Big Brother Season 20 Episode 30

The couple was finally split up with the elimination of Faysal in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 29, but right behind him leaving was Scottie coming back into the house.

JC’s already worried and annoyed that Scottie is back, and he has reason to be. Fessy told him that JC was in his ear, telling him the truth about how Scottie has a crush on Haleigh, which Scottie later admitted. Haleigh hopes Scottie’s with her, but she’s not sure about it, which is why Fessy got rid of him. Tyler seems to be the most happy to see him.

The HOH competition is a carnival endurance ride while standing on discs and spinning and bumping into a giant cherry pie. JC is the first to fall. Sam is next. That’s why you keep those two around. Scottie is next. Brett is the fourth one down. Kaycee isn’t looking any better than him and slips next. Tyler would have been happy to throw it to anyone else, but now he’s stuck having to win. Haleigh falls. Tyler wins HOH.

Haleigh’s the only person to have even considered putting Tyler on the block this season. She’s an obvious target. The question is who will sit next to her. Scottie is an easy pick, but that doesn’t work for Tyler if he’s the actual target in that scenario. Of course, he has enough influence that it shouldn’t matter.

Shady pot stirrer JC would be a good option. He wants to pit everybody against everybody else, but he doesn’t realize that half of the house is in an alliance.


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