The Mole 5 Episode 5

Victoria became the fifth person to exit the game in The Mole 5 Episode 4.

Nicole is wondering why everybody she picks to be the mole gets executed, but she doesn’t.

A still sick Craig is ready for some more outdoor fun in the mountains.

Tonight’s first mission is all about trust. Everybody is chained by their ankles to steel bars. They must free themselves. Only one person at a time can have enough slack in the chain to get free, if the others all cooperate with them. Every 10 minutes, a window will open for 1 minute. The person who reaches it can either free themselves or grab the exemption right next to the key. If someone takes the exemption, no money goes in the pot, and everybody must sleep out in the cold.

The rest of the players reluctantly agree to allow a sick Craig to go first. He gets free and leaves the exemption. They argue for a bit, then vote to allow Kristen to go next. She frees herself and goes inside. Paul swears on his daughter. Famous last words in reality TV, but despite his fake out, this time it proves to be true. Clay, Alex, and Nicole agree they won’t take the exemption. Mark refuses to agree. He says he doesn’t even trust himself, which for Clay is a problem because they’re in a coalition. Clay agrees to go next and frees himself. Believing that Nicole is telling the truth, Mark lets her go, and she frees herself. Alex is next, and he frees himself. That leaves Mark all by himself. As valuable as exemptions can be, this one’s probably not worth it since it will create isolation. Mark has decided to not take the exemption, adding $25,000 to the pot.

Pot total: $177,000 out of $379,000

Everybody gets fresh new journals. I was hoping Mark was done whining, but he doesn’t like the new journal because he still wants his old burned journal back instead.

That night, they travel to Mendoza, which is known as the Napa Valley of Argentina. On the way there, Clay hopes to refill his journal, but Paul isn’t interested in cooperating. In an attempt to use Paul’s own game against him, Clay calls him an uneducated incompetent moron with a Napoleon complex. Craig jumps out so he can be in the sane van. Then Clay also leaves the van, after throwing a lemon at Paul’s head. Paul complains about being assaulted by fruit (it was a run by fruiting).

Players will be split into teams of two and will use various forms of transportation to travel 5.5 miles in 45 minutes. Since there are 7 people, the first person who said exemption at breakfast (Craig) will be in charge of who is on what team and what form of transportation they will use. If nobody reaches the end, he will get an exemption. His goal is to get this exemption, and he admits it openly.

Alex is a conquistador who must bring his donkey with him. His partner Mark will wear a scuba outfit.

Clay will ride a unicycle, while his teammate Kristen will be on stilts.

Nicole is the head of a llama, and Paul is the llama’s ass.

Mark throws a hissy fit, and with Kristen backing him, they cause a mutiny. Nobody wants to even try. Alex puts on his conquistador outfit, but without his partner, he’s got no choice but to fall in line.

Craig wins the exemption.

Pot total: $177,000 out of $409,000

Nicole calls $25,000 a paultry sum, though Alex wouldn’t mind it.

Alex believes Mark’s playing the game too hard now. Kristen says she has just one target, whereas most people are playing the odds. Paul suspects Craig. Clay thinks Nicole’s a wildcard whose real name may or may not be Nicole.

Like last week, there’s a tie. The difference in time is one second.

Alex is safe.
Paul is safe.
Kristen is eliminated.

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