The Mole 5 Winner

Now that the final three have completed all their tasks, tonight’s the time to pick a winner. Between Nicole Williams, Craig Slike, and Mark Lambrecht, one person will be The Mole 5 winner and walk away with $420,000, one person will walk away with nothing, and one person will be revealed as the mole.

Only one person’s door will open. That person is the winner. And The Mole 5 winner is Mark. It’s not over yet, though. We still need to find out who is the mole.

Craig is the mole. He was a good pick for the mole. Nice enough guy that most people wouldn’t suspect him, and out of shape enough that throwing physical challenges was fairly simple.

That means that Nicole finished in second. Even though she seemed obnoxious initially, she was responsible for some of the season’s better moments.

It turns out Paul and Nicole ended up tying on the final night he was there, but she beat him on the quiz by 4 seconds. Paul was the only person who was on to the mole from the first execution.

Mark suspected Victoria initially. She accidentally hit the wrong answer on one of her questions, and if not for her mistake, he would have been sent home. He and Clay again picked the wrong person, focusing on Kristen. By 1 second, Mark was saved from elimination after she was eliminated. Clay got the boot when they targeted Nicole, but Mark still thought Nicole was the mole. In the final three, Mark finally decided that Craig was the mole, based on Clay telling him that he went 100% Nicole. It wasn’t until that point that he figured it out. Interesting to see just how lousy a game he played, but he won nonetheless.

The dossier, which cost the pot $75,000, only contained the answer to one question, proving useless as I’d suspected.

Nicole got 13 out of 20 correct on the final quiz, but Mark scored 17 out of 20 correct.

Craig started sabotaging with the over the falls mission. Allegedly. Craig encouraged Bobby to get into the wheelbarrow in the pig mission. This was a classic move, and in that mission, they went nowhere. In fruit of the luge, he talked to Victoria after the finish line. In the travellers mission, he picked the most ludicrous modes of transportation, though this shifted blame to Mark, the most vocal person about not doing this task. Nobody but Paul suspected Craig until week 7. Craig encouraged Nicole to talk in the camera mission. In the sniper mission, he got shot on purpose. In total, he sabotaged over $100k from being added to the pot. In the mission where he got hauled off in an ambulance, that was real and not just acting. He thanks everybody for being good sports. At least they’re not whiny about it like some previous contestants have been.

Supposedly there were clues to the mole’s identity. I still don’t see them (CRG is an abbreviation for Craig?). I see they did the whole not mentioning the mole’s name during an execution thing again, though.

That does it for this season of The Mole, and probably the show as a whole. Following the 4 year hiatus, ABC stuck the show in the worst time slot it could and admitted it did a poor job of promoting the series. Some would argue that the show was doomed from the beginning, while others have suggested it didn’t quite live up to the nostalgia anyway. Either way, it’s unlikely we’ll see The Mole back on ABC again, even during the summer. However, there are multiple cable networks that will likely consider picking it up, so it’s possible we haven’t seen the last of it.

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