The Mole 5 Episode 8

Alex was the Mole’s latest victim in The Mole 5 Episode 7, leaving the pot stirrers (and Craig) to themselves.

Mark says that he thought Alex was the mole.

Players must split into teams: dumb players and smart players. Nicole wants to keep an eye in Craig.

Dumb: Craig and Nicole
Smart: Paul, Clay, and Mark

They will follow clues to various landmarks in the city, where they will do math to get numbers that they must remember in their heads. Dumb players must remember 5 numbers, whereas smart players must remember 3 numbers. This is Mole 101. If you pick the one that sounds easy, you’re going to get screwed.

Clay tries to convince himself and Mark that he’s a math genius. It doesn’t look like either of them end up buying it. They debate over a number until Mark gets his way. Then they get lost because Paul’s got the map and leads them 8 blocks in the wrong direction.

Craig messes up a number, presumably intentionally, then needs to ask how many months are in the Argentinian calendar. Like it’s not 12. After a series of fairly easy counting tasks, though, they then run into a nightmare of a task involving counting tiles and street lights.

The dumb team is back first. The smart team is last back, leaving 7 minutes on the clock to enter their numbers. They have two incorrect numbers. It’s the dumb team from the lamp/tile task. One of them is given the opportunity to go back and count again, with 20 minutes to do so. They send Nicole. She’s got an answer that’s one off what the original answer was (but since the 28 in 228 was wrong, her revised answer of 227 is obviously wrong as well). The guys believe they’ve cracked a code, so they ignore her. And they’re right. Now Clay thinks he’s a math genius again since he pulled the answer out of… he’s not sure where.

Pot total: $281,000 out of $569,000

Mark knows that the mole was at work. Whoever that is. The mole was definitely at work.

Clay and Mark still have a coalition, and both of them are going for Nicole. Mark fully trusts Clay, but Clay takes it with a grain of salt.

Then Clay goes to talk to Nicole. He tells her he mainly answered Craig on the quiz.

The players are asked who they trust the most.

Mark: Clay
Paul: Mark
Craig: Clay
Clay: Nicole
Nicole: Mark (to make it a tie)

Everybody is informed that their loved ones are on their way there by train. Whether they’ll see those people depends on the people they trust most.

Craig must run through 30 questions with Clay about his girlfriend. They have three minutes to go over them, then Jon will ask them to Clay and see what he’s remembered. Craig stumbles through the answers. Then Clay stumbles as well, but he manages to answer 3 out of 5 right, which is enough to add $10,000 to the pot and for Craig to be able to see her.

Nicole then goes over questions about Clay’s wife, and she’s like a machine, remembering them without any trouble. She gets her answers right, putting money into the pot and reuniting Clay with his wife.

Mark asks Nicole questions about her mother. Slowly, but he gets enough from it to get at least 3 out of 5 right.

Clay asks Mark questions about his wife. He, too, is able to spend some time with his wife.

Last up is Paul, who works with Mark. He skips the first three questions, one of which shows up in Jon’s questions. Like Craig, he struggles to give most of his answers. Like the others, though, it’s enough to be able to see his wife and daughter.

Pot total: $331,000 out of $619,000

Nicole says she’s tired of being an outsider in this game. Her plan is to throw the quiz (not sure how that’s possible unless you’re completely sure who the mole is, which people typically aren’t even at this stage) and get herself executed.

Craig suspects Nicole. Mark suspects Craig and Nicole. Clay has voted only for people who went home so far.

There’s a tie again tonight. The person with the slowest time is going home.

Paul is safe.
Nicole is safe despite her earlier melodrama.
Clay has been executed.

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