Big Brother 10 Episode 14

Big Brother 10 Episode 13 saw yet another set of predictable nominations as Michelle put Libra and Keesha on the chopping block. Somewhat less predictable was that these people outdid themselves in terms of how psycho crazy they can be. The burn in Hell bit was a particularly nice touch.

Michelle wants Libra and Keesha to know how it feels to campaign against each other and have their own alliance have to pick between the both of them because that’s what they (aka April) did to Jessie.

April’s key being the first one out of the box wasn’t lost on anybody.

Michelle tells Keesha that Libra is her target because Libra and nobody else wanted each of the first four people gone. This logic is not like our earth logic.

Dan’s only concerned if Jerry, who wants him on the block, wins veto.

Michelle selects April for veto at random.
Keesha selects Memphis.
Libra selects Jerry.

Jerry believes Dan’s a much bigger threat. He’s correct, although his reasoning behind it is about as lame as could be expected. Michelle says there’s a reason his key was last in the box. So is there also a reason April’s was first?

The houseguests head out into the backyard to see thousands of onions that smell like an armpit. They must gather and chop onions to be placed in either the veto bin or the mystery bin. The person with the heaviest veto bin will win veto, while the two people with the heaviest mystery bins will win the mystery prizes. Dan asks Ollie how bad Jerry wants him out of the house, and the response is that it’s like it’s personal (not to mention childish) and that he’ll probably make a deal with someone if he wins.

Mystery box
Memphis: 33.8 pounds
April: 27.4 pounds
Michelle: 19.4 pounds
Keesha: 17.6 pounds
Libra: 17.2 pounds (no onions)
Jerry: 17.2 pounds

April and Memphis win the mystery prizes. Memphis will be able to wear a custom made onion necklace for 24 hours. April will receive 5 designer outfits selected by a personal stylist.

Veto box
Memphis: 25.8 pounds
April: 27.4 pounds
Michelle: 31 pounds
Keesha: 29.8 pounds
Libra: 32 pounds
Jerry: 36.8 pounds

Jerry has won the power of veto, obviously a lot more desperate for veto than anybody else on his “side.” Libra thinks she’s a goner.

Michelle wants things to stay the same because it would guarantee Libra going home. Jerry wants Dan on the block because he can’t get past how Dan apparently allegedly lied to him with his responses of “Okay, Jerry” during their keep Jessie in the house conversation.

At the feast, everybody tries to pretend they don’t hate each others’ guts. It’s all fun and games until Dan tries to apologize to Jerry. And for some reason Michelle thinks Libra’s a bitch. Then Libra pulls Ollie into the other room and takes the opportunity to bring up the other night’s screaming match, but during their surprisingly calm talk, she tells him what Keesha herself admits: it was Keesha, not Libra, who was the catalyst to the Jessie boot.

So back we go then to how much Michelle hates Libra. She picks up on the most silly detail (a comment Libra said obviously jokingly that nobody else noticed) and tries to use it to get Keesha to turn on her. Michelle pretends the comment sounded serious, and Keesha buys it, causing yet another fight. During this fight, Libra blames Keesha for booting Jessie. This then turns around to Keesha blaming April. Michelle, whose motive was to get Libra and Keesha arguing, is wondering how this backfired and Keesha’s now yelling at her and saying she hates April.

Despite his incessant whining and use of the term Judas during the veto ceremony, Jerry decides to not use the veto because the HOH doesn’t want him to. Dan’s very pleased with the outcome and unphased by Jerry’s melodrama.

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