Big Brother 11 Winner

Big Brother 11 Episode 28 was pretty much just filler. We found out that Kevin won the first part of the HOH competition and then Jordan won the second part of the HOH competition. Tonight we will find out who actually wins the final HOH, and from there the Big Brother 11 winner will be revealed.

Natalie just hopes Kevin sticks to his deal, but she tells him she thinks he’s going to take Jordan.

Kevin and Jordan both tell each other that they’re going to take each other, but she doesn’t think he’s going to pick her either. However, her actual plan is to take Natalie because she hasn’t won anything either.

Jordan tells Natalie that Kevin’s playing both sides. They both give their word that, if Kevin kicks either of them out, they’ll give the other one their vote. Natalie then warns Kevin that some people will vote personally, and she will be one of those people. If true, Natalie could quite easily tilt the jury to a tie, thereby putting it in America’s hands.

Jordan thinks she’s all growed up now that she’s spent this summer away from home (under the close watchful eye of Big Brother and 60 cameras).

Now it’s Michele’s turn to make her way to the jury house. Jeff’s shirtless as usual, and Russell’s facial hair continues to get more unfortunate (and Jessie is apparently trying to take after him). Jeff mostly just doesn’t want to see Jordan walk through that door. Russell hopes Michele is safe, since he became really close with her when he called her insane and suggested medication. The jury continues to bash Natalie, although it’s still not entirely clear why they’ve flipped on her, except that they probably didn’t like her in the first place (granted, there are a lot of sore losers in that house as well). Oh, and by the way, Natalie’s not really 18. Yeah, that’s what Michele thought. Oh, we believe you.

Now the jurors get together to debate the merits of the final three. Jessie never talked to Jordan. Jeff never talked to Kevin. So both of them should be able to make an informed decision. Lydia respects people who win. Guess what. You’re sitting next to those people. People who are stupid enough to win a lot in this house get voted out as threats. Jeff would like Lydia to get in her spaceship and leave. Jessie thinks that Kevin and Natalie outplayed Jordan. Jeff’s argument is that nobody ever voted Jordan out (because nobody ever viewed her as a threat). Russell views Jordan’s best move as attaching herself to Jeff. Other than that, she didn’t really do anything. Jeff refuses to say anything negative about Jordan; Lydia refuses to say anything negative about Kevin. Their votes are already made up. Russell thinks Natalie accidentally stumbled into her strategy of losing everything. Michele says Kevin was always working. Jeff apparently still thinks he should have won the game himself because he got a power handed to him by America.

It’s time for the third part of the final HOH competition, typically a guessing game about what jury members have said. Kevin and Jordan will compete for the power to decide their own fate.

Jessie said the best thing about being in the house was “The ladies. Oh yeah.” I don’t know. Not really a lot of hot girls to go around this season.
Kevin gets a point.

Lydia said the moment in the house that irritated her the most was “when Jeff got the coup d’etat.”
Jordan gets a point to tie it at 1-1.

Russell said if he could go back in time, he would change “How much I told Michele.”
Jordan is correct to take the lead 2-1.

Jeff said the fatal error he made in the house was “not winning my last POV.”
Kevin gets a point to tie it at 2.

With two fewer jury members, we’re already down to the final question. Michele said the houseguest who needs a reality check the most is Jessie.
Both are correct. Still tied.

Including tiebreaker votes, how many total votes to evict have been cast so far this season? A math question, sorta. And Jordan comes closest? That was. Uh. Unexpected. Jordan wins the final HOH.

Now Jordan has a choice to make. Does she take Natalie or Kevin to the final two with her? Jordan says that no matter what she’ll come in second place. She has chosen to evict Kevin.

So that leaves us with Natalie against Jordan. The jury has a tough choice here. It’s going to be tough to justify a vote for either of them. Between the two, I’d have to go with Natalie. She actually made a strategic effort, whereas Jordan mostly seemed to be along for the ride with Jeff.

As a group, the jury has come up with three questions each for Natalie and Jordan. Kevin will also be able to pick his own question since he had no involvement in that process.

Russell asks Jordan what her strategy was before and during the game. She wanted to lay low and not trust anyone. Then she found out she really couldn’t trust anybody, so she just decided to be herself (goofy, funny, and clueless).

Lydia asks Natalie who her biggest threat was, and what role she played in the eviction. Her answer is Lydia, who served as a potential wedge between her and Jessie.

Jeff asks Jordan what her best move was other than aligning with him. Getting rid of Kevin.

Michele asks why it was critical that she tell the jury Natalie’s engaged. Natalie’s answer: more than half the jury are her friends. Yeah, wait until you get out and find out what backstabbers they’ve been.

Jessie asks Jordan why she deserves to beat Natalie. Because she proved she could do it herself by winning the final hOH.

Russell asks Jordan why she deserves to win. Her strategy and allies worked hand in hand to ensure she stayed in the game without winning competitions.

Kevin gets to ask his own question. He asks Jordan what she did better than Natalie. Jordan pretty much just rambles.

Braden, Casey, Laura, and Ronnie return to discuss their thoughts about the season. As for Chima, she will be forgotten forever more, despite being one of the key catalysts to this season’s ratings boost.

Ronnie bows down to Natalie for her lying. She did a lot better being a rat than he did. Yeah, Natalie’s really 24, not 18. To which Kevin yells that he knew it, which he indeed did question on night one. Ronnie says that he’s bitter that he was the odd man out with Natalie.

Casey considers Jeff to have made the biggest mistake, getting rid of Russell and believing Kevin and Natalie’s lie. I don’t know. It wasn’t a complete lie (because it had some truth to it, even though it was made up), and if Jeff got rid of Kevin instead, Russell would have been stupid not to target Jeff the next week.

Braden calls Jessie the man, as if he needs an ego boost.

Julie takes the opportunity to let people stage an attack on Chima. Nobody will defend Chima’s actions, as planned.

Ronnie apologizes for calling Michele the worst person he’s ever met in his life.

Where does the Jeff and Jordan relationship go from here? I don’t know that it necessarily even started in the first place, but Jeff would like to see what happens on the outside. Jordan agrees.

America: Jordan
Jessie: Jordan
Lydia: Jordan
Russell: Natalie
Jeff: Jordan
Michele: Jordan
Kevin: Natalie

By a vote of 5-2, the Big Brother 11 winner is Jordan Lloyd. I gotta go with worst winner ever award here, possibly runner up to season 8. Certainly a likeable girl, but it takes a hell of a bitter jury to award the game to someone who didn’t do anything.

The last prize to award tonight is obviously going to Jeff. He’s the winner of America’s Choice favorite jury member for $25,000.

Following this season’s success, it has been confirmed that there will be a Big Brother 12.

Big Brother 11 Episode 28

Michele’s completely mysterious strategy finally came to an end as she was voted out in Big Brother 11 Episode 27. We left off with the houseguests in an endurance competition for the first part of the final HOH.

For the first time, the HOH will not be crowned tonight. Well, that oughta make tonight pretty close to pointless then. Instead, the season will end in a live 2 hour finale on Tuesday night.

Kevin wants to win HOH to take Jordan with him. Jordan doesn’t trust anybody. Natalie pretty well just hates Michele’s guts and wants to trash her. As promised, the seasons keep changing. They get heavy rains, wind, snow, all the while trying to run on this log that’s moving in random directions. Kevin’s been shaking for a while, but finally Jordan joins him. Not long after that, the log starts moving, and Jordan drops at 3 hours and 27 minutes. Natalie’s thrilled. Thrilled enough to throw the competition? Yes, she is. Dumb move. Kevin wins the first part of the HOH competition.

In the jury house, Lydia and Russell say they want Kevin to win. In addition to the fact that Lydia was Kevin’s partner throughout, she’s also bitter that she was dumb enough to believe that Natalie is 18. They’re all quite happy to see Jeff walk in the house. He has hope for Jordan. It seems everybody has turned on Natalie. In addition to how stupid everybody else was to believe her, she was dumb enough to believe she could trust Jessie, who has revealed the first chance he has to each jury member that she’s really 24. Ironic considering Kevin insists he has to get rid of her. Granted, I’m not real sure it matters for Kevin because it’s going to be hard to justify a Jordan vote unless you’re Jeff and Michele.

Julie will now be talking to 4 1 of the best players in Big Brother history, Danielle. Oh, she will also be chatting with the somewhat competent Mike Boogie and two people whose 15 minutes of fame really should be over by now, Janelle and Evel. Danielle thinks Natalie has played the best game because she’s lied and gotten Kevin to do her dirty work. Janelle says the worst move of the season was Jeff getting rid of Russell. Boogie liked two moves: the coup d’etat (which he himself didn’t use) and Natalie and Kevin’s lie to dupe Jeff. The others agree with this lie. Mike would like to see people cut Chima a little slack considering the nature of the house. Evel, who purposely tried to sabotage his own game so his daughter could stay in the house, says you couldn’t drag him out of there no matter what. Boogie thinks Kevin will win due to his strategy and also avoiding conflict. Danielle would like to see a woman beat a guy for the first time.

The second part of the final HOH competition is to place the Heads of Household in the correct order by tossing balls into holes. If you get the order right but land in the wrong hole, that’s too bad. They will each get 2 minutes. Natalie is first. This is something you’d think they would have learned by now, but Natalie’s struggling with it. Natalie finishes with 2 seconds left on the clock and 5 correct answers. Jordan is up next. Unlike Natalie, she seems a lot more confident in her answers. She finishes with 18 seconds left and 9 correct to win part 2 of the final HOH. Interestingly, nobody expected Jordan to win anything, with good reason, but it’s obvious she figured out that this is something you need to study.

Oh, by the way, how is a tie decided in the final two? That’s right. America’s Choice. Not surprising. Nonetheless, stupid. Of course, this would not be the first time America’s vote has decided the game’s outcome (season 8 comes to mind, and there’s certainly an argument for this season as well), but it would mark the first time it’s been nothing but a popularity contest since season 1.

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Big Brother 11 Episode 27

Having won HOH, Natalie nominated her closest ally Kevin alongside her actual target Michele in Big Brother 11 Episode 26.

Julie makes an interesting point: the final four consists of one athlete, one popular, one brain, and one offbeat.

Kevin’s in on Natalie’s plan, but he’s got a plan of his own. He now wants her gone. Not that he hadn’t come to that conclusion before her nominations. Jordan thinks that maybe this whole thing is just too good to be true, but it’s working out fine for her. When they start to talk, Natalie tries to convince Jordan that Michele’s a target, which is contrary to her earlier alleged plot to get rid of Kevin.

Because Jeff told Jordan to stick by Michele before he left, that’s exactly what she plans to do, no matter what anybody says to her.

Since Natalie opted to spend the time with her boyfriend instead, she will not be participating in the final power of veto competition of the season. Each of the other three has a station with 20 clues, half on one side and half on the other. They also have names that they must match up to those clues. Jordan’s strategy is to stand there with a confused look on her face. Michele’s strategy is to just put all the blocks at once and get them all wrong. Kevin thought it would be wise to use a placeholder block, which means when he finally finds the block he was looking for, he has to take it all apart, but he seems to recover pretty quickly. Michele tries again. This time, she actually did competently. She’s only got 1 wrong. Kevin buzzes in and wins the veto. Meanwhile, Jordan’s still all sorts of confused.

Michele realizes she will probably be going home.

Natalie tells Julie that the veto went just as planned. So apparently she’s no longer pretending that she’s trying to get rid of Kevin.

Although Natalie wants to go to the finals with Kevin, he doesn’t see any way to beat her. She should probably think the same thing about him. Jordan and Michele are the ones lacking connections in the jury house. Granted, in the event of a tie, if it’s America’s choice, either of them would win over Kevin or Natalie.

Michele’s pitch to Kevin: take her so she can help him get rid of Natalie. She wants her gone, too. Then she tries blackmail. If he votes her out, she won’t vote for him in the final two.

Obviously, Kevin uses the power of veto on himself, which puts Jordan on the block up against Michele. As the veto holder, Kevin will be able to cast the sole vote to evict. Kevin casts his vote to evict Michele. Her devil ears were insufficient to convince him to keep her around. She leaves with parting words of “May the best wo… player win.”

She still claims she played the game with strategy. I’m still trying to figure out what that strategy was, though. It seemed to me to be just random chaos without much rational thought behind it. I do, however, think that, as time went on, her villain act may potentially have given her a chance. Ultimately, though, that ended up being her death blow. Kevin couldn’t trust her because she hadn’t demonstrated trustworthiness thus far.

The first part of the three part HOH competition is as always an endurance competition. They must hold onto their keys while standing on a rolling log. As the log turns and time passes, the seasons will change… and so will the weather. Get ready to be freezing when all’s said and done.

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Big Brother 11 Episode 26

Jeff was evicted in Big Brother 11 Episode 25, and then Natalie finally won something and became HOH.

Kevin says that Jeff should have approached him for a vote because he might have kept him.

Kevin’s unimpressed by Natalie’s HOH win, as if most of the competition wins in this game are all that impressive anyway.

Jordan wants revenge on Kevin. The good news for Kevin is that Jordan’s odds of winning a competition are about as slim as Natalie’s odds, but if she gets the chance, Kevin will be the target, whether that’s the smartest move or not. Her plan now is to keep her distance from everybody. Complete isolation in this house won’t help you any.

Natalie is talking to Kevin immediately after her HOH win. He has to go on the block. Uh. Huh? She hopes to make the other houseguests think they’re not in an alliance. Ultimately, his nomination is entirely irrelevant, so it’s not necessarily a bad move. Whoever wins the power of veto, unless it’s the HOH, gets to cast the only vote of the week and evict somebody. Nonetheless, Kevin is not happy with being nominated, whether it’s a moot point or not. The potential drawback for Natalie is if Kevin throws a hissy fit, or if people don’t like that she’s turned on her closest ally and view it negatively. Upon going to the girls with this plan, they’re in favor of it. Jordan wants Kevin gone, and Michele wants anybody gone who’s not her.

It’s time for a luxury competition. Natalie and Kevin are one team and Jordan and Michele are the other, with the goal of working together as a house to have the most time left possible. They are competing for the chance to win a shopping spree. They must match their partners without being able to see them. Whatever time is left will be used in a shopping spree in the house. They have two and a half minutes gone after their first matches. This is not going well. Their second match brings them down to 6:19. Then 5:08 left after three. Despite a disastrous start, they’re getting the hang of things. And 4:09 after their fourth match. Their fifth and final match leaves them 3:28 to go inside the house and shop. Despite the fact that there are three women in the house, Kevin by far is the most excited person there. Rather than pulling from the racks, his strategy is to dismantle the mannequins, which for whatever reason CBS has to blur. Apparently, they are anatomically correct.

Kevin wants to ally with Michele. Well, that’s weird. But what it would do is save him should Michele win the power of veto. Assuming, that is, that she’s dumb enough to fall for it. For her, it’s her smartest move to simply at least play along.

Inside Natalie’s HOH room is another Pandora’s box. The clue says Natalie will have the chance to spend time with a loved one, her boyfriend. Envelope two contains the penalty: she will not be able to play in the final veto competition. Don’t do it. You’ll see him in a week and a half. Then again, Kevin doesn’t have Natalie’s back, so it’s not as if she should be overly concerned with having his back. She has decided to open the door, which means she is given 5 minutes to spend with her boyfriend. As pointless as this all seemed, she does get a proposal out of it.

That’s not the end of it. She can have 15 minutes for a sushi dinner with Jason. However, the rest of the house may be a little annoyed. She presses the button. They are greeted by a grown man acting like a baby, an annoying baby that Kevin may well have to slap. Then there’s a copy cat, a cat that copies everything they do. After that, they’re greeted by a roach spraying bug spray.

Obviously, since Natalie’s been pretending she’s 18 the whole time (and everybody’s been stupid enough to believe her), she can’t tell that she’s received a proposal. Well, that and the fact that a marriage proposal may be viewed as a good thing. So her plan is to make up a story that something bad happened to her. The story she tells, which is true, is that she doesn’t get to play in the veto competition. She goes beyond that, though, saying she got a clue about final two reversal. If she goes to the final two and gets the votes, she loses because the result is reversed. Kevin thinks this is all a lie because it just doesn’t make any sense.

When the other three are discussing this, they’ve come to the conclusion that they would be idiots to take her to the final two with them. They assume there must be something she’s not saying. When they ask her about it, she has just one request. Don’t ask her any more questions about Pandora’s box. Not content with that request, Kevin goes up to her room. Knowing she’s been busted, Natalie decides to come clean. It was all just a prank. Not only that, but she tells them the whole truth. Kevin’s reaction to the truth: he’s pissed.

Jordan is safe.

Kevin and Michele have been nominated for eviction. Natalie tells Kevin that she’s getting him before he gets her. Then she turns her attention to Michele, calling her a backstabber and a liar, which is true but a bit harsh. Kevin has decided that he’s done with Natalie. Oh, as if he didn’t make that decision before the nomination ceremony when he tried to sell her out and ally with Michele. As for Michele, her plan is to take Jordan with her to the end.

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Big Brother 11 Episode 25

Michele won the power of veto to save herself in Big Brother 11 Episode 24, putting the couple in danger of eviction.

Having been evicted, Russell gets to join Lydia and Jessie in the jury house, where Lydia still has a crush on Jessie regardless of all her earlier protesting to the contrary. His first words to them to them involve the term technotronics. Jessie has begun informing the jury one at a time that Natalie’s really 24, not 18, something Kevin figured out on night one. The boys agree that they would consider voting for Jeff if he makes it to the end.

Kevin knows that the word lie is in Natalie’s name, but he has no choice but to trust her.

Jeff attempts to use guilt to get Natalie to keep him in the house, as if that wouldn’t be a stupid move on her part.

Natalie: Jeff
Michele: Jordan

We have a tie. In the event of a tie, the HOH must cast the deciding vote. Kevin votes to evict Jeff. Once he used that coup d’etat, his game was over. No way he was gonna be able to convince Natalie and Kevin to forget that. He wouldn’t change a thing, whether he’s sitting out there talking to Julie or not. Speaking of Julie, she wants to know where the goodbye kiss was.

The HOH competition is true or false questions based on events that have happened outside the house, which means it’s pretty much anybody’s guessing game. Casey has begun selling banana-themed merchandise online, which Jordan guesses correctly for a point. Everybody guesses correctly that Laura did not say she got evicted because she’s beautiful. Natalie and Jordan are correct that Lydia and Jessie are still speaking to each other. Everybody guesses correctly that Ronnie received more votes than Chima in the coup d’etat vote. Michele answers correctly what the definition of technotronics is not. Michele guesses correctly that Chima issued an apology about a remark she made about Russell. Natalie answers correctly that Ronnie did not go to a sci fi convention dressed in his space princess costume. That brings us to a three-way tie. The tiebreaker is a question of how many total cans all five competing houseguests had in their tubes at the end. Michele answers 65, Natalie answers 75, and Jordan answers 224, a mathematical impossibility. Natalie wins HOH, as the correct answer is 91. She’s guaranteed herself a spot in the final three, but there’s nothing she can do to save her buddy Kevin unless she wins veto.

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Big Brother 11 Episode 24

After winning HOH, Kevin unsurprisingly went back on his word in Big Brother 11 Episode 23 and nominated Jeff alongside Michele.

Jeff has decided that Kevin’s a worthless snake.

Not content with the one lie, Kevin and Natalie tell Jeff he’s safe this week. What do they hope to gain by keeping this charade going?

When Kevin walks into his HOH room, he sees a big gold question mark on a door. Yeah, it’s time for a twist. Two things that don’t go well together: Big Brother and twists. It’s always thoroughly lame. He is warned that it could result in something good or something bad for himself or for the rest of the house. He’s afraid. He should be afraid. Very afraid. With the thought that there may be $10,000, he opens Pandora’s Box. Then he sticks his hand inside the box. It’s entirely possible he could be stuck in that very spot for the next few weeks.

Any way you slice it, this is a bad move. If you win the money, the house will hate you for it. If you punish the house, they will hate you for it. They will remember this hatred in the weeks to come. Oh, and by the way, his hand’s stuck inside the box. The other houseguests are pleased. Money starts raining from the sky. They just start grabbing. So, like, where’s Kevin anyway? They forget about him as they grab the money. He starts yelling, and Natalie finally hears him when they return inside to look for further instructions about whether this is free money. They’ll have to look for a hidden key. Maybe she’ll get to that once she’s done collecting money. Now Jeff goes upstairs to check things out himself. This time, Kevin has a better story. The only way he can keep the money is if he can find a key in the house. Well, that will work.

Jeff discovers the key on the couch. So where’s he going? Back outside to find more money. Anybody care that Kevin’s locked up? Apparently not. Jordan ends up with $1726, Natalie gets $1904, Michele gets $2563, and Jeff ends up on top at $3181.

When they’re done collecting their money, Natalie decides to go back upstairs. It takes some convincing to get her to go get the key. She’ll have to steal it from Jeff, but that plan doesn’t work. Then Jeff goes upstairs, and he finally gives the key to Kevin. Kevin manages to get to the bottom of the pile and collect $626. Apparently the whole point of this twist they played up as a big deal was to teach Kevin he can’t trust anybody. It worked.

For the veto competition, they get dressed up as astronauts. It’s an alien version of morphomatic. This is typically a competition that favors the women in the house, which does not bode well for Jeff.

Kevin – 3:05
Natalie – 2:55
Jordan – 5:09
Michele – 1:52
Jeff – 3:01

Michele wins the power of veto (along with a home entertainment system) by a good margin. She apologizes to Jeff because she pretty much just sealed his fate. He responds to get away from him.

Michele has decided to tell Jeff that she will fight to get Kevin to keep him. Really? Why would they keep Jeff over Jordan? The only logical point is how likeable Jordan is, but Jeff is likeable, too, as well as being a bigger threat in competitions. It’s also quite likely that the jury views Jeff’s game more favorably, whereas they will see Jordan as having rode his coattails.

Feeling guilty about having lost another competition, Jordan’s plan is to try to make it so that Jeff stays, and she wants him to campaign. He just doesn’t want to go out looking like an idiot like Russell did.

Michele’s pitch to Kevin: if he keeps Jeff in the house, Jeff can get rid of Natalie. How hard would that be anyway? It’s not like Natalie’s won anything.

Michele obviously uses the power of veto on herself, and Jordan obviously goes up in her place. That effectively breaks up the couple unless there’s another coup d’etat coming this Thursday.

For some reason, Michele thinks that Kevin wanted her out. While he wouldn’t have objected to her eviction, she wasn’t the target.

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Big Brother 11 Episode 23

The plan to backdoor Russell fell into place in Big Brother 11 Episode 22, and we left off at the start of an endurance competition for HOH.

Everybody realizes they need to win this. Jeff knows that everybody’s told him he’s safe, but only Jordan guarantees him anything, although even she can’t 100% guarantee him anything. Michele opted to make a foolish alliance, and with that done, she’s all alone now. Kevin and Natalie still have each others’ backs, but they realize they’re big targets if somebody else wins.

Jordan got off to a slight lead, but after a while she started falling and falling and falling. With 20 minutes elapsed, Kevin’s managed to take the lead. Michele’s strategy is to wipe off the grate to get every last drop of chocolate, a strategy that may well just be a waste of time. Natalie’s having a disastrous run, and turns out she’s deliberately (and obviously) throwing it. At 45 minutes, it’s still clear that Kevin’s in the lead. Michele’s running in second place but has no chance. As the minutes tick away, the gap just keeps getting bigger. Kevin wins HOH.

Kevin considers Jeff a triple threat, who can win at physical competitions, endurance competitions, and may be able to answer a couple questions. Natalie points out that Michele is smart, although she has failed to prove it thus far. Neither of them is worried about Jordan.

Jordan tells a story about how her house was foreclosed so they’ve since then moved into a townhouse. This story is ultimately about how close she is with her mom. She plans to live with her until she gets married.

Natalie is trying to convince Jeff and Jordan she’s still on their side. She wants Jeff out, but she won’t let them know that. Jordan assumes that she will go up alongside Michele, and then they will backdoor Jeff. Jeff assumes that he’s safe because Kevin will not put him up, even if it means putting Natalie up instead. A dumb assumption.

Michele says that she doesn’t trust Jeff and Jordan. Granted, she should not trust them, but it still appears that she’s aligned with them. Natalie openly offers her opinion in front of Michele: she needs to go on the block and cannot be trusted. Her strategy here is to play nice with Jeff and throw as much of the blame as possible Kevin’s way. If Kevin targets her and gets her out of the house, it would make everybody happy. It would also be a wasted week.

Kevin has a gameshow with Jeff about the type of girl he likes. Jordan’s not doing very well in this test.

Michele’s becoming the clear target here. Somebody has to go up against her. Kevin tells Jeff that would be him. Jeff agrees that, if Jordan goes on the block and he wins veto, he will remove Jordan from the block. Then Natalie has to go up in her place. This admission does not sit well with Kevin because it would be stupid to give all the power to Jeff and Jordan.

Michele assumes she’s going up. Jordan is 95% sure she will go up. Jeff feels pretty safe.

Natalie is safe.
Jordan is safe.

Michele and Jeff have been nominated for eviction. Kevin just wanted to assure that at least one of the stronger players will go home. This is what you have to do as HOH. Put up two people you want to see go home. Backdooring has a tendency to backfire.

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BB 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Episode 22

With plans to backdoor Russell, Jeff saved Kevin with the veto in Big Brother 11 Episode 21.

Michele’s losing her closest ally and upset about it. Maybe she should have chosen someone borderline reliable as a partner.

Russell agrees this was a smart move. He just doesn’t have to like it. Jeff finds Russell’s threats thoroughly amusing. He’s happy to be getting rid of this nutcase who blows up all the time at everybody.

Russell’s plan: Kevin should stab Natalie in the back and keep him in the house instead. Really?

Then there’s yelling and yelling and more yelling. Can this moron just be voted out already?

Lydia greets Jessie with a hug. Then she pretends to beat him up so she doesn’t lose face after having told Julie Chen what she would do. Yeah, that’ll last.

As a reward for making it to the final five, the ridiculous/stupid/pointless have/have not thing is over.

Jeff thinks the elimination of Russell will make his game.

Natalie would just like to thank her fellow houseguests in advance for keeping her in the house, since they’ve already told her that they will. With that said, it’s time to vote.

Jordan: Russell
Kevin: Russell
Michele: Russell

By a unanimous vote, Russell has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Despite all his earlier whining, Russell leaves with a smile on his face. He wonders if Michele sold him out. His plan was to uphold the final four plan, and then join forces with Michele. He tried to deny it, but they were a pair. Jeff’s goodbye message is one of the more insulting ever. Good luck getting that vote. Jordan tries to be mean but can’t pull it off.

Jeff is not eligible to compete, which leaves Jordan on her own. The challenge is to transfer enough hot chocolate into bowls to remove their marshmallows as they run across slippery graham crackers. Their mugs hold 8 ounces of liquid. Their bowls hold 16 gallons. Assuming they spill nothing, they’ll need to travel more than 4 miles. This will take a while. They’ll need some chocolate, too, as it starts to rain. Want to know who wins HOH before Sunday’s show? Check out the BB11 Spoilers.

Julie announces that we will find out a new twist to the HOH that could impact everybody. Oh. No. No. No. No. No. No. Just no. This will end badly.

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