerry.

Jessie’s happy to have his ally having his back. April has no confidence in either Jerry or Libra, and she doesn’t hide it from Libra. Libra walks out and begins discussing it with Keesha, who also has problems with April. Jessie is awakened by their loud conversation and overhears everything.

Jessie goes to April and tells her what he overheard. April gets it into her head that she’s going to argue with Libra. Ollie doesn’t have any problem with her putting a fresh target on her (their) head(s). While April and Libra are talking, Keesha gets pissed off and walks out of the room, wanting to know why April’s a bitch and who told her what she’d said. After some screaming in the other room about how she hates April’s guts, she returns to tell April how she feels in person. After some pushing, April reveals that Jessie was the one who told her about the conversation. Jerry enters the room to be the voice of reason. Then Renny decides she hates him and goes out into the other room to stir up Memphis.

Jessie decides he wants to argue with Libra. Libra tells Jessie she’s done arguing. Apparently. Wouldn’t know it by the amount of yelling she continues to do.

With that said, it’s time for a merry birthday celebration for Keesha. And they actually let them sing Happy Birthday. Shelling out the bucks to pay for that song instead of For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow… they must really want us to see this moment.

Michelle gets into the mix, asking if anybody even knows what the fight’s about. This just leads to more screaming. Keesha decides she wants Jessie gone and that he’s a little kid.

The veto competition is hockey. In each round, the players will shoot and try to get closest to the center of the net. Whoever is furthest away is eliminated and can choose a prize. Each eliminated person can keep their prize or exchange it with someone else. Memphis misses completely and is the first out. He gets the power of veto, which he probably won’t keep for very long. Michelle misses completely the next time and is eliminated next. She gets a Hawaiian holiday. Jessie is in the slot furthest from veto and is the third person eliminated. He gets a slop surprise, which may or may not come back to haunt him. He trades it with Memphis for the power of veto. April is eliminated next, leaving the two people she thought sucked most (Jerry and Libra) as the last two standing. She wins 10 gold bars worth $1,000 each, which can be used as she sees fit, including giving them to other players. She decides to keep this prize. Libra gets it right in the middle, and Jerry is the last one eliminated. He gets a letter from home, which he trades for the veto after agreeing with April to split the $10k three ways. Libra wins first place, a red unitard (used by Jen and Sheila). She trades it for the Hawaiian trip from Michelle. Memphis’ slop surprise is a one week slop pass, but he also chooses who will be on slop for a week. He picks Jerry and doesn’t believe Jerry will use the veto on him anyway.

Michelle makes it abundantly clear that she’s pissed off at having the unitard. She wants to quit the game. She complains to Big Brother that she’s been made a fool out of, so she makes a big scene to make a bigger fool of herself. Then she tells us Libra’s an unfit mother because she took a trip to Hawaii instead of a letter from home. Jessie promises her she’ll win the next HOH.

As planned, Jerry does not use the power of veto.

Like last week, the house wants Jessie out, but the HOH doesn’t want to hear it. Will they bow down to the HOH again? The irony here is that Keesha now wants Jessie gone, despite throwing away the opportunity to take him out last week.

As his final task, Dan will be voting the way America wants. This has badness written all over it.

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