The Mole 5 Episode 4

Ali took $30,000 in exchange for quitting the game in The Mole 5 Episode 3. It wasn’t over there, though, and Bobby, who appeared to be overplaying the game, was also sent home.

Victoria says she can’t trust anyone now that Bobby’s gone.

The players are going to the Andes in Argentina. They divide into two teams of four.

Selfish: Victoria, Nicole, Clay, Kristen
Selfless: Paul, Alex, Craig, Mark

They’ll be dealing with 200 gold bricks, weighing in at 5 pounds each. They’re reliving the trek of carrying gold back to Spain and will have to carry the bars up the mountain, from 7200 feet altitude they’re currently at to 10000 feet at the summit. There is an exemption in play for the winning team. Teams are only as fast as their slowest players. The selfish team takes far fewer bricks than the selfless team, 23 as compared with 39.

Clay takes fewer bricks than his teammate Kristen. Nicole, who takes the fewest bricks, is the first to stop. She says this is gameplay. They’re greeted by Jon on a bench. They’ve gotta carry scales to the top. 10 pounds or 20 pounds. Since the selfish team is first, they get to pick first, but they must choose without lifting them. They happen to choose the 10 pound scale. They arrive at the top first, earning $5,750 for the pot.

Craig believes he’s the weakest player. His team seems to agree. This team is 300 yards behind at the scales. Mark picks up the 20 pound scale they’re forced to take. He decides to leave bricks behind for some reason, bringing them down to 34 bricks. They’re afraid as they approach the top that Craig won’t be able to make it. They arrive with 30 seconds to spare, though. Their 34 bricks are worth $8,500.

Pot total: $143,250 out of $340,000

The selfish team has earned the exemption for being the first team to the top. But there’s only one exemption. They must unanimously decide who is exempt. If they can’t decide, nobody gets the exemption, and they will forfeit all the money that both teams have earned. Kristen and Clay get votes. It becomes apparent Clay won’t back down, so they agree to give him the exemption.

Craig gets hypothermia and needs medical attention when they get back down the mountain. He slips in and out of consciousness. They haul him off in an ambulance.

Craig returns on the condition that he stays warm. He does not join them for dinner.

Alex and Victoria are apparently forming a coalition.

Mark reiterates that he doesn’t have OCD with his journal. With that said, Jon confiscates their journals. Some are more concerned than others. He brings the journals back. What’s the catch? He’s written down a few of his favorite comments. The mission is called “Who said that?” He bumps the pot total up to $144,000. If they guess who said it, they’ll get an additional $2,000. Victoria promises up front. Nothing particularly useful is revealed, and they manage to get 5 out of 7 correct, including one that Victoria’s allowed to confess saying after Nicole gets it wrong. Nicole’s blinking and coughing and hand waving causes them to lose one answer, leaving them with $8,000 for the task.

Pot total: $152,000 out of $354,000

After dinner, they’re going out to the river in the middle of the night. Jon wants to know who’s willing to sacrifice their journal. Alex and Paul say they’re willing. It’s floating through people’s heads that there may be an exemption on the line. Alex and Paul decide between them that it’ll be Alex. He’s not alone, though. Everybody’s journals are burned. Rather, everybody else’s journals are burned. Because Alex was willing to sacrifice his journal, his journal is the only one that’s safe. Mark’s pissed off, then disappears.

Having stayed home, Craig gets to keep his journal. Mark gets more upset still.

Nicole suspects Victoria but mostly just wants to get through the quiz as quickly as possible. Victoria found Clay wanting an exemption suspicious.

There’s a tie. The player with the slowest time will be executed. That’s a difference of only 5 seconds.

Paul is safe.
Alex is safe.
Mark is safe.
Victoria is executed.

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