Big Brother Season 20 Episode 27

Fessy’s HOH concluded with the elimination of his sort of but not really ally Scottie in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 26.

The HOH competition is a ball crawl. Kaycee’s the only one making remotely competitive throws in the mid-20s. Sam’s strategy is to just give away her tokens and in exchange for promises to not nominate her. It seemed like Angela and Tyler were just screwing around with the expectation that no matter what they’d be kept safe. Then Angela scores a 39 out of 40. Angela wins HOH.

Haleigh walks in on a Level Six victory dance. It almost looks like they’re in an alliance.

The obvious move is to nominate the couple, but Angela is afraid of having to do their dirty work again. The easiest thing to do is nominate Sam. Haleigh offers to be a pawn against Sam. Then she tells Fessy she told him so. Uh, you volunteered. She didn’t even bring it up. But now that you mention it.

Haleigh is being very clear that she doesn’t trust them, and they have no reason to trust her considering she tried to get rid of both of them. Fessy’s deal may keep him safe, but she doesn’t believe it.

JC has a warning for Angela. If she nominates Haleigh against Sam and Fessy wins the veto, she won’t be able to get rid of either member of the bickering couple. There’s no good alternate nomination, even though they would still get rid of Sam regardless, which is not something anyone in the house would mind.


Angela’s blunt as ever in her nomination speech. She doesn’t trust that Haleigh wouldn’t come after her no matter what deal they made two months into the game.

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