Big Brother Season 20 Episode 28

Angela’s HOH win led to the nomination of Faysal and Haleigh in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 27, surprising only Fessy in the process, the latest in the series of blindsides he has faced all summer by being on the wrong side of the house.

He is the target, though she is the one who has proven to be potentially dangerous, or at least maybe she would be if she did anything right either.

Angela picks Kaycee at random to play in the veto competition. Faysal picks JC. Haleigh picks Sam (houseguest’s choice). That’s as good an outcome as Haleigh and Faysal could have hoped for. Then Angela explains to Haleigh that she’s only safe if she’s sitting there against Fessy, so him being saved by Sam won’t help her. Obviously, Sam won’t save Haleigh, but Fessy has some hope.

The veto competition requires them to catch globs of vetonium, the final round consisting of catching them with their mouths. Haleigh quickly proves to suck. Kaycee’s a wide receiver. Should be a good fit, right? Not during the first round where she catches nothing, but she makes a good comeback. It seems highly unlikely Sam will do even as well as Haleigh. Ditto for JC. Angela’s not much better. The only one with a chance to give Kaycee a run for her money is Faysal. He is the only person to catch anything during the first round where the balls are difficult to see. He stays strong during round two, but this weird mouth catching round may be the deciding factor.

JC: 2
Haleigh: 13
Sam: 2
Angela: 16
Faysal: 32
Kaycee: 33

Kaycee wins the power of veto. Fessy came as close as possible, but he may have just cemented his target as a challenge threat.

Fessy is mad that Haleigh sees the writing on the wall and wants to try integrating herself with the rest of the house. He walks away from her after a confrontation ensues, allowing Brett to swoop in to comfort her.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Tyler’s cloud power app has now expired, not that he ever needed it. That power app twist has been such a dud. The only influence it maybe had was that it made Bayleigh a bigger target because she revealed it to someone she obviously couldn’t trust.

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