The Mole 5 Episode 9

Clay was the mole’s latest victim in The Mole 5 Episode 8.

Mark’s disappointed to see his coalition partner heading home.

The players are standing at an old abandoned mill on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Two people must choose to be young at heart. Paul and Craig choose this, but Jon’s got bad news for Paul: they’re not on the same team, so he’s not going to be able to watch Craig as closely as he wanted. Nicole goes with Craig. Mark gets Paul.

Mark and Nicole operate the cameras that control what their partners see through the goggles they are wearing. In addition to the fact that they can only see what their partner is shooting, the person wearing the goggles also sees everything backwards.

Paul goes first and gets all three of his shapes in a box for $1000 each. Craig gets all three shapes in, but he also gets his partner to talk, which she’s not allowed to do. His last piece doesn’t count.

The next task is to get soccer balls into a net. Paul misses both, and Mark is suspicious of it. Craig, likewise, misses both and looks suspicious to his partner.

After that, they must have a tea party. They’ll have to fill cups with tea without spilling any, for $2500 each. Paul manages to fill all three, but only two count since he spills on the last one. Craig manages to fill all of them, but only one counts.

Now it’s time for the real fun to begin. They must walk a plank suspended above some buildings, grab a piece of chalk, and copy exactly what is written on a chalkboard. They’re strapped in, but it’s nerve wracking nonetheless. Paul finishes his task and writes “Mole was here,” not noticing until the last second the word “the” at the beginning of the phrase. This is worth $10,000 for the pot. Craig has a lot more trouble with this task than Paul did. First, he’s four feet away from the chalk when he tries to pick it up, then he walks past it… but it doesn’t matter anyway because he fails to reach the other side in the minute allotted after picking up the chalk.

Pot total: $353,500 out of $683,000

After the task, Nicole is suspicious of how Craig acted, but Paul hopes to convince her otherwise since Craig’s his top suspect.

Mark hopes for an exemption, especially since there have only been a few of them so far. He keeps discussing this with his fellow players, hoping if he says it enough, there really will be a free pass to the final three.

Mark’s right. All four players will be locked in a cell where they will need to break out by solving a word puzzle, a doublet. Mark’s familiar with doublets and is able to solve it first (in 53 seconds). This allows him to become the sniper with a paintball gun, thereby preventing Nicole from what she’s been looking forward to for a long time (shooting people). It also gives Mark the opportunity to get the exemption. Nicole and Craig solve the puzzle. They wait for Paul because he’s played paintball before. After a very lengthy wait, he finally comes out and has a plan: get somebody (other than himself) to draw fire.

The others aren’t too concerned about the money. They mostly just want to prevent Mark from getting an exemption. He doesn’t shoot guns. He should just pretend somebody burned his journal. He hits Paul, but the paintball doesn’t break. Then he does hit Nicole and eliminates her. While Mark’s focused on having hit Nicole, Paul breaks free and reaches the goal. Then Mark hits Craig. Each escaped prisoner means one less chance for exemption, while each hit means that the sniper gets a chance at being exempt.

The player to have the exemption was predetermined by the cell number, so obviously the mole knew who had it. Nicole doesn’t have the exemption, but Craig does. Since Craig has the exemption and Mark hit him, Mark will be going to the finals.

Pot total: $368,500 out of $728,000

Paul realizes that he’s played a very similar game to Nicole, and as a result of that, he respects her. At dinner, though, he says he doesn’t suspect her at all as being the mole.

All three players say they’re going all for one person on this quiz, as it’s time to make a decision.

Paul has been executed, and he’s not surprised. Nicole’s kind of sorry to see him go because now she doesn’t want to kick anybody’s butt.

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