Big Brother Season 20 Episode 31

Scottie’s return to the house was promptly marked with a return to the block in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 30, alongside his last remaining ally of sorts Haleigh.

Tyler lets Sam do his hair. She’s licensed in two states. JC thinks he looks like a completely old, independent woman. It would have worked if she also chopped his hair rather than just straightening it.

Angela and Tyler are pretending to not be in a showmance. Nobody believes them. Eventually, they admit it, though it’s not good for either of their games. Still, unlike most couples, they have hardly been targeted separately, let alone together.

Tyler selects Kaycee at random to play in the power of veto competition. Scottie picks Sam (houseguest’s choice). Haleigh chooses JC.

For the veto competition, they will bring emoji balls back and forth across a seesaw, balancing them on one end while retrieving them from the opposite side. We can discount Sam from this competition as usual. Scottie’s performing uncharacteristically poorly. As a dancer, JC may have found a challenge in which he can compete. Kaycee was more than half way done before dropping her balls. Haleigh follows as the rain starts falling and making the platform slippery. Kaycee recovers nicely and is pulling close to JC and Tyler. Then Tyler drops. She didn’t seem like she was going to win anyway, but Haleigh falls. Kaycee wins the power of veto.

Haleigh believes she is the target. She is. Tyler’s target. The problem for him is that the rest of the house wants to vote Scottie right back out again. If he really wanted to get rid of Haleigh, she wouldn’t be sitting on the block against Scottie, but he doesn’t have a choice.

There’s no reason for the veto to be used. No way to even pretend.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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