Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Episode 8

Robert was kicked off the show in Hell’s Kitchen 6 Episode 7 basically because he had already been there before, which begs the question: why was he brought back in the first place?

Andy’s as surprised as anybody that he stuck around. When compared to Robert, he should have been sent home.

The women are sick of Suzanne and her mouth.

The next challenge is the taste test. Tennille sits out for the women.

Ariel and Van go first. They start with cream cheese. Van guesses yogurt. Ariel is correct. The next item is venison. Ariel guesses roast beef. Van guesses tuna. Really? Their third item is pecans. Both of them guess walnuts. The last item is leeks. Van guesses correctly, and so does Ariel. The women are up 2-1.

Dave and Suzanne go next. Both of them correctly identify turkey. For the zucchini, Suzanne guesses baby pearl onion, while Dave guesses lima beans. Next is quince, which is in Hell’s Kitchen menu. Dave guesses pumpkin; Suzanne guesses a cooked apple. Their last item is egg yolk. Dave guesses squash. Suzanne gets it correct. The women are now up 4-2.

Kevin and Sabrina are next. They get iceberg lettuce. Kevin guesses romaine. Sabrina guesses butter lettuce. Next is pink grapefruit, which both get right. For the oregano, Kevin guesses sage, while Sabrina says basil. Clams are their last food. Kevin guesses spinach. Huh? Sabrina guesses tuna. What’s with these people and tuna? The women are now up 5-3.

Amanda and Andy are last. Andy’s got something to prove. As for Amanda, nobody expects anything from her. Lychee is the first food. Andy is correct. Amanda guesses pineapple. They get avocados next. Andy goes with boiled coconut. Is that a real thing? Amanda gets it right. Here’s the ahi tuna they’ve been waiting for. Andy guesses salmon. The women win the challenge. The men aren’t happy with Andy, but everybody else only got 1 right.

For their punishment, the men will be making sorbet by hand for the next service. As the men are unloading the truck, the girls’ limo pulls up. They will be dining in the dark, which is apparently supposed to be their reward. Amanda uses the time to cop a feel by accidentally bumping into Ramsay.

Tennille takes charge of the women at the service, while Andy takes charge of the men. With a vote of lack of confidence, Kevin says he’ll jump in if Andy can’t handle it.

Tennille tells Suzanne her scallops are too dark. Nope. She’s all set with them. Ramsay agrees. Kevin delivers risotto that likewise gets a compliment from Ramsay.

With sorbet being served, that pulls Ariel and Kevin out of the kitchen, which brings the men down to just 3. Van hops on appetizers for Kevin. Bland. He tries again. It gets served to the customer, who doesn’t like it. Kevin takes this as a sign that his team is worthless without him.

Amanda has delivered an entree that doesn’t look to Ramsay like it’s an entree.

Garnish man Andy is confused and lost. With him out of it, the rest of the kitchen proceeds to fall apart, too.

As the men are struggling, Sabrina and Suzanne can’t work together, so the women likewise are getting screamed at. Sabrina decides to rush the lamb so she can keep up, which results in raw lamb. So Ramsay throws her out and forces her to eat it. Hope you got a medic nearby. Tennille hops in to take over the meat station in Sabrina’s absence, which allows the red team to send out entrees again.

Andy’s running out of mashed potatoes and probably about three orders short. He ends up with barely enough, allowing him to avoid disaster, for now.

The women are dashing toward the finish line, or at least they will be when Suzanne finishes anyway. Red team will have to start over on their entrees.

Meanwhile, the men are down to their final three entrees. Now Andy’s run out of potatoes. Didn’t he and everybody else in the kitchen see this coming before?

Since Suzanne doesn’t know how to cook fish, Amanda decides to polish it off for her, except when she does it’s not cooked all the way. Suzanne points the finger at Amanda, who was merely hoping to avert disaster from someone who hasn’t been handling her station very well.

Dave’s working on the potatoes that Andy was unable to do. Andy’s got Chef Scott and Ramsay sitting on both sides of him telling him he sucks. With Dave’s potatoes done, the blue team has finished the entrees. The red team has also finally finished.

Ramsay considers both teams equally weak. The blue kitchen wins because they did well with one less person, and Dave receives kudos for his performance. Tennille also receives praise, so she will be able to nominate two people from her team. She’s already decided she hates Suzanne. Both Amanda and Sabrina agree she tried to throw them under the bus. She doesn’t get that it’s about the team. It’s entirely possible she didn’t even know there was a team.

Suzanne is nominated first. If not for the rule of having to nominate two people, Tennille would have put her up there alone. Sabrina is the second nominee. Ramsay would also like to hear from Amanda.

Despite being attacked from all directions, Suzanne can get back in line. Amanda’s finally lost her last life.

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