The Mole 5 Episode 7

The Mole 5 Episode 6 was a recap episode and hopefully did its part to help Save The Mole. Last week on The Mole 5 Episode 5, Kristen became the mole’s next victim and the sixth person to leave the game.

With Kristen now out of the game, Nicole is the last woman standing.

The next challenge starts at a vineyard. They must divide into teams of three.

Thinkers: Craig, Nicole, Paul
Runners: Mark, Alex, Clay

Paul is selected as best communicator. As the communicator, he can’t help solve the puzzles. Mark is the timekeeper, who will be running on a treadmill, which increases in speed each time a bottle’s found. He can still help with the puzzles while he’s running. The thinkers must solve brainteasers, then the communicator must communicate corresponding coordinates from the board to the runners, who will hunt down wine bottles with those coordinates. Paul is communicating with Clay, which is bad news since they got into a fruit fight last week. Despite not being on the thinker team, Mark ends up answering most of the questions and is doing a pretty good job of it. Paul and Nicole waste time arguing for no reason. Mark’s been running for 53 minutes, and they finally have all 7 bottles, returning in time to earn $70,000 for the pot.

Pot total: $247,000 out of $479,000

Mark performs impressively, both staying on the treadmill and answering most of the questions. Nicole, however, performs poorly, which draws a lot of suspicion toward her. Mark doesn’t believe she’s the mole, but Alex and Paul especially do.

Mark and Clay hope to get Alex drunk before the quiz.

The players drive to a gorge with a bridge across it. That’s probably not a good thing. The bridge is about 90 feet above the Mendoza River. They’ll be attached to a bungee cord, walk out on a plank, jump off, and toss a bag of mate tea at a target. Nicole wants to go last to have time to think about backing out.

Each player is offered an exemption when they go. They must guess how much money the group will earn (a maximum of $10,000 per person), and the player who comes closest will receive an exemption. If they want a chance at the exemption, they have to jump.

Mark goes first and misses.
Paul is second and misses.
Clay is third and misses.
Craig goes fourth and misses.
Alex is fifth and hits the $4,000 mark.
Nicole is last and misses.

Clay is suspicious that Nicole missed despite having the best form. Whatever that means.

Pot total: $251,000 out of $539,000

After the challenge is over, we get to find out who gets the exemption.

Mark: $10,000
Paul: $12,000
Clay: $14,000
Craig: $20,000
Alex: $15,000
Nicole: $28,000

With everybody’s guess too high, nobody gets the exemption.

Nicole is finally starting to write in her journal, as she says she’s concerned that the quizzes are becoming more specific.

At dinner prior to the execution, the players discuss how their conscience isn’t bothering them and that lies are just part of the game. At least there’s nobody standing up and pretending they’re too good to lie. As planned, Mark and Clay work on getting Alex drunk.

Mark suspects Craig may be the mole because he overthought the brainteasers. Clay says Paul could be the mole since he gave an incorrect coordinate. Craig says that Mark’s kept the most money out of the pot. Alex found Nicole’s bridge performance suspicious. Nicole mostly just wants to be faster than everybody else on the quiz.

Alex has been executed.

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