Big Brother 11 Episode 23

The plan to backdoor Russell fell into place in Big Brother 11 Episode 22, and we left off at the start of an endurance competition for HOH.

Everybody realizes they need to win this. Jeff knows that everybody’s told him he’s safe, but only Jordan guarantees him anything, although even she can’t 100% guarantee him anything. Michele opted to make a foolish alliance, and with that done, she’s all alone now. Kevin and Natalie still have each others’ backs, but they realize they’re big targets if somebody else wins.

Jordan got off to a slight lead, but after a while she started falling and falling and falling. With 20 minutes elapsed, Kevin’s managed to take the lead. Michele’s strategy is to wipe off the grate to get every last drop of chocolate, a strategy that may well just be a waste of time. Natalie’s having a disastrous run, and turns out she’s deliberately (and obviously) throwing it. At 45 minutes, it’s still clear that Kevin’s in the lead. Michele’s running in second place but has no chance. As the minutes tick away, the gap just keeps getting bigger. Kevin wins HOH.

Kevin considers Jeff a triple threat, who can win at physical competitions, endurance competitions, and may be able to answer a couple questions. Natalie points out that Michele is smart, although she has failed to prove it thus far. Neither of them is worried about Jordan.

Jordan tells a story about how her house was foreclosed so they’ve since then moved into a townhouse. This story is ultimately about how close she is with her mom. She plans to live with her until she gets married.

Natalie is trying to convince Jeff and Jordan she’s still on their side. She wants Jeff out, but she won’t let them know that. Jordan assumes that she will go up alongside Michele, and then they will backdoor Jeff. Jeff assumes that he’s safe because Kevin will not put him up, even if it means putting Natalie up instead. A dumb assumption.

Michele says that she doesn’t trust Jeff and Jordan. Granted, she should not trust them, but it still appears that she’s aligned with them. Natalie openly offers her opinion in front of Michele: she needs to go on the block and cannot be trusted. Her strategy here is to play nice with Jeff and throw as much of the blame as possible Kevin’s way. If Kevin targets her and gets her out of the house, it would make everybody happy. It would also be a wasted week.

Kevin has a gameshow with Jeff about the type of girl he likes. Jordan’s not doing very well in this test.

Michele’s becoming the clear target here. Somebody has to go up against her. Kevin tells Jeff that would be him. Jeff agrees that, if Jordan goes on the block and he wins veto, he will remove Jordan from the block. Then Natalie has to go up in her place. This admission does not sit well with Kevin because it would be stupid to give all the power to Jeff and Jordan.

Michele assumes she’s going up. Jordan is 95% sure she will go up. Jeff feels pretty safe.

Natalie is safe.
Jordan is safe.

Michele and Jeff have been nominated for eviction. Kevin just wanted to assure that at least one of the stronger players will go home. This is what you have to do as HOH. Put up two people you want to see go home. Backdooring has a tendency to backfire.

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