Big Brother Season 20 Episode 21

It didn’t matter that she wasn’t the hacker because she still had a dangerous power app, so Bayleigh was eliminated in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 20. Having failed miserably at anonymously taking control of the house, Haleigh was able to win HOH, though the hacker power she tried to wield is now back up for grabs.

I thought Sam was trying to create drama with her vote, but she openly admits she was the only person to vote for Bayleigh to stay because she liked her better. She says she refuses to cut people down, aside from that time she got power and took a swipe at Kaitlyn and Haleigh.

In an effort to try to get Sam to vote with them, Tyler told her about his power. She doesn’t believe him, but if he is telling the truth, it hurts her feelings that he kept it secret for so long.

As Sam’s allies see how emotional she is, they don’t want to anything to do with her anymore. She’s becoming a liability, but the other side of the house wouldn’t mind if she went home either.

Tyler’s got the only power app still left in the game. He knows he’s a target this week, but he needs to figure out whether she will try to backdoor him or not. He suggests that she go ahead and backdoor him.

Nomination Ceremony

The second and final hacker competition could screw with things, though it was pointless last week. Their challenge will be to identify the room where fragments of images are located. Incorrect guesses eliminate them for the round.

Round 1: Scottie, Rockstar, Kaycee
Round 2: Sam, Haleigh, Kaycee
Round 3: Kaycee
Round 4: Faysal, Brett, Scottie
Round 5: Sam, Tyler, Brett
Round 6: Angela, Scottie, Kaycee
Round 7: Angela, Faysal, Tyler

Kaycee is the hacker. She’s obviously going to save herself, but the question is who the replacement will be. Unlike last week when Haleigh kept the result a secret from her alliance until after all the crying, Kaycee tells her alliance the results right away.

Hacker Ceremony
Kaycee is saved.
Rockstar is the replacement nominee.

Easy nominee. Not a particularly threatening one.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 20

Haleigh’s hacker power ultimately proved completely useless, and if anything, she just helped paint a bigger target on her ally Bayeligh in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 19. With Tyler saved from eviction by the veto, Bayleigh became the week’s target, up against Rockstar.

I can’t imagine a scenario in which Bayleigh stays. Rockstar is emotional but in no way a threat. Bayleigh has a power app that would allow her to hijack someone’s nominations. Normally they at least pretend there’s a chance, but they aren’t doing that here. It is made very obviously and publicly clear who is going home.

After much drama, Haleigh finally feels guilty enough to confess to Bayleigh that she is the hacker. Everybody else will find out anyway, so she tells them as well. She calls a house meeting. Then Bayleigh starts shouting at and calling Tyler names and tells him to shut up, as if he’s the out of control one in one of the most over the top hopefully not real (surely this has to be acting) demonstrations of anger we’ve seen on this show.

Tyler’s vote has been nullified by the hacker. Not that it matters in what should be a unanimous vote. Unless someone wants to stir the pot again. Even Bayleigh’s allies need to try to keep Rockstar happy in this otherwise hopeless situation.

Kaycee: Bayleigh
Brett: Bayleigh
Faysal: Bayleigh
Scottie: Bayleigh
Haleigh: Bayleigh
Sam: Rockstar
JC: Bayleigh

By a vote of 6-1, Bayleigh has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Should have used her power and at least try to flip things. She thought she could save it for later because she could work both sides of the house, though nothing we have seen suggests why.

In the HOH competition, they will match hashtags with photos. Sam and JC are up first. JC gets the first question correct and selects Rockstar and Tyler to go next (apparently he doesn’t get how this works). Tyler is incorrect, and Rockstar selects Kaycee and Brett. Kaycee is incorrect, and Brett selects Haleigh and Faysal. Fessy is incorrect, and Haleigh chooses Scottie and Brett, which should raise a flag for Scottie and suggest that she trusts JC more than him. Brett is correct and selects Rockstar and Haleigh. Haleigh is correct, leaving JC up against Brett. Brett is incorrect, and Haleigh will go against JC in the finals. Haleigh wins HOH.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 19

Angela nominated two not very threatening houseguests, Scottie and Rockstar, in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 18. Another stupid twist put a wrench into those plans when Haleigh was able to secretly remove Scottie and replace him with the person who has otherwise never been in danger in this game, Tyler.

Rockstar predictably suspects Scottie as the hacker. Angela thinks this would be too obvious. Tyler suspects Bayleigh. That logic spreads to each of their corresponding sides. Nobody suspects Haleigh because she hasn’t done anything, still hasn’t done anything.

The hacker selects Kaycee to play in the veto competition. This was the plan, which Bayleigh unknowingly helped spread, and Haleigh bought it. It made sense because she didn’t want to raise any red flags, but she also just selected someone who would be happy to save Tyler.

Scottie is selected at random to play in the veto competition. Angela selects Brett (houseguest’s choice). That is a well stacked deck. Four of the five Level Six members are playing against two of the weakest competitors.

They will have to roll balls back and forth without dropping them until the required number of times in each round, each of which will keep getting longer. Scottie finishes first in the first round, showing perhaps he will be surprisingly competitive if he doesn’t run out of steam. Rockstar is eliminated in the first round, and her prize is the power of veto. Angela is eliminated next, winning Jessie’s fitness and food program, which she trades for the veto. Kaycee is eliminated next, and she claims a trip to Honolulu, which she keeps. The next round is the closest yet. Brett had been doing better than most, but one little mistake eliminates him seconds behind the other two. He claims the prize of being a mascot for a week, which he trades for the trip.

Scottie asks Tyler to throw it so he can keep them both safe, but Tyler doesn’t trust him. This round is twice as long as the last. Both of them have been consistently strong, though I think Brett would have been stronger than Tyler if Tyler just threw it to him last round. Tyler drops his ball after 3 passes, but he returns to take a slight lead. One dropped ball would end it, but otherwise, Tyler is running away with this. Tyler wins. Scottie claims $5,000 as his prize, which he tries to trade for the power of veto. Why? Tyler would just steal it from you when he goes. Keep the money. Angela will do him one better. She’ll let him keep the money and promises him safety. Tyler claims the insta granny punishment, which he trades for the trip because Angela also promises him safety, and he knows she’ll keep that promise. Wouldn’t it have just been easier and more profitable for Angela to take the $5k and let Tyler take the veto from Scottie? Perhaps she’ll gain some loyalty from both of them that will help propel her further, though.

Veto Ceremony
Tyler is saved.
Bayleigh is the replacement nominee.

Angela blames the nomination on Bayleigh being the hacker. Little does she know that the reason her conversations were flowing back to the hacker is not because she was talking to the hacker but the hacker’s ally. In any case, this is a successful result. They knock her power out of the game without her being able to screw up anyone’s nominations. Should have used it this week as she saw her side’s numbers dwindling.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 18

Another close vote blindsided the side of the house that is either not very good or not paying attention in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 17, as Brett once again stayed over an alliance member with the elimination of Rachel. Angela then won HOH, but there are so many twists floating around that we’ll see whether it matters.

Bayleigh’s mad that the guy on the block defended himself by harming her game. She’s also upset by the fact that he calls her Honey. Words seem to have a lot of power over her.

Now we get another lame twist. The BB Hacker. That person will be able to replace one nominee with the person of their choice, choose one person to play in the veto competition, and eliminate one person from casting a vote. At least this will only last for two weeks because way to screw with the game.

Sam has a request. Everybody throw the hacker competition to her, and she won’t use it. This does not go over well.

This seemed like the perfect time for Bayleigh to play her power, but the Hacker Comp throws a wrench into that. Still, what’s she going to wait for? She can’t even secure the numbers as it is, let alone after more people from her side go home.


Two expendable people, neither the actual target, but it wouldn’t hurt if either of them did go home.

The first Hacker Competition requires them to unscramble Big Brother related words. The first three people in each round will score a point.

Round 1: Haleigh, Scottie, Kaycee
Round 2: Angela, Haleigh, Faysal
Round 3: Tyler, Angela, Rockstar
Round 4: Scottie, Tyler, Kaycee
Round 5: JC, Faysal, Scottie
Round 6: Sam, Tyler, Haleigh
Round 7: Rockstar, Brett, Haleigh

Haleigh wins the hacker competition. She can now anonymously change the nominations and save one of her allies.

Hacker Ceremony
Scottie has been saved.
Tyler is the replacement nominee.

Nobody else would have targeted Tyler. That’s about the only way he ends up on the block. With Scottie being removed rather than Rockstar, he can easily get blamed for this.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 17

Tyler won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 16, which backfired and put him into a corner where he had to leave two of his alliance members on the block, Brett and Rachel.

Now Tyler needs to figure out how to keep Brett instead of the person his alliance no longer trusts. As with the last time two Level Sixers were on the block, Brett is calm and collected, while his opponent is emotional and unpredictable. He was worried about using the veto and making Bayleigh angry, but she has no interest in Brett staying in the house either. The spin here is not that hard, yet again. Blame Scottie. Bayleigh already doesn’t trust him.

Brett adds another good point to the list. If they get rid of him, that will put the girls up in numbers by 7-4. We’ve already seen the risk of a girl power alliance with how Rachel has been behaving.

Brett begins hanging out with Haleigh. She denies she has anything going on with Fessy, who notices the two of them hanging out all night long and gets jealous.

In his pre-voting speech, Brett reveals Bayleigh’s power to the house and then says there is an all female alliance. He does have the power a bit wrong, though. She can’t use it just next week but until there are 8 people left. It’s a good power, though not great. Not like that garbage Sam got.

Rockstar: Brett
Angela: Rachel
Kaycee: Rachel
Scottie: Brett
Tyler: Rachel
Sam: Rachel
Faysal: Brett
JC: Rachel
Haleigh: Brett

By a vote of 5-4, Rachel has been evicted from the Big Brother house. For the fourth time, Bayleigh’s side of the house (and Scottie) are blindsided by a stray vote. Perhaps eventually they will figure it out. Rachel runs out without saying a word to anyone, having learned pawns do go home, particularly if they freak out and start making enemies.

The memory wall transforms into a set of looping gifs, which is for the true/false 50/50 chance to guess HOH competition. Kaycee gets the first question incorrect. Everybody gets the second question correct. JC gets the third question incorrect. Sam is eliminated on the fourth question. Brett, Fessy, Scottie, and Tyler are eliminated on the fifth question. Haleigh is eliminated on the sixth question. Both Rockstar and Angela get the final question correct to move on to a tie breaker. Angela wins HOH.

It seems quite likely she will not have complete control this week. Now that Bayleigh’s cat is out of the bag, this is about as good an opportunity as she’s going to get to use her power. In related news, Julie warns us about a new twist, the H@cker Comp, which will allow one person to secretly hack the game each week, whatever that means, probably not good.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 16

Bayleigh won HOH in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 15 and targeted two people from the other side, Brett and Rachel.

Faysal takes credit for preventing JC from being nominated, which is deserved. JC reports this back to Bayleigh in order to drive a wedge between them, thus forcing Faysal toward JC. Until Bayleigh tells Faysal where she heard that from. That could help drive a wedge between all of them.

Rachel complains to Bayleigh about being a target, despite assurances she is just a pawn. Bayleigh warns her people need to watch out because she’s going to snap.

Bayleigh selects Sam at random to play in the veto competition. Rachel selects JC. Brett selects Tyler.

Seems like a pretty stacked deck, but perhaps not. Tyler is again in a no win situation because he’s playing both sides of the house, and both sides are buying it.

The veto competition requires them to complete a road puzzle to drive their cardboard former housemates to their destination.

Rachel – 30:00 (max)
Bayleigh – 14:24
Brett – 10:59
JC – 30:00 (max)
Sam – 30:00 (max)
Tyler – 6:54

Tyler wins the power of veto rather easily. Realizing that Angela is the likely replacement nominee, he tells her that Scottie is his best friend in the house, which he theorizes will get her to put up Scottie intead. Bayleigh pretends to Rachel that he said that he wants Angela nominated, and they come up with the concept that he must want a girl out. Rachel buys it and says he is not to be trusted. Angela and Kaycee don’t buy this story. If she wants to be the pawn, giving her an alliance a reason to vote her out is not the way to stay a pawn. Of course they trust Tyler over her, and in this case they should. Everybody does. She may be telling the truth about what was told to her, but what was told to her was a lie that she should have spotted for what it was.

In order to try to regain some trust, which she doesn’t even realize she has lost, Rachel spills the beans about Bayleigh’s power to Angela, who of course tells the people she actually still trusts. That complicates things because Tyler now knows that angering Bayleigh could just cause her to nominate him next week.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Tyler would have been better off letting Brett win, but Rachel has become a liability anyway.

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