Big Brother 10 Episode 10

Despite the fact that everybody in the house considered Jessie a bigger threat, Angie was voted out of the house unanimously in Big Brother 10 Episode 9. We left off at the start of an endurance HOH competition.

Jerry is the first one off the ledge at 26 minutes. Libra follows at 33 minutes. Dan’s out at 45 minutes, not doing a very good job of hiding the fact that he threw the competition. Then Ollie drops at 55 minutes, also looking suspicious. Jessie’s in obvious pain, and he falls at just over an hour, insisting that it’s a “bogus” competition. Memphis is the first to start discussing a deal. Nobody budges, and he drops at 1 hour 16 minutes.

Dan gives a motivational speech to Renny to keep her going. To be fair, it’s apparent this competition was no more designed for the men (buff or not) than any prior endurance competitions have been, but she deserves a lot of credit for her efforts nonetheless. She ends up falling at 1 hour 58 minutes.

That leaves Michelle and April as the last two standing. Both alliances are counting on their last remaining members. About two and a half hours in, Michelle’s in obvious danger. April promises her she won’t put her up. Then, for some reason, April, the one in control here, willingly offers to keep Jessie in the game, too. At 2 hours 40 minutes, accepting April’s not entirely clear promise, Michelle drops, and April is the new HOH.

Michelle believes Jessie will be safe. April also believes Jessie will be safe, but not because she doesn’t plan to put him up.

Keesha has decided she wants to be friends with Memphis now, after having decimated his alliance last week during her reign as HOH. I don’t get this chick. Pick a side already, or at least don’t pick both sides. Her alliance doesn’t trust her (still). Renny lets her know to stop being stupid, telling her that April’s definitely coming after her.

Dan gets his first assignment from America. America wants Dan to try to get Jessie nominated. Should be a fairly easy assignment to pull off. At least America didn’t totally screw him over (remember Eric?) and tell him to do something stupid like get Libra nominated. Granted, many of the votes probably came from people who had no clue who won HOH, making this a particularly lame week in which to have this vote. The bad thing about this is that it’s unlike Dan, so April thinks he may very well be America’s Player (this is the reason why you don’t use the same twist twice, particularly one as stupid as the America’s Player twist… hire someone with an imagination for a change).

Michelle is safe.
Ollie is safe.
Renny is safe.
Libra is safe.
Keesha is safe.
Jerry is safe.
Dan is safe.

Jessie and Memphis have been nominated for eviction. Jessie’s realized that his alliance sucks. Nobody seems upset about Jessie’s nomination, and Jessie and Michelle hope once again that Jessie is safe because that’s how the HOH wants it. Let’s see if he lets it go to his head again.

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