Big Brother Season 20 Episode 31

Scottie’s return to the house was promptly marked with a return to the block in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 30, alongside his last remaining ally of sorts Haleigh.

Tyler lets Sam do his hair. She’s licensed in two states. JC thinks he looks like a completely old, independent woman. It would have worked if she also chopped his hair rather than just straightening it.

Angela and Tyler are pretending to not be in a showmance. Nobody believes them. Eventually, they admit it, though it’s not good for either of their games. Still, unlike most couples, they have hardly been targeted separately, let alone together.

Tyler selects Kaycee at random to play in the power of veto competition. Scottie picks Sam (houseguest’s choice). Haleigh chooses JC.

For the veto competition, they will bring emoji balls back and forth across a seesaw, balancing them on one end while retrieving them from the opposite side. We can discount Sam from this competition as usual. Scottie’s performing uncharacteristically poorly. As a dancer, JC may have found a challenge in which he can compete. Kaycee was more than half way done before dropping her balls. Haleigh follows as the rain starts falling and making the platform slippery. Kaycee recovers nicely and is pulling close to JC and Tyler. Then Tyler drops. She didn’t seem like she was going to win anyway, but Haleigh falls. Kaycee wins the power of veto.

Haleigh believes she is the target. She is. Tyler’s target. The problem for him is that the rest of the house wants to vote Scottie right back out again. If he really wanted to get rid of Haleigh, she wouldn’t be sitting on the block against Scottie, but he doesn’t have a choice.

There’s no reason for the veto to be used. No way to even pretend.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 30

The couple was finally split up with the elimination of Faysal in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 29, but right behind him leaving was Scottie coming back into the house.

JC’s already worried and annoyed that Scottie is back, and he has reason to be. Fessy told him that JC was in his ear, telling him the truth about how Scottie has a crush on Haleigh, which Scottie later admitted. Haleigh hopes Scottie’s with her, but she’s not sure about it, which is why Fessy got rid of him. Tyler seems to be the most happy to see him.

The HOH competition is a carnival endurance ride while standing on discs and spinning and bumping into a giant cherry pie. JC is the first to fall. Sam is next. That’s why you keep those two around. Scottie is next. Brett is the fourth one down. Kaycee isn’t looking any better than him and slips next. Tyler would have been happy to throw it to anyone else, but now he’s stuck having to win. Haleigh falls. Tyler wins HOH.

Haleigh’s the only person to have even considered putting Tyler on the block this season. She’s an obvious target. The question is who will sit next to her. Scottie is an easy pick, but that doesn’t work for Tyler if he’s the actual target in that scenario. Of course, he has enough influence that it shouldn’t matter.

Shady pot stirrer JC would be a good option. He wants to pit everybody against everybody else, but he doesn’t realize that half of the house is in an alliance.


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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 29

Kaycee won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 28, leaving her alliance’s nominations the same, Haleigh against Faysal.

Brett’s starting to think he’s the fourth man on the totem pole, so he makes a final two deal with Tyler. Of course Tyler is going to agree to a final two with him. And everybody else.

JC proposes to Tyler that they should get rid of Angela or Kaycee next. That’s not happening, not yet, but they aren’t going to have much choice soon. This plan makes a lot more sense to Brett, though.

Fessy goes on the attack before the vote, specifically against HOH Angela. On the contrary, Haleigh is pleasant and grateful.

Tyler: Faysal
Brett: Faysal
Sam: Haleigh
JC: Faysal
Kaycee: Faysal

By a vote of 4-1, Faysal has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Now the last four evicted players have the chance to battle back into the house. Whoever wins, it’s not good news for Level Six or really anybody, except Haleigh, though it just seems to be delaying the inevitable, as has the last month with this most awful alliance. Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie, or Faysal. Who do you even root for? One of the guys I guess. At least they are bearable. Unlikely either of the girls will win a competition against them anyway.

The battle back competition requires them to race to retrieve balls and drop them into a tube. It’s pretty close for the first half, but in the end, Scottie easily runs away with it with a couple quick scores.

With the couple split up, Scottie has a new plan. Make a deal with Tyler. I’ve seen this story before.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 28

Angela’s HOH win led to the nomination of Faysal and Haleigh in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 27, surprising only Fessy in the process, the latest in the series of blindsides he has faced all summer by being on the wrong side of the house.

He is the target, though she is the one who has proven to be potentially dangerous, or at least maybe she would be if she did anything right either.

Angela picks Kaycee at random to play in the veto competition. Faysal picks JC. Haleigh picks Sam (houseguest’s choice). That’s as good an outcome as Haleigh and Faysal could have hoped for. Then Angela explains to Haleigh that she’s only safe if she’s sitting there against Fessy, so him being saved by Sam won’t help her. Obviously, Sam won’t save Haleigh, but Fessy has some hope.

The veto competition requires them to catch globs of vetonium, the final round consisting of catching them with their mouths. Haleigh quickly proves to suck. Kaycee’s a wide receiver. Should be a good fit, right? Not during the first round where she catches nothing, but she makes a good comeback. It seems highly unlikely Sam will do even as well as Haleigh. Ditto for JC. Angela’s not much better. The only one with a chance to give Kaycee a run for her money is Faysal. He is the only person to catch anything during the first round where the balls are difficult to see. He stays strong during round two, but this weird mouth catching round may be the deciding factor.

JC: 2
Haleigh: 13
Sam: 2
Angela: 16
Faysal: 32
Kaycee: 33

Kaycee wins the power of veto. Fessy came as close as possible, but he may have just cemented his target as a challenge threat.

Fessy is mad that Haleigh sees the writing on the wall and wants to try integrating herself with the rest of the house. He walks away from her after a confrontation ensues, allowing Brett to swoop in to comfort her.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Tyler’s cloud power app has now expired, not that he ever needed it. That power app twist has been such a dud. The only influence it maybe had was that it made Bayleigh a bigger target because she revealed it to someone she obviously couldn’t trust.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 27

Fessy’s HOH concluded with the elimination of his sort of but not really ally Scottie in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 26.

The HOH competition is a ball crawl. Kaycee’s the only one making remotely competitive throws in the mid-20s. Sam’s strategy is to just give away her tokens and in exchange for promises to not nominate her. It seemed like Angela and Tyler were just screwing around with the expectation that no matter what they’d be kept safe. Then Angela scores a 39 out of 40. Angela wins HOH.

Haleigh walks in on a Level Six victory dance. It almost looks like they’re in an alliance.

The obvious move is to nominate the couple, but Angela is afraid of having to do their dirty work again. The easiest thing to do is nominate Sam. Haleigh offers to be a pawn against Sam. Then she tells Fessy she told him so. Uh, you volunteered. She didn’t even bring it up. But now that you mention it.

Haleigh is being very clear that she doesn’t trust them, and they have no reason to trust her considering she tried to get rid of both of them. Fessy’s deal may keep him safe, but she doesn’t believe it.

JC has a warning for Angela. If she nominates Haleigh against Sam and Fessy wins the veto, she won’t be able to get rid of either member of the bickering couple. There’s no good alternate nomination, even though they would still get rid of Sam regardless, which is not something anyone in the house would mind.


Angela’s blunt as ever in her nomination speech. She doesn’t trust that Haleigh wouldn’t come after her no matter what deal they made two months into the game.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 26

Brett won the power of veto, and that’s about all that happened in Big Brother Brother Season 20 Episode 25 because they didn’t even want to tell us what happened with the veto.

The completely unnecessary cliffhanger (though there is a lot of ground to cover with the fallout) we left off with was Scottie and Sam throwing Haleigh under the bus. They want her to be the replacement nominee. Never going to happen. Then again, most people thought Fessy was an idiot for nominating Scottie. Predictably, Fessy tells Haleigh, who takes it about far worse than can be expected, but she didn’t even need to hear that from him. A guilty Scottie is honest about what he’s doing. It’s a jerk move, but it’s the only thing he has left. He suggests she just let him go and distance herself from him because he knows it’s over.

He tells Fessy he better not put Haleigh on the block. Oh, and by the way, he does have a crush on her. Of course he does. Whether he has a chance, probably not, but that’s not what Fessy is thinking. Instead of the proposed Haleigh plan that he has since decided was stupid, he throws Sam under the bus. Ah, the other person who supported him and tried to make sure he didn’t go home. The sinking ship keeps taking cannon fire.

Veto Ceremony
Brett saves himself.
Kaycee is the replacement nominee.

Tyler and Angela visit Faysal and Haleigh and play along with Fessy’s plan to form an alliance with them. Tyler now has an alliance with everybody in the house, other than the guy who is going home. He has little interest in winning HOH. Let somebody else get blood on their hands.

Angela: Scottie
JC: Scottie
Tyler: Scottie
Haleigh: Scottie
Sam: Scottie
Brett: Scottie

By a vote of 6-0, Scottie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He tried remaining loyal to an absolutely awful alliance, most of whom never really trusted him, which he cemented with his final acts. Fessy’s HOH somehow took out one of his allies, but he’s not wrong. Even though he can’t trust anybody else either, he was correct that he couldn’t trust Scottie, and he had reason to be jealous. Jealousy is hardly a useful emotion in this game, though.

The HOH competition will require them to search ball pits for one with a token inside, then make a perfect shot or as close to it as they can get, trying to get the highest score and settling for what they have or opting to keep going. They will have an hour.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 25

Fessy won HOH in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 24, so naturally he was going to put two people from the other side. Or one person, Brett. Against Brett is the person nobody trusts, Scottie, who actually has thought of himself as being Fessy’s ally the entire season.

Haleigh’s defense of why he should have nominated Angela and Kaycee is because they are actively coming after her. Her being the key word. Same as her defense of Scottie, who even though it was all a story probably does have a crush on her. She’s ultimately not wrong, but it’s not hard to see his side. Conversely, she has no use for JC, who Fessy views as one of his main allies. Hard to say whether that’s actually true, though the voting certainly hasn’t indicated it.

Fessy selects Angela at random to play in the veto competition. Scottie selects Haleigh (houseguest’s choice). Brett selects Tyler.

Fessy tells Tyler that he respects the game he and Angela are playing, and he’d like to take out the people who haven’t been doing anything instead. Sure, Tyler will play along and pretend like that’s a good plan.

Hide and go veto will require them to hide their pictures somewhere in the house, then search for what the others have hidden. Brett plays defense by piling the biggest objects he can find on top of his folder, as many mattresses as he can get his hands on. Scottie follows suit by trashing the floor to slow people down and make sure they don’t want to get messy on the ground looking for his. Haleigh overlooked Angela’s folder in the oven wrapped in tinfoil, but Tyler finds it. Scottie grabs Tyler’s folder in Sam’s pants. Brett’s still playing defense, now piling couches. Faysal finds Haleigh’s “in plain sight” folder in the ottoman. Scottie’s bathroom drawer folder is still safe, but he finds Fessy’s in the bedroom drawer. Haleigh finds the last one, and it’s obviously Scottie’s because nobody was moving Brett’s mess even if they tried. Brett wins the power of veto. He made it so obvious to at least one person, but the amount of muscle it would have taken to clear those couches and mattresses out of the way wasn’t happening for most people.

The plan is to pick a replacement nominee who will not go home because Scottie is now his target, whether he was before or not. JC’s afraid that means him. Sam thinks she can convince him to nominate Haleigh, but her pitch is not to use her as the pawn but rather as the target he can’t trust because she has been using him. Sam could just talking herself on the block. Since he’s already on the block anyway and probably going home, Scottie throws Haleigh under the bus as well. He could be trusted before, but he’s ironically showing Fessy at the last minute that he’s getting rid of an acceptable person. If even Haleigh can’t trust Scottie, he’s got nothing.

And no veto ceremony tonight? Lame.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 24

Even with Haleigh in power, her side couldn’t catch a break, losing yet another number in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 23 with the elimination of Rockstar.

The HOH competition has them running back and forth across the slippery backyard. We already know this is not JC’s competition, so he is going for the money instead of the power, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to fill that one up either. Faysal has the lead throughout the challenge with Tyler and Scottie right behind him. It’s becoming clear that nobody is going to catch him. Fessy wins HOH.

For a change, his side might actually get what they want. Of course, his side hardly exists, since he’s been in the dark on voting night five times.

Haleigh wants to figure out who is lying to them. Uh, everybody in the house. The other side of the house has a plan: pretend that Brett is the one who flipped. Weird plan, but it won’t take much to convince people that Scottie can’t be trusted. Nobody has trusted him this whole time, even though he’s been trying to work with them all season.

Fessy’s target is another guy. Any other guy.

JC wants to make Faysal jealous by convincing him that Scottie likes Haleigh. She claims she doesn’t buy this, but Fessy doesn’t trust Scottie to begin with. This is just one more reason. JC’s story is not far fetched, but it is a stretch to believe the only thing preventing Haleigh from being in a showmance with Scottie is Faysal being in the house.

Haleigh’s trying to be the voice of reason, but the problem is that Scottie is close to her, not Fessy.


They actually did it.

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