Big Brother Season 20 Episode 32

Kaycee won the power of veto and obviously kept the nominations the same in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 31, leaving Haleigh and Scottie on the block.

Tyler’s allied with everybody. So he doesn’t want anybody to go home, except for the two people who are on the block. JC wants to take a shot at Angela, splitting her off from both Kaycee and Tyler. Angela wants to take a shot at JC because he’s doing things like trying to prove that Tyler and Angela are a couple, which everybody already knows. Tyler would be fine if JC takes a shot at her, since he can’t do it.

Brett would also be happy to take out Angela. He’s hearing from Scottie that the jury hates her, so he’d like to give them a gift. But he also hopes JC will do the dirty work for him. They’re putting a lot of faith into a guy who hasn’t won anything and hardly ever comes close.

Brett: Scottie
Kaycee: Scottie
Sam: Scottie
Angela: Scottie
JC: Scottie

By a vote of 5-0, Scottie has been evicted from the Big Brother house, once again by a unanimous vote. Revolving door. I’m still not convinced he’s the bigger threat, but he never had much chance of sticking around. He says he knew all along because they are not very good liars. They have been doing a good job of pulling the wool over his eyes all summer.

The HOH competition requires them to maneuver pearls down seaweed ramps to three oysters on the other end. They have 3 minutes. Kaycee is running just ahead of Brett. Kaycee wins HOH, beating Brett by less than a second.

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