Big Brother 11 Episode 24

After winning HOH, Kevin unsurprisingly went back on his word in Big Brother 11 Episode 23 and nominated Jeff alongside Michele.

Jeff has decided that Kevin’s a worthless snake.

Not content with the one lie, Kevin and Natalie tell Jeff he’s safe this week. What do they hope to gain by keeping this charade going?

When Kevin walks into his HOH room, he sees a big gold question mark on a door. Yeah, it’s time for a twist. Two things that don’t go well together: Big Brother and twists. It’s always thoroughly lame. He is warned that it could result in something good or something bad for himself or for the rest of the house. He’s afraid. He should be afraid. Very afraid. With the thought that there may be $10,000, he opens Pandora’s Box. Then he sticks his hand inside the box. It’s entirely possible he could be stuck in that very spot for the next few weeks.

Any way you slice it, this is a bad move. If you win the money, the house will hate you for it. If you punish the house, they will hate you for it. They will remember this hatred in the weeks to come. Oh, and by the way, his hand’s stuck inside the box. The other houseguests are pleased. Money starts raining from the sky. They just start grabbing. So, like, where’s Kevin anyway? They forget about him as they grab the money. He starts yelling, and Natalie finally hears him when they return inside to look for further instructions about whether this is free money. They’ll have to look for a hidden key. Maybe she’ll get to that once she’s done collecting money. Now Jeff goes upstairs to check things out himself. This time, Kevin has a better story. The only way he can keep the money is if he can find a key in the house. Well, that will work.

Jeff discovers the key on the couch. So where’s he going? Back outside to find more money. Anybody care that Kevin’s locked up? Apparently not. Jordan ends up with $1726, Natalie gets $1904, Michele gets $2563, and Jeff ends up on top at $3181.

When they’re done collecting their money, Natalie decides to go back upstairs. It takes some convincing to get her to go get the key. She’ll have to steal it from Jeff, but that plan doesn’t work. Then Jeff goes upstairs, and he finally gives the key to Kevin. Kevin manages to get to the bottom of the pile and collect $626. Apparently the whole point of this twist they played up as a big deal was to teach Kevin he can’t trust anybody. It worked.

For the veto competition, they get dressed up as astronauts. It’s an alien version of morphomatic. This is typically a competition that favors the women in the house, which does not bode well for Jeff.

Kevin – 3:05
Natalie – 2:55
Jordan – 5:09
Michele – 1:52
Jeff – 3:01

Michele wins the power of veto (along with a home entertainment system) by a good margin. She apologizes to Jeff because she pretty much just sealed his fate. He responds to get away from him.

Michele has decided to tell Jeff that she will fight to get Kevin to keep him. Really? Why would they keep Jeff over Jordan? The only logical point is how likeable Jordan is, but Jeff is likeable, too, as well as being a bigger threat in competitions. It’s also quite likely that the jury views Jeff’s game more favorably, whereas they will see Jordan as having rode his coattails.

Feeling guilty about having lost another competition, Jordan’s plan is to try to make it so that Jeff stays, and she wants him to campaign. He just doesn’t want to go out looking like an idiot like Russell did.

Michele’s pitch to Kevin: if he keeps Jeff in the house, Jeff can get rid of Natalie. How hard would that be anyway? It’s not like Natalie’s won anything.

Michele obviously uses the power of veto on herself, and Jordan obviously goes up in her place. That effectively breaks up the couple unless there’s another coup d’etat coming this Thursday.

For some reason, Michele thinks that Kevin wanted her out. While he wouldn’t have objected to her eviction, she wasn’t the target.

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